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Protect Your Spreadsheet IP

About this Tutorial

Tips and tricks to make sure people don’t resell your sheet. Or if they do, catch them. 
- Brand the heck out of your Awesome Useful sheets
- Add your business info everywhere (I mean everywhere!)
- Consider selling more than the sheet (advice/consulting/onboarding/auto email series/videos)

Video Transcript

00:00 Alright, in this video I'm gonna share with you how to protect your intellectual property meaning your spreadsheet itself and this is probably going to be very in um um unintuitive meaning it's gonna go against what you may think uh you have to do so uh first off the sheet you see right now is only sheets
00:20 this is the tool that during this video I'm gonna recommend that you use uh if you don't use it it's okay for most uses but there's one very simple thing that this does that uh helps me and my own journey of selling spreadsheets which is actually protect the intellectual property from people who do not
00:42 buy. umm again I'm gonna talk more about this tool in the next video show you exactly how to use it.
00:48 Is it uh and how I use it but just generally think uh one of the main things we want to protect is literally we create a sheet.
00:57 It is at a certain URL. You can see the URL up here and if anyone has that URL they can see the sheet, right?
01:05 Not necessarily. You must share it with anyone with the link but this sheet is restricted. Okay. So what's the difference between restricted and anyone with the link?
01:16 This is the normal way that people sell sheets as they will create this URL sheet. Create the sheet, get a URL.
01:22 They will go up to the share button. They will click share with anyone with the link and then they put behind the paywall that URL.
01:28 But what happens is if I want to share this sheet like a video of the sheet like we're looking at it right now.
01:34 Uh and I share the URL of this sheet to show you how to use it. Maybe I want to make a YouTube video, a TikTok video, an Instagram reel, a Facebook reel, anything like that.
01:45 I'm revealing the way to get this sheet absolutely for free to non-buyers. It's uh sure. You can create a- copy of the sheet, show them how to use it and then delete that.
01:55 But sometimes you don't want to go through that process. You want to make the process of making videos super easy, like I wanted to.
02:01 And so you want to protect this URL and you want to make it so that when people buy the sheet, Thank you.
02:08 And they want to share it. Which ends up being an actually useful thing. If you've made a sheet, people are buying one.
02:16 Two, they are using it. Great. Number three, they are sharing it. This is actually a good thing because you are getting into more people's minds than you ever had before.
02:29 So think of this as a good thing. And this is a huge unintuitive thing that I didn't realize before. It's like we want people using our sheets even if they're not paying because we are not in the spreadsheet selling business.
02:39 We're in the spreadsheet. We reselling business. We want someone to know our brand, know who we are, and buy from us at some point in the future.
02:47 Buy it from us the next time we have an update, the next time we create a new sheet, we want buyers, right?
02:52 And so we create buyers for free if somebody shares it. There's this sheet with them. And I'm gonna do the things that I recommend doing.
03:01 I'm gonna do them here in this sheet. So one huge way you can protect your intellectual property, right, is use only sheets which blocks people from getting the sheet unless they pay.
03:12 Two, you can brand the heck out of your sheet. Make sure it's useful first. The best thing we can do for our brand and for our customers is to make it actually useful awesome sheet in the first place that people want to share.
03:24 And then we want to add our business information every way. So I sell only sheets if somebody share this they would not know that it's from better sheets. So what I'm going to do, and again, I'm going to do exactly what I recommend doing.
03:38 I'm going to do it here. Bye. Better sheets. So I'm going to write, built by better sheets. We're going to make this a lot easier to read.
03:52 I think use quick sand and I think I want to use 14. There we go. I'm actually going to add the sheets.
04:01 So that really everyone knows exactly the uh, the URL. So add that. That is brand. That is adding branding here.
04:08 Where else? Well, if they scroll down, it's not there anymore. So what I can do is add at the bottom and sort of row.
04:14 I'm going to put a band of this groove. Ween and put the same thing, built by better sheets.co. I'm going make this one a little bit bigger.
04:23 About 20. Great. And I'm going to make it white text. Built by better sheets.co. Great. So now if anyone scrolls down, they can see built by better sheets.co.
04:32 Okay. Thank you. Only sheets 2.0. In the name. I'm not moving it. I'm going to put rename it. Built by better sheets.co.
04:41 Put a little uh pipe there. So only sheets 2.0. That's in the name. That's right here. Only sheets 2.0. Built by better sheets.co.
04:48 It's in the name. It's down here. I am going to add another uh tab here. About better sheets. So in the tabs it's here.
04:58 Actually better sheets.co. I'm going to put that there. Delete all of these extra ones. And we're going to make a nice looking thing here.
05:16 I'm going to merge all these cells. There we go. This sheet was built by BetterSheets.co. Uh. BetterSheets.co. There we go.
05:29 And I can write anything I want here. The people who are clicking on about BetterSheets.co will find more about my site.
05:38 I'm going to tell them I usually build tools which I'd make. Make tools templates and tutorials for google sheet. Users.
05:57 There. I can make this as pretty as I want, as good as I want, view, show grid lines. I'm going to make it look nicer.
06:05 Make it a little bit bigger. I'm going to change it to a quick sand. 15. Great. Might add some images here.
06:16 We'll probably take some text from my website and put it here. Great. Where else can we put our information? Well, up in extensions, Apps Script over here.
06:24 Here, this is the Apps Script that people are using. Uh, of course, if you are selling an Apps Script, most people are going here.
06:30 But even if you're not selling an Apps Script or you're including just some Apps Script here, people are going to come here.
06:36 Some percentage of people will buy your sheet, open it, Go to extensions, Apps Scripts, and look. And some people who buy it will share it.
06:44 Some people who Hi, I'm Andrew. I made this sheet. This tool, actually this is only sheets. It's a tool in that really a sheet.
07:04 Uh and I made better sheets.co. Better sheets.co. Is a library of tools, templates, and tutorials. And put a link. It's your GPS.
07:23 Slash. Better sheets.co. And that should be there it is. Now it is a link. So if we click on it, if we click on it, it will open.
07:32 Better sheets.co. Great. Now our branding is all over this. I'm going to hit command S to save that app script.
07:40 So now instead of someone, Instead of someone sharing it and us being scared of that, we are like, I hope this is so useful that people want to share this.
07:54 They will see only she's 2.0 built by better sheets.co. They will see down here about better sheets.co. They will see in the name better sheets.co.
08:00 They will title. They will see in the app script. It is hidden everywhere. My branding is there. Down on the bottom.
08:07 About better sheets, here's all the cool stuff about better sheets. They will get 2 better sheets.co if they get here.
08:12 So that's like the best possible thing we can do to protect our IP, right? again. Use only sheets which I will discuss in the next video literally how to use it and brand the heck out of our sheets.
08:24 And consider, I would say the last tip I have here is to consider selling more than a spreadsheet. Make sure you're selling the, tutorials on how to use it.
08:34 Maybe you're selling some expertise you have along with this sheet like if you're creating a planner or a workflow for social media managers and you work as a social media manager.
08:43 Make some videos or some information, uh, an ebook that goes along with the sheet and say here's the tool that I built to help myself.
08:50 But here's also some, uh, framework, some mindset, some things to think about beyond just the sheet itself about social media management.
08:58 This kind of thing adds a ton of value to the sheets you're selling or add automations. And you can add those very simply if you create a gumrode sales page.
09:10 Add someone buys the, uh, product. Add for 50 bucks. Here's one hour consulting call I'll do with you or 99 bucks.
09:19 Or join everybody who buys every month we have a new joiners webinar if you want to scale it. If you're like hey I'm gonna sell like this for 10 bucks and but I do want to get involved with users but I can't for like another 50 bucks.
09:36 The bucks charge them they might not want to do that. So what you could do is say hey for the cost of buying this for 10 bucks every month we hold a webinar and you're only on the hook for one hour every month so it's 12 hours a year for people who buy it within that month.
09:51 You can do something like that. Very scalable. Instead of hey umm for 50 bucks we'll do a one hour onboarding call one-on-one or you can do both.
10:00 Never know what the market will buy. And always keep updating it. This is only sheets 2.0 and everyone who bought it got the update.
10:09 Right? Now if you're updating it every month uhh that's cool uhh or every two years or every one year totally fine and you might think well someone who bought the sheet could just share it again the update.
10:21 It's just one more hassle they have to do and it just makes it a little bit harder for someone to share the sheet consistently if you're updating it all the time you're adding new features you're adding new things new designs new everything uhh they may just get tired of sharing it uhh but hopefully 
10:37 only she could be of help as well uhh to protect your intellectual property and again we'll talk about that in the next video


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