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Coupon Code Maker Updates February 2024 - New Dashboard

About this Tutorial

Update to Coupon Code Maker
Available for free for lifetime members. Buy via Gumroad if you're not yet a member.
Watch the video because there are discount codes I show you in the video to get Coupon Code Maker for less than $30.  
Yes I use Coupon Code Maker myself. It's how I put products from Gumroad onto AppSumo Marketplace.

Video Transcript

00:01 Hello BetterSheet members. Lifetime members get this for free. It's CouponCodeMaker. I want to tell you all about the updates to this.
00:10 Before I get into the updates, I want to tell you briefly, if you have not watched any other videos about CouponCodeMaker, why it exists.
00:15 It's really- really cool. Essentially, CouponCodeMaker, and wait, let me show you the update, because it's amazing. Command center looks like this now.
00:26 And here's it in action. I'm actually using, I use CouponCodeMaker. I use this actual program that I made. But why do I use it?
00:33 Okay, so in 2020, when I started BetterSheets, and I started selling on AppSumo Marketplace, the way that AppSumo Marketplace works is that you give them coupon codes for your product.
00:45 Now, if you are a SaaS builder, you just generate those yourself, you create a little license key API, and then you put it on your backend.
00:52 But if you're not a developer, and you're selling digital products, and you want to sell on AppSumo Marketplace, you need coupon codes, or you do not get customer emails.
01:00 Basically, if you sell like a PDF on AppSumo Marketplace, they keep the email. And they just send the PDF to the customer, and then great, they get it.
01:07 But if you want more control, and actually like more ability to just give more to your customers, like I do.
01:13 I give lifetime updates all the time to lifetime members. People buy better sheets, if you're watching this video. You either have a lifetime membership, or you don't.
01:22 If you do, you get everything I make for free forever. If you don't have a lifetime membership, then you have to pay for each thing individually.
01:30 Uhm, and so having control of this kind of email list, it makes a, a business, I think, better for the customer, because then you get lifetime updates.
01:40 Uhm, okay, so I needed to generate coupon codes from Gumroad, that's where I was selling product. And if you use if you use Gumroad, this is what the discount, code area looks like.
01:53 You can create one discount code at each time. I wanted to create a thousand one-time-use, 100% off coupon codes. And in order to do that, I had to fill this out each and every time, because you can limit the quantity to one.
02:07 But then, Filling all of this out and creating this discount code once means I have to fill out everything here.
02:15 That's a lot of stuff. And so there's a way to do that with the API, and so I created that with CouponCodeMaker.
02:21 I actually ended up making this a SaaS product about, Two years ago, I did it about five days. It was when I was learning Ruby on Rails, and it worked, but I didn't feel like it really had the capabilities I really wanted.
02:37 What it could do at the time, this was two years ago, was it could generate the coupon codes, and then it gave you a CSV download of every single coupon code you ever had.
02:47 So you couldn't really make updates, like, I just wanted to generate a thousand codes, send that to AppSumo, when those ran out, I wanted to generate a thousand more, and then have only those thousands.
02:58 So it was actually a little hard to get that second thousand in one list. And I thought recently, a few, a month or two ago, about this, and I was like, wait, I think I can generate this in, I think I can do this in Google Sheets.
03:12 Because I can use APIs in Google Sheets, and when I create a new sheet I can create a new sheet every time I generate a new code, so I have a new list of all of the codes generated in that generation.
03:24 And it works. It absolutely works. I've been using this.. I. Here, like, for example, I have SellDaily. That's a product that I make, and I can create five coupon codes right now.
03:38 Why five and not a thousand is because sometimes I want to put out, like, on Twitter, like, five coupon codes.
03:43 Just, hey, go get this thing today. I also created different templates that you can generate different codes. Like, for instance, you can generate 99% off to 1% off, one coupon code for each percentage off, and so people can use the 99%.
03:59 If that's used, then they can use the 98%. And I did this on Twitter, and I sold through like 30 new customers.
04:04 I did from like 99 to like 70-something. Uhm, no, 60-something. And yeah, 30 new customers this way, right off just like one tweet thread, tweeting out the these coupon codes.
04:17 You can also generate like 50% off one-time use coupon codes. I can generate for sell daily five right here. I'm gonna run this script just hit this generate button and it's gonna generate this.
04:26 It's gonna tell me the ID of the code and the percentage off. I'll tell you why soon. And these codes right here, if you're watching this video and you want sell daily, just go to Gumroad, sell daily, here it is, camfee, camfeeapproved.gumroad.com slash L slash sell daily or you can find it on better
04:47 sheets. I think it's better sheets.co slash tools slash sell hyphen, sell hyphen daily, there you go, you see at the very top, sell daily and here you can also get it.
04:59 If you're a lifetime member, you can just get this for free, but if you're not a lifetime member and you're watching this.
05:04 Then you can get it for I think like 30 bucks, okay, or well right now, I just showed you 5 coupon codes, if you're watching this and you're for the first 5 people to watch this, go grab these, I can zoom in a little bit more, there we go.
05:20 So, check out these coupon codes, it's the left one, the ID here is used for the API in case you want to remove it or you want to do something with the API later, there's some other stuff I'm adding to this, but this A column is the coupon code, you just use that and you'll get 50% off on Gumroad.
05:36 And here's 50% off. Why do I show you the percentage? It's because there's an option, you can create mystery coupon codes, so same thing, sell daily, I have it selected here, I'm going to create three and I'm going to create here three coupon codes which are minimum 20% off, maximum 50% off, where they
05:57 , it's going to be random. Actually, I'm going to increase this to like 80% and see what happens. Generate these, it's going to create a new, it has to create a new sheet actually, so I need to go in and change this to 50 off, okay, now it'll work because I can generate this now, do do do do do do do
06:19 do do do just wait for a moment, here it is, so now this tells you the user, the user of this, the creator of it, how much percentage off these are, but you can create, you can give out these coupon code and say hey this will get you between 20 and 80% off, like these 56, 27 and 58% off, for Let's see
06:37 if it works, right? You're wondering. How does this work? So we'll go to cell daily on gumroad and all we have to do, let's see here, scroll down.
06:52 I want this. Discount code. Apply. And it gives me $17.40 off so the subtotal is $12.60 for this cell daily.
07:06 It's 366 words in cell daily and also I added AI to this so that like you can get an email every day with an example of your product.
07:12 Being sold at this persuasive marketing word. It's really really cool. I actually use this. I get an email every day about with a persuasive marketing word for better sheets to tweet for a Facebook post for LinkedIn posts.
07:25 Great. Okay so you see these coupon codes work immediately. That's really cool right like and now I have to just change this to mystery and now I can generate more in my command center.
07:38 I can generate dollar tiers. I can generate a coupon code for everything country in the world where you just have like a two letter country code and then some text here you can say 20% off or umm whatever you want to say here you can add some text like January.
07:53 I think also the coolest one is generating 99% off to 1% off coupons one time use coupon codes that That's it.
08:00 Just generate a lot of FOMO. Alright so this is the update you have these templates umm you can start here actually on your page this is actually what it looks like when you start you're going to watch these videos to know . . . how to use coupon code maker takes a few minutes to update uhh to import
08:22 your products you will import your products into this page but it's super super easy I make it like couple clicks there used to be actually there still is this umm oh uhh You what is this custom help menu up here you can still create these uhh use these codes uhh use these buttons to create codes totally
08:44 ok but I created this cool command center updated it made it look free fresh fun to use uhh you can see the whole thing here and I have space for new templates if I want to add more umm happy to hear from you if you're like hey I want to generate these types of coupon codes like I want to generate 75%
09:02 off coupon codes or I want to generate ten percent off coupon codes and I want to make one time use ones with some text or something happy to hear from you I am looking forward to people using coupon code maker to sell their digital products on gumroad I'm looking forward to seeing it be used to do it
09:20 . Generate sales on AppSumo Marketplace again. Take a gumroad product, put it on AppSumo Marketplace, generate a thousand, you can generate a thousand coupon codes here, 100% off coupon codes, upload that to AppSumo Marketplace and you are good to go sell your product more marketplaces.
09:35 Is. If you have any questions, I'm Andrew at BetterSheets, I do this all the time. I'm happy to update this.
09:42 If you're watching this in your lifetime member, feel free to reach out with any questions of how I did this.
09:48 I'm happy to also share with you how I made this dashboard if you have any questions about it. I think it's really cool.
09:53 It took me literally all day to make this. It was a whole day. It started as, I think it's not the the first version was so plain.
10:05 But I think it's really fun. And I hope you have fun making Thank you. Keep on codes. Yeah, and go sell more products.
10:10 If you are interested in uhm, selling spreadsheets, not just digital products, I do have a course and a brand new course called selling spreadsheets.
10:18 You can find more at selling spreadsheets.com or on better sheets, lifetime members get access to it. It's available already on YouTube.
10:26 You can go to selling spreadsheets.com. It's a Google Doc. It explains everything about selling spreadsheets. Uhm, the course and it will give a link to the Udemy page if you are not yet a lifetime member.
10:36 But if you are a lifetime member, go grab it for free. Go enroll. Go on bettersheets.co slash courses. Get selling spreadsheets.
10:43 Start selling spreadsheets yourself. And umm and then make coupon codes for it. I will reference uhh coupon code maker in that course to share with you how I generate lots and lots of sales and do promos and really fun promos.
10:56 Always. Uhh like this. Okay. Let me know how it goes. I'm really excited about these updates. I want to stop talking and get u going on coupon code maker.
11:04 Bye.


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