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Problems Everywhere, and the Spreadsheets that Solve Them

About this Tutorial

In my video, I talk about how common problems are and how Google Sheets can help solve many of them in business. I discuss the different ways Google Sheets can be used, from simple to complex tasks, and plan to share five specific ways to use it effectively in future videos for better planning, tracking, and managing tasks.

Video Transcript

00:00 In this video we're going to talk about problems and how there are problems everywhere. There are problems that Google Sheets can solve, there are problems in every business that a simple Google Sheet or a complicated Google Sheet or a massive Google Sheet could absolutely fix help and move someone from
00:19 0 to 1 or 1 to 100 or 1 to 10 or 2 to 4 all types of things Google Sheets are available to us in so many ways I want to just talk about these 5 ways and we'll talk about them over the course of the next few days videos because I think problems are ok to talk about but also the solutions should be tied
00:39 very clearly and I want to give you the solutions first and then we'll talk about the problems later and how you can connect them so essentially the Google Sheets we can make and we can set them together and we can do that as your experience that people don't have even if they have that set of information
01:10 adding your context and augmenting it by that context and your experience makes it an absolutely easy thing to sell. Five years of experience doing X.
01:21 And I made this list of resources that have helped me do this. Super easy to sell. A checklist. We see these, I actually just had a little error here, an outline or a series of steps or just things to remember.
01:36 These are Expressions of your experience and expertise and saying these are the things you need to do to do x umm planners This is a way to organize schedule or even analyze your tasks and events over time It's great way to to manage time and energy effectively ah not necessarily efficiently thats an
02:02 important part of this I think that can be really broken open and offer a lot more types of planners a lot of planners that are I would say sparse in their opinion I think you can create a much more opinionated planner if you have some expertise or some experience in some way express that in this planning
02:27 scheduling managing of energy and time giving just enough room to do things in planning your time effectively and again I think also managing your energy effectively are really good ways to create planners and there's also trackers this is a way to monitor or record activities over time and more importantly
02:52 actually manage or keep track of the progress or a trend or analysis and understand changes in what you do and execute versus what you have done i'll have an example of each of these in a moment and then tools this is what we're going to talk about in a future video but i think this is one of the biggest
03:11 opportunities that exist in spreadsheets selling was building interactive spreadsheets that are built to accomplish a very specialized task and now that we have those defined i want to express these in a way of if you were doing if you were thinking of creating a spreadsheet to sell for social media 
03:34 a database may be a database of social media prompts this could be explicit ideas about so social media posts and how to think about them maybe 366 of them to go over an entire year you could also put together an expertly curated checklist of what to do when you post literally what you think about with
04:03 every single moment every single time you post are you posting at the right time are you do you have all of your materials available especially if you're posting on something like tick tock are you on airplane mode do you have to be are you do you have all of the caption correct do you have the correct
04:22 hashtags selected are you thinking about these things beforehand and are you able to coordinate this and create a nice little checklist umm you might want to add things that are unconventional conventional or unintuitive to your checklist uhh that you may want to do like one example is someone mentioned
04:43 to me that when they post their TikTok a video after everything is written after everything is done after it's even posted like the moment it's posted they watch the video again in the mode of they throw away all of the experience and the ideas they had before and they just watch the video fresh this
05:05 gives them more effort ideas this gives them a new outlook on this to say ok this caption should be something different next time we post it we should write a different caption or oh there should be these five seconds edited out or this two seconds or this one frame edited out next time we should edit
05:21 this to see if it does better very unintuitive thing i thought ok just keep posting tiktoks keep posting new tiktoks new tiktoks but this idea gave me a lot of insight into knowing oh i can take the same exact tiktok figure out what didn't work based on this fresh analogy just a fresh viewing of it really
05:41 really helpful umm you may want to create a social media monthly planner where you plan out literal days of the week and then you can reverse engineer very easily If you have a planner and you know okay I need to post five TikToks or five Instagram posts this week, two days before I need to have photos
06:03 ready, I need to have captions ready, I need to and then you can reverse engineer your actual work that you do and the tasks you do.
06:11 Planning around your time and energy is really good and knowing when there's days off when knowing when there's things you need to schedule in advance especially if you're doing YouTube scheduling you probably want to have your YouTube videos scheduled one to two days ahead of time or even more so that
06:29 you can focus on the work you have to do in the future instead of having to rush and do everything in the last minute.
06:36 Planners are really good. Social media reach tracker this is would be great to monitor and keep track of your progress of actually what works after we post what is happening what's happening in the first 24 hours okay have this spreadsheet already set where every single day we put in the 24 hours previous
06:54 what happened and then we can see changes okay these particular days of the week or when we have the highest jumps and it doesn't matter when we post or it does maybe post on Monday always have a have a jump on after Tuesday instead of the next day you want to keep track of those things in order to manage
07:14 your energy effectively and make the changes you need to make over time great little piece of Google sheet you can create or even create as a tool an AI powered social media caption writer describe the image and then it executes AI integration with API and comes back with a very clear crisp caption already
07:40 written or even gives you 10 or 100 captions to choose from that could be a really powerful tool pfpaste or edit well and and use in your caption or suggest hashtags.
08:10 Umm I have this sort of ongoing frustration with TikTok in particular where the thing that I'm doing doesn't necessarily make for the best hashtags so I need to think about who is discovering this who if they discovered this through a particular hashtag would actually really like this thing you know 
08:31 hashtags like easy or simple or tool are not very effective very low percentage of people like other things other words that are really good hashtags may be figured out by AI.
09:01 So I think going through these examples I was giving you the solution. Which are these five ideas of google sheets and these problems right a problem could be hey I don't know what what to write about okay the solution could be a database of social media prompts I don't know oh how to post or what to
09:26 think about when I post or I continually forget certain parts of the post okay create a checklist sometimes I'm or I'm every single day I have to sit down and think your Friday stuff on Thursday so you have all day Friday off or you write your Monday through Wednesday stuff on Thursday and Friday so 
10:05 that you don't have to come in early in the week and do this stuff. You only maybe do it Thursday and Friday easier to batch things together when you have a nice monthly plan ahead And one problem, it could be, I don't know what's working.
10:21 Okay, that's great to have a tracker. Develop a Google Sheet tracker to say, okay, what works when? Is it something you're tracking every day, every week?
10:29 Is it something youre using API's to go and track the effectiveness of or engagement metrics Or are you doing this by hand umm make sure that it is a timetable that is really effective I had someone come to me once when I was working and say hey I need a spreadsheet that tracks these things monthly and
10:49 I said okay you want me to take about a week to develop a tool that gathers data but youre youre basically about 10 to 15 minutes 12 times a year youre gonna do this.
11:01 Really is more effective to do it 12 times a year instead of having a an AI API grab that data in a 30 seconds but spend a developer time about a week to figure that out right where do you want it what do you want how what want this to plus this and we have to keep track of this data and this stuff when
11:21 like 12 times a year you should be doing that yourself because you're going to be doing that as part of a review of your month on your a look ahead of okay we know what worked then now let's do more of that next month umm understand you know the problem might not be i have a problem grab grabbing this
11:41 data thats just copy paste but maybe the problem is i dont know what growth looks like what is the percentage growth okay i can create a formula within 30 seconds that takes data from column C and D and finds a difference in the change and whats the biggest change right thats really effective spreadsheet
12:00 time and formula making where its creating something we dont even know right we have to go through each line and figure out whats the change whats the change we can do that in about 30 seconds a tool is really effective when the problem is that you have a set of very specific steps that you might already
12:27 do in a sheet and programmatically or systematically can be done this is very hard to know if you're not a spreadsheet master or you don't know a lot about how spreadsheets work in the app script so i would definitely check out spreadsheet automation 101 on bettersheets.co or if youre on udemy check 
12:47 out master spreadsheet automation this talks about app script please go through all of that and understand what is case capable uhh in google sheets cause then you can build tools really really effectively and you can really present the solution of a tool when you know the problem is oh heres all these
13:06 little specific steps you take umm were capitalizing this were taking certain words away were finding certain words so with like rejects regular expressions umm these are all really cool things you can put into a tool for instance for example I was doing SEO search engine optimization and I had a set
13:26 of words like that each or phrases sorry where the base word was exactly the same so like Google Sheets templates Google Sheet template Google Sheets free templates for instance those are a few examples right where the base is Google Sheet and then I had to add these extra words and over and over and
13:49 over again I wanted to search I wanted to know of all these different types of words what's the best words or phrase to use and I found that I could did.
13:59 Do this with join easily I created a little SEO tool for myself where I added the base word and then a bunch of modifiers and got the list already done instead of having to type it out all the time it was like 20ish words very very effective tool to do this one very specialized thing I was like okay 
14:18 I'm doing this already I'm just typing all these stuff into Google sheets already let's make a tool to fix that and so I hope with this one you now see some solutions that exist you now can see and understand problems that exist and then match those appropriately uhh your problems with the appropriate
14:37 solutions and start building them and sell these spreadsheets in the next video Im talking about specificity and Im gonna tell you with one mistake a lot of people do when they start to sell spreadsheets or try to think of creating spreadsheets.
14:50 Enjoy! Bye.


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