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Tracker Tactics

About this Tutorial

Tactics to build different kinds of trackers you can sell as digital products.

Video Transcript

00:00 Let me preface this video about trackers I'm gonna show you for trackers that you could use some inspiration on your audience But I want to preface it by saying you don't necessarily have to copy exactly what I've done, but you can use it to morph and create create a tracker specifically for your audience
00:20 There may be some things that your audience or your buyers may want Either in making something very simple or creating sort of a more visual appeal Or making something more useful which I'll show you some scripts that might help you The first tracker is something I just created very recently actually
00:42 the most recent one. It's called big year It is a single tab that has the entire year in it instead of a calendar that has individual months this has every single month of 2024 I gave this away for free and then I asked people what else they wanted and one of them one of the buyers or not buyers umm 
01:02 people who got this members of betterheats took uhh took a look and was like I need some checklists I need check boxes here and I thought this is pretty cool so I made a checkbox version of this and this is every single day of the entire year and a checkbox three checkboxes for every single day this 
01:20 might be very good for tracking habits you may be able to track something daily it's very good for personal development life development mental improvement fitness those kinds of things anything in a personal life may be not as great for work because it is every single day but you could basically edit
01:43 this for a work day or work schedules I also have this tiny version which I don't think is a very good tracker but its great for printing and tracking umm one thing I did here is I had to make sure that there was space for writing stuff not for including stuff to be written in a spreadsheet so thats 
02:06 one change I would do here if you were looking to use this as a sort of a rubric or a template for yourself to create something else and I wouldn't necessarily have three I would make it very specific to what you're doing especially like if you're creating some kind of social media posting checklist 
02:23 I would have a check box designed for each social platform or if youre focused on like instagram I would only have one check box for maybe every day of the week that is a post and every day of the week that is real or or I would have different check boxes like a little checklist in each of the boxes 
02:49 to say okay did we do we have everything ready do we have all the notes ready did things get approved here and I would make it more work flowy perhaps but this just gives you a good idea of fitting a lot of stuff into one tab might be doable especially if your if your audience is printing or downloading
03:08 and using a pdf version of this makes it really cool okay dark habit why I made this this is actually something I do sell and I have sold a couple I had a problem for a while where I was like I need to break bad habits by tracking them or tracking the not doing a bad habit I also wanted to try to create
03:34 a dark mode version of a spreadsheet and it thematically sort of went together of tracking hey these are streaks that I don't want to stop which is not drinking alcohol or not overeating or anything anything you want to track I wanted to make it modular so you could change what you were tracking instead
03:56 of just one bad habit and so yeah it all fit together sort of super well but here you can set goals it's modular you can choose any of these emojis you can even have a pretty blank one or if pizza if you want to not eat pizza if you want to not drink if you not want to smoke not gamble all that kind 
04:17 of stuff I added a few there So if it, underneath the Emoji, you click the Check Box. And what this does is it has an on edit event that looks at this tab and says If it's edited.
04:46 Add it to your Data Tab. And so it keeps a log of . Every single time you check it And it even includes the same days but the Streak Tracker only tracks the number of days Ok so this will show up in the next tracker as well essentially some trackers are tracking every time you in every event and every
05:16 action you take but these this one and the next one track anything is a daily tracker you're only tracking if you're doing something within a 24 hour period and youre counting it as 0 to 1 and if you do more than once it doesnt necessarily show up and so this is great if youre doing some kind of simple
05:37 sort of on and off kind of tracking uhh if youre doing some personal tracking and youre like you know showing up every day is not umm great for personal development if you just want to show up and you just need to execute something each and every day let's go over to track anything and let's just see
05:59 it this way instead of tracking all different types of things and you have to click a specific box for each event this one it's only tracking one thing and you just click A1 when you click A1 over here its gonna show up on this calendar here that just showed you right there this Thursday and its gonna
06:22 show an emoji and so this is how do I explain this? This is showing you a full week vertically and then the number of weeks horizontally so instead of us seeing lets say for bad habits you know day of the week doesn't necessarily matter its like a person this however may be great to show you like oh 
06:48 you need it be when are your energy levels high are you taking some action on these particular days and i have to say this is also very helpful to show full week from in in a different way than the streak is to show from an initial point of time over time how does your actions develop are you doing it
07:11 more over time this is very similar to github tracker it hub commits tracker if you're familiar with that if you're not familiar with that what they do differently than this does is that this only shows you if you've done that action once within 24 hours they have a little bit of a heat map version that
07:30 says okay how many times that darker it is the more times youve done that action on that day but what I like about this is like if Im tracking lets say if Im a solo partner and Im working 7 days a week or rather anytime I want and I want to just see like how do I actually work?
07:50 When do I actually show up? Am I showing up on Mondays or Sundays or Saturdays and how often and from a period of a moment in time till then this is not based on a calendar I mean it sorta is.
08:04 But it's 1 through 52 so I've augmented or changed this time year instead of okay I did this because when you start a project many times we follow into a trap where like yeah sure we can start a project on January 1st and see that calendar and calendars help us keep track of like this external year but
08:33 this you can set the day that you start and it shows you 52 weeks and so that is your year compartmentalized out of two like maybe two years so you can start a project anytime and do you show up every day do you show up five times a day three times a day are you doing something uhm this is also good 
08:52 for fitness are you missing some weeks all right or once a week or five times a week are you balanced this might actually be very good for a tracking something where you want balance where you want to show up most days where you may not necessarily need a streak like bad habits you just want to cut cold
09:16 turkey you'd want to stop it and and every single day you're not breaking the chain this one however is not really good for breaking chains or seeing chains because it is vertical its a little wonky but its great for tracking and visualizing are you at least showing up when you expect to showing up and
09:37 checking off that box within a 24 hour period. Last one is project oriented so the first one was year oriented a single year umm dark habits was about streaks and tracking those streaks and never stopping track anything is any particular 52 week period you want and can be very modular for your needs 
10:01 but this one is project oriented this is a tracker this is a just a course outline it's actually the course that i'm making right now and what i've done to set it up is add checklist and show my progress and as i check it off a few things happen one i show how many ive taped how many minutes ive executed
10:22 so im summing this all up and im checking off a visual boxes of these check boxes theyre changing from blank blink gray squares to checks so why i need all of this is because our brains at least my brain works in a number of different ways sometimes i see oh my god i have 53 things to do but i also see
10:48 the minutes so instead of thinking 53 random videos to make it's like no i have to spend 379 minutes that makes it easier for some reason to start just execute get some minutes in and if i execute some five or ten minutes that's two down and then i start getting a little bit of a on a roll i would say
11:15 as i progress through it i want to see maybe not the minutes i have are number literally a single number but i want to see the amassing of taped episodes right or lessons here i want to see those and that gives me sometimes oh i've done six that sometimes that gives me some motivation to keep going i've
11:40 done six let's do seven let's do eight but also i have to say my brain works in very different ways once i've gotten like halfway through i realize have i done the most important stuff cause how many minutes the minutes percentage may be different maybe ive backed umm put the longer videos in the back
12:00 or ive done the longer videos in the front so maybe im sixty percent of the way through with the lessons but im only forty percent of the way through with minutes depending on my mood im getting motivation from different aspects so i think this is really unique because it could give you motivation in
12:20 different ways and it could show you tracking umm not just a number but of minutes spent or minutes done umm i think it would be this has helped you and inspired you to start creating your spreadsheets soon in the next section we'll actually go and make some spreadsheets bye


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