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SECTION 5 - Marketing Mastery

About this Tutorial

Promote and Profit from Your Google Sheets

Video Transcript

0:00 This is the marketing section of selling spreadsheets. How to master your marketing. You have a sales page done. You have a spreadsheet you've made.
0:08 Now, how do people buy? How do they find your page? How do you uh get sales? How do you convert viewers into sales?
0:15 Even if you have an audience or no audience, how do you make sales? This section is going to answer all those questions.
0:20 Uh I sell only sheets 2.0. Actually, it's the second version of it. But I sell only sheets. It's a spreadsheet that has an app script that helps you uh lock down your spreadsheet.
0:31 I'll talk about this later. I also sell a coupon code maker. I'll talk about that later. You get a discount.
0:35 Uh if you do not have lifetime membership to better sheets. If you're watching this somewhere else, you get a 50% coupon for both of these tools by taking this course.
0:43 Thank you so much. And the biggest thing from this section I think you should get out of it is where to sell your spreadsheet.
0:52 I go through the market places that are available like apps from a marketplace gum road, Etsy, teachers pay teachers, places where you might not have thought of but are absolutely awesome to sell spreadsheets.
1:04 I also give you a couple of insights from myself selling spreadsheets like six figures secrets which actually are insights from people who sells over a hundred thousand dollars of spreadsheets.
1:13 Uh. Year and also one insight which is customer service is marketing which is like how do you just instantly prepare marketing materials where do you get ideas from?
1:24 I get this question all the time. And it's people asking me questions. People asking me questions on the app sumo.
1:28 People asking me questions on social media. People asking me questions on email. Uh. All of these questions I might be marketing materials because I'm like oh someone else might have this question too.
1:40 Uh. And customer service is marketing. How to protect your intellectual property. I share with you some insights on how to literally add some information to your sheet so that not if but are going to talk about some weird ideas.
1:59 Okay. I'm going to fill the the back half of this section with weird ideas to promote your sheet. You've probably already know to post about it on Twitter, post about it on things like product hunt, uh sell your sheet on marketplaces, which I go through, which is like the best way to do it.
2:16 Let the marketplace sell your sheet without having to actively do it each and every day. But I'm going to give you some really weird ideas.
2:24 Some that I've used myself, like finding like creating a course on Udemy, I think it's one of the coolest things you can do.
2:34 Just create a course to help people and then say hey, by the way here's the sheet. Uh, give away. Bons, something I do with coupon code maker is create coupon codes that are time, uhh scarce and literally number of them are scarce.
2:50 So people buy them, uh, buy them and use them right away. I'll show you how to do that on Twitter.
2:55 I'll show you how to do that on Instagram. Anywhere where you can take a screenshot, share those kinds of coupon codes, email, everywhere.
3:02 And if you have any more questions that I don't answer in here or if you think you have a very specific question about, you should feel free to ask.
3:11 If you're watching this on bettersheets.co, email me, you can ask me anything. If you're watching this on spreadsheets, selling course ever.
3:28 Let's do it.


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