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Customer Service is Marketing

About this Tutorial

You’d be surprised about the questions you get asked once you start selling a Google Sheet. Take each and every one of those and turn them into marketing materials. Turn any and all questions into FAQ’s. Update your FAQ’s and your marketing frequently.

Video Transcript

0:00 This is one of the most surprising things I have found out since selling spreadsheets. I would not have known this if I'd never sold a spreadsheet in my life.
0:08 So if you're watching this video and have never sold a spreadsheet and you're wondering, how do I do some marketing?
0:15 I think the one key thing I can tell you is that customer service is marketing. Any questions you get, uhm, via email on your page, via any chat, I think these things end up being very good marketing materials.
0:29 Because if one person has a question, ten other people probably have that same question and are not answer asking it.
0:36 Uh or a hundred people or a thousand people you never know. Only sheets to 0.0 or at least only sheets is a product that I sell that is a Google Sheet.
0:43 It's a Google Sheet Apps Script. I sell it on apps from a marketplace. I also sell it. Uh on Gum Road and other places and it's something that I realized there were a lot of questions about this after I had actually put it up and put it up for sale.
0:57 Uh for instance on AppSumo itself when you sell a product there is a section here that people can ask questions.
1:06 So if you scroll down there are two things. There's questions and reviews. Reviews here on this tab and then questions here on this tab and these questions are from people who are genuinely interested in buying your product.
1:19 No matter their tone no matter what is the actual question they're asking like what's the use of this you might think oh wow this is a very smug tone.
1:27 Umm. You may consider like hey this is a really bad question to ask I explained it before but I think.
1:36 I think the issue is maybe it's not really that uhh relatable and you'll have to do a little bit more than what you did previously in the text to describe what is that use case.
1:48 And don't read into any questions uhh that you'll like they are detrimental or bad uhh for instance this person said this is non-refundable but no demo is provided at least provided demo on how it can be used.
2:02 Now you can take this and you can take this very badly you can say like dude like I explain it.
2:08 Really well here's a video this is actually just like a 30 second promo video right it's not explaining very much about what it does but I did explain what only sheets does it's a paywall for your Google sheets it turns every Google sheet you have into a sellable item it Have a great blocks out anyone
2:25 who hasn't bought it every buyer gets access to it and if that explanation doesn't work for you then you can just go away but that's not the way I think you should handle this I actually ended up going over to only sheets you can see on only sheets there is a section here if you scroll down scroll down
2:42 scroll down scroll down scroll down test this is probably in a bad spot it's probably too hidden it's on my site it's not on there they weren't able to find this they weren't able to see that here you can test this and it's not very clean here that this person can actually see how it works right so what
3:01 I will be doing soon is actually making a video that shows this test happen and put it on youtube and put it out there as marketing material this question ends up being a very good piece of marketing material and it's just customer service it's answering the question straight up and showing them what
3:19 they want to know because it was unclear before. This is surprising. We think we're very clear on how we're explaining something where you write it in text or we're showing some images and then we put it up on the market and the market doesn't know what to do with it.
3:34 They don't know how it works. They don't know the don't understand it. They ask questions and now by answering these questions we can provide a much bigger general picture of our product and give much more insight into how it works, what it does.
3:47 I'm really thankful for these kinds of questions. We can see does this work with Microsoft Excel? I don't think I ever mentioned it's Google sheets only.
3:54 It's called only sheets but Excel is spreadsheets as well. Did I say Google sheets. Sell anything you can fit into a Google sheet.
4:03 Did I explicitly say Excel? That it doesn't work for Excel. Alternative to Microsoft Excel. So this may be hurting me here by having the term Microsoft Excel here.
4:14 And no, I didn't Explain, very specifically, this does not work with Microsoft Excel. And I didn't even mention only that it only works with Google sheets.
4:27 I should probably say that. So I think these, uh, I literally said it right here as a repository. I only sheets only works with Google sheets.
4:34 So like great. It's here now available for someone who digs and all the way down here. But I should probably move this stuff up.
4:42 And this is what I think is very keen and interesting and surprising. Something I didn't know about. All of these questions become frequently asked questions.
4:52 All of these questions become great materials. Hey, only sheets only works with Google sheets. You can't use it with Microsoft Excel.
4:58 Or it becomes a marketing ploy on a Twitter and be like hey, I made only sheets. Has anyone need it Does anyone even need it for Excel?
5:08 It's a great sort of question to ask on Twitter. Umm, will they be able to see other emails? These are questions that are great.
5:17 Is this product abandoned? No, it's not. I'm answering Questions here. Uh, will this work if I'm selling sheets with lemon squeezy or wop?
5:25 Can I sell sheets with a custom script in it? These are two great questions. I didn't explain these. Yes, you can use it with almost any payment process because I, the last update I made was I integrated it with Zapier and any webhook.
5:38 So if lemon squeezy has a webhook, great. If it doesn't, but if there's a app here, wop, I've never even heard of this, but I know it can work if you have a webhook.
5:46 Can I sell it? Wasn't very explicit. Here I put custom scripts, monetized XPT's. Does that make sense though? No, because someone's answering it.
6:00 So this helps me understand. These questions help me understand what I should be bringing up to the top and focusing on.
6:08 You can give away a freebie. You can sell app scripts. Actually I didn't even say abstract. I said custom scripts here.
6:15 Do I say apps script? Script? There. Custom app. Sell your script. That's right here. Custom app script. Great. Umm, but is that enough?
6:26 Should I share that in a video and say here's how to maybe a JavaScript developer can sell their scripts? Give them that experience.
6:34 So this is a very interesting I hope to you and I think anytime you get questions. By email you should bring those questions and those answers up through YouTube videos through Twitter, through LinkedIn, anywhere you're promoting your promoting your product.
6:52 Share those questions. Share them in videos. Share them in quick. Take talk videos. Hey I got this question. Here's the answer.
6:59 Uh and also frequently update your pages to reflect this language. Uh that's something that I do with better sheets as I ask.
7:08 Hey why did you buy better sheets and the answers there and up in the marketing materials? Uh because I'm knowledgeable about the internals of my product and unknowledgeable about how they are uh seen by others right.
7:24 And now this is clear indication how people see this how do people question this? What are they questioning before they're buying?
7:32 These are great questions and customer service is marketing. So answer those questions and use those answers as marketing material. Uh and it will also help you better optimize each of these pages for their places.
7:49 Like absolute marketplace is great for this questions reviews here. Uh Etsy and also gum road. You can always update those pages very, very quickly with some additional text once you start getting those questions by email or by dms anywhere.
8:04 Hopefully this is helpful to you. Next we're gonna talk about a secret that I just discovered by reading a couple interviews with six figure sellers, people who are selling spreadsheets on see for more than $100,000 a year.
8:19 All right.


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