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The Art of the Sell: Breaking down a Free Title Generator

About this Tutorial

I'm breaking down the landing page of titlecraft master nonfiction book titles. It's by two people I know on Twitter, and they send this to me and it's free, it's zero dollars

Video Transcript

00:00 So in this video I'm breaking down the landing page of titlecraft master nonfiction book titles. It's by two people I know on Twitter, and they send this to me and it's free, it's zero dollars, name a fair price if you want to add a little bit of dollars there, but it's got four ratings, five stars.
00:17 What is this? It's unleash the power of your nonfiction book with the perfect title. It's a long thing. Discover how titlecraft transform your book title from ordinary to extraordinary.
00:29 This sounds like Chachipides wrote this. Doesn't really sound like a person. Titlecraft, finally, the third sentence. I'm going to find out what it is.
00:37 Digital tool designed to empower authors, publishers in crafting compelling, market-ready titles for their nonfiction works. What this reminds me of is I think there was someone on Twitter who said that in order, oh, I think it was to come up with atomic sheets.
00:54 Not atomic, oh my god, not atomic sheets. Atomic habits. I made atomic sheets. Oh, that's a very weird. Freudian slip.
00:59 In order to create atomic habits, the title, I think the author came looked at a thousand best-selling non-fiction titles and then they analyzed those and I think that's what this is based off of.
01:12 If that is, that story in an, in and of itself should probably be here. It might be already on Twitter.
01:19 You might be already using it to get to this page, but I would put that story here if that story is true, if I'm remembering correctly.
01:28 So analyze a thousand best-selling non-fiction books, stand on the shoulders of giants which is all like I don't know, it feels like this is all bullshit.
01:42 Not saying it's false, but I'm saying like there's a lot of stuff I feel like there should be more interesting stuff here to say.
01:50 And it's a very short landing page. I've got zero dollars, but it's very short. It doesn't really tell me what it, like, the problem that it's solving.
02:01 And it doesn't really tell me how this is gonna be solved with spreadsheets. It is a Google Sheet. And then one thing I will say about this, this landing page that I think every other landing page should do is it does not have a screenshot of a Google Sheet, which is what every other Google Sheet template
02:19 does on their landing page. I think that's, I think it's good to not have a spread, at least as the main hero, don't have it as a screenshot of your spreadsheet and it does at the end finally say it is a Google Sheet.
02:33 I think there could be one extra thing here if nothing else and say why is it a Google Sheet? What, about this makes this really good to be a Google Sheet.
02:45 Let's go and actually discover what this Google Sheet is. I'm gonna put zero in, I want this. So government made it super easy what they did is really good, they put the link with the slash copy at the end.
02:56 So here's my copy which, you cannot have if you're watching this, you have to go get it. And here it is.
03:01 It's a template named The Power of X, Journey from X to Y. And what I'm missing here is, what should I do?
03:11 How should I use this? Let's see what happens when I click here. So, I think they messed up these links.
03:22 These links should probably not go to the original file, but should go to this file that I just now call.
03:30 It might be something to edit in the future. I think you can do that by not having this like text link, but you can like put some text.
03:47 Let's actually do this and see if it works. Let's put, ah what am I doing here? Double click. Let's put, why is this emoji not working?
03:57 There it goes. Sometimes this emoji thing does not work. Oh my god, my suit. Okay, so I made a go here.
04:11 Now I'm just gonna hit Command K and I think I can just go to Sheets and Names and go to Power of X and now if I copy this so we can say this is copy of make a make a copy this is gonna be copy copy and let's see if that URL actually changes and now this URL is going to the original one but this one 
04:33 goes to my copy of copy so that's how you should fix that template link so that when somebody makes a copy of this sheet these links will go to their own copy and not to the original original sheet all right let's look at this power of x so i would immediately instead of putting an index here maybe include
04:53 this index totally it's okay to have like a nice navigational index but have lots of information one other thing that you're gonna definitely want to do is brand the heck out of this i'll say this again and again in so many videos about these sheets that i get is don't don't try to like over protect 
05:12 your sheet but make the conscious effort and intention that if somebody wants to share this sheet with someone else especially in their own business with a freelancer or a virtual assistant or someone they're going to make a copy and give it to that person but that person once they then give it to someone
05:28 else and this is the kind of chain you want to happen you want people like oh my god i love this thing i want this so badly i want to use it and i want to share with other people that is totally fine but you gotta put links to the original hey you got this at this is titlecraft master non-fiction book
05:43 titles that should be like up here in the sheet you should also have a tab here about title craft about yourselves about it should have a link back to the original page you bought it and here on your products page so you're going to have more you only have one product here but definitely have more product
06:08 add the title craft here and make sure people know hey this is the launch manage launchpad this is where you get it and put it right here in here put another tab at the end be like let's talk about launchpad this allows you to have the peace of mind that even if somebody does share this with someone 
06:28 else they will get the information about who you are and who made it alright and index doesn't need to have a title index here you can just have this could just be called the start here tab and have some instructions of like hey how to use this have some links to a couple of loom videos at least or even
06:48 some youtube unlisted youtube videos or even some youtube videos be like how to use titlecraft two craft titles titlecraft should probably have some other name here i will say like it should be like titlecraft craft the perfect title for your book or something and repeat that over and over and over again
07:11 this is how you craft it this is the way you used to craft it i'll talk about actually that on the sales page let's go up to view show grid lines there's all this extra stuff totally gotta delete all of these things all of these extra columns all of these extra stuff i think you can even use extension
07:32 in tiny sheets if you want oh i am using the wrong but it's okay you can use tiny sheets it's a google sheet add-on i made that immediately deletes all of the unnecessary rows and columns but this text also needs to be a little easier to read i think once you get rid of all of if these were all go there
07:57 then you could have nice this could be way bigger make it 15 make it there put all of this centered i i think i would do to make this a little nicer you don't need them i don't know what the numbers here are for you totally don't need the numbers i think they add extra information that is unnecessary
08:23 we can just delete that do we need template name description and template link no we don't we can make a nice clean power of x we also don't need these grid lines here let's actually get rid of them but we might want to have some coloring or some interesting design element here i think this okay so this
08:53 the power of x should have some explanation here a little bit of some colorful information about why you might want to use this maybe even have a couple of contextualize the reason the power of x works does it work for certain type of book does it work for a certain type of writer does it work for a 
09:13 certain evo- emotions there should be a list here of emotion you want to evoke right emotions that's what i would do i would add like a list of emotions add some more data to this that is very qualitative data this is not a quantitative data kind of thing you're not saying oh the no actually maybe that
09:34 might be a weird thing to do but might be fun is how many booked out of the thousand book titles that you're or you're going through how many have the word power in them how many have the word journey how many have a number in them have this number here of saying you know 400 probably not like 50 of 
09:52 the top of the top 1000 titles have the power word power in them. That might be really cool information to have that right add that here so that someone gets a lay of the land.
10:06 They really understand because right now all I can see is really the power of X which I can see down here power of X and I would That's what we're talking about. Definitely delete the numbers from here and just have power of X make it super easy like you have a thumbs up to this link that you had the
10:22 idea to do but the link in your original was going to the wrong literally wrong spreadsheet file but now I go to this one.
10:29 Super cool. Again you can do X to Y do command K sheets and ranges X to Y and even when I hit enter even when I change this it will go to the appropriate one.
10:45 It already, it's all interconnected. Super cool. Yeah. Give me some, like, more information here of how do I navigate this, right?
10:56 How do I navigate the ID, not how do I navigate the sheet, but how do I navigate this process? So you sold me on the sheet and you sold me on the idea of, like, I need to craft a great title which I'll get back to on the landing page soon.
11:10 Now that I'm in the sheet, walk me through that process. What's the one, two, three step what are the things that I might consider, what are the things that I should be doing to figure this out?
11:21 Which one of these should I be using? Should I be pattern matching it to the type of book I'm writing?
11:26 Should it be what I'm a fan of? The emotions I'm evoking. Have some categories here that I might be able to, it's not that I would use all of them.
11:35 It's that which one I choose, there's a navigation to it. Oh, I want to do a trustworthy one. I want to do a powerful one.
11:42 I want to do a process oriented. Get different terms and different words and make them your own. You know, really put yourself into the sheet.
11:50 Of like, maybe even have a couple case studies as tabs. Walk someone through the process and then put it in a tab here in an exact case study.
11:58 Put a loom video in and walk through that case study. I think that would be really cool. So here, power, there's a bunch of power.
12:07 Take maybe what I would do is you have links to the Amazon links. Maybe have some qualitative, quantitative data here.
12:17 What is the placement on the 1000 list? What is the number of sales? What are the reviews? Go into the reviews and, and take a couple of choice reviews where, like, the title matches the review or something.
12:32 Okay. So that's all in the sheet. And that's all making a sheet that people really want to use and really want to share.
12:38 Back to the landing page. And I think you can imbue the landing page with a lot more stuff. Alright, so here's title craft.
12:46 Master non-fiction book titles. That tagline master non-fiction book titles is what I was looking for inside of the sheet. Now walk me through, reverse engineer the process.
12:58 How can I master non-fiction book titles? And is mastering what I want to do with titles? No, I just want the title for myself.
13:05 I'm very greedy here, right? I'm very selfish. I'm the person that's going to use this sheet. Just give me the thing I want.
13:11 I don't want to master titles, I just want to name this book that I'm writing. And what's the book about?
13:17 I would have a, not a checklist, but maybe a work planner of types. I would have people write their, like, who.
13:27 Who is the ideal reader? Who is the second ideal writer? What are they gonna get out of this? How are they gonna go through that process?
13:33 I would, I would go through all that process, have them write it, and then create from that, I would do something like create a prompt for chat GPT from all of that, like a fill in the blank thing create an epic prompt, make it like super useful kind of thing.
13:50 Okay, so, yes this is a Google Sheet, and great, again I'm gonna repeat this, great, you have not featured that it is a Google Sheet.
14:00 You have said, here's what I made, and it just so happens to be a Google Sheet. Two thumbs up. But we can put a lot more into it.
14:06 What did you get out of this, right? You must have used this sheet for some reason, or this process, and you're putting your process into the sheet.
14:15 On the landing page. Tell us, what was the problem? What are the ways that you've solved that problem? Was it software?
14:25 Was it was it YouTube videos? Was it watching a bunch of stuff? And then you discovered this next thing. And that didn't work out.
14:40 Did it not work out because it took too long? Did it not work out because it was too, software was too expensive?
14:45 What was the reason why you tried? Tried those things and then they, you don't do them now. And then, explain in like another sentence that I made in Google Sheet.
14:56 At that moment that you're talking about this, the user is going through your journey too. They're like, talk about the struggle.
15:02 Talk about, I wrote this. I write this thing, I'm very deeply in it, but I need to express to someone else what this is about in two or three words, right?
15:14 That's a hard task, because as the writer, you're writing this, well, talk about that struggle. We'll talk to you soon. Talk about that thing and agitate it. And here it's problem way worse because you're like oh I tried this and I lost time I tried this and I lost money but now I made a Google Sheet
15:48 and you don't waste time and you don't waste money right and here it's for free. This is a long story right but it matches the user journey and someone's gonna read this who's trying to title their book and I don't think master non-fiction book titles is the way.
16:05 I think it's like name your book the perfect perfect name. Name the book that's gonna give it a lasting legacy right.
16:14 Use all these also as sections right maybe. Talk about the benefits of the sheet. One thing you don't do here is talk about benefits at all.
16:24 What are we gonna get out of this? We're gonna be able to get the perfect name. We're gonna be able to get the, the legacy right.
16:33 This is gonna go down as a something that we're gonna be proud of expressing that we are the writer of X.
16:40 Writer of, this is the name we're gonna give our baby, right? I would definitely look at like baby name websites maybe.
16:49 Look at how they sell, what they're selling. I don't know if they're selling or anything. But the point of this sales page, and this landing page, is to talk about all the benefits of the sheet, all the benefits of your workflow, your process, talk about, imbue that in here, talk about the struggle you
17:08 had and how you made it. The point I want to make now is that the moment you say it is a Google Sheet, the reader is going to do the same thing every single time.
17:20 They're going to go into a build it or buy it mode. They're going to now at this moment figure out for themselves are they going to now build the same sheet or are they going to buy it.
17:32 So you need to have a bunch of features or a bunch of things in here that you've put in. I, you know, not scraped, but I compiled all of the information of 1000 books.
17:46 That sounds like a lot of work. Do I want to do that? That is what the user's going to do.
17:50 They know it's a google sheet with a thousand book titles and it's but everything you say from then on needs to be like, and I went through each one and I contextualized it into the emotions.
18:01 I added who each book was for. I added a data point of how many reviews it's gotten. I added some choice reviews that match the title of the book.
18:11 Each of these little things that are going to take some amount of time add up to the, either thinking, I think I'll just buy it.
18:20 And in this case it's free, right? It's zero dollars. But you still need to make that distinction. You still need to make the thing, the idea that like, okay, it's a Google Sheet.
18:31 The user's gonna think, I can make a Google Sheet. I can go to sheet.new. I can use import XML. I can, I can go and find the CSV list of the 1000 best selling books on Amazon.
18:46 I can do all that. That'll take me about 10 to 15 minutes. I don't really need this, but now you are explaining why you need this, right?
18:55 I've already done this work. I've already got 1000 titles. I've added these sweat tears, this blood to this sheet. And I've made it so perfect for you to go through this process.
19:05 I even share my- process with you of how I named and give a case study, right? Take that case study that you put inside the sheet and a lume video, put it here.
19:16 Make a link to a YouTube. Check out this case study of I walk this person through this process. You want them in your world.
19:22 It doesn't matter if they go to YouTube. It doesn't matter if they go to a lume. It's okay. You don't have to capture 100% of people directly right now here.
19:32 You don't need to create so much urgency. Cause you can add to these Google sheets all the time. Also, what's really good is you launch this.
19:39 I really love it. And I think you can launch it again and again and again. Add more information. Make it really cool.
19:44 Make it really useful. Add some really cool tools and stuff. Again, I think crafting a perfect chat GPT prompt might be a really cool and very easy to do here.
19:55 Make a little fill in the blank. Write this, write this, write this. And then it generates the chat GPT prompt for you.
20:00 It adds a, maybe takes all that text and puts it together with some joins, some concatenates. It adds some of your own text that you wrote for a good prompt.
20:11 And yeah, and I mean, you definitely could integrate AI into this. I have a whole course on integrating AI into Google Sheets and you could literally like use this template in this prompt and just generate right here, put your API key down below, generate 50 examples of this, 50 examples of that using
20:33 these templates. That I think is a cool, would be a really cool add-on to this, but hopefully this was helpful to you watching this.
20:42 And you can go sell more spreadsheets. Bye.


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