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Six Figure Secrets

About this Tutorial

Repliers are buyers. Regularly build an email list with freebies, and giveaways so that you can resell later. This email list is a secret that I think only the six figure sellers selling spreadsheets actually do well. There are two known examples of Etsy sellers making 6 figures. Both of them mention email lists in their interviews.

Video Transcript

0:00 Don't be in the business of spreadsheet selling, be in the business of spreadsheet reselling. Uh, this is a secret I found out from interviews with multiple six-figure sellers.
0:12 This is Emily, Emily McDermott, and her interview on Niche Pursuits, but there are- there is another six-figure seller that has done interviews, and this has been repeated many times.
0:22 Essentially, you cannot rely on in- in- immediate sales from visitors to get to six-figures. What you're gonna have- to do in order to get a six-figure spreadsheet selling business is resell.
0:37 This happens to me as well, and it was something that I noticed about my own business, but then I really understood that it's a key part of the business when I read it from other others is that the email list that you build is gold, and this is what's going to get you from okay, I make a few hundred 
0:55 dollars or a few thousand dollars a month or a year to the next level, which is hey, I'm making a full-time income from this or I'm really making a pushing the envelope of what is possible.
1:06 It's because email is very interesting. You can get someone's email address for free, and that becomes a zero-cost customer. And so now every single dollar you get from that customer is a pure profit, like 100% profit, right?
1:23 Minus payment fees and all that stuff and operational costs, right? Uhm, and Emily here says she grew her email list through a free resource library and a free budget starter kit.
1:33 And she even mentions that the free resource is just a password protected page on her blog, so you just sign up on the blog.
1:39 It costs her $0 and 0 amount of energy and 0 amount of time in order to get that customers email address into their email list and then also provide them a great, valuable thing.
1:50 Uh, Gumroad itself, if you're a Gumroad has a great opportunity for this. Gumroad directly to ConvertKit to build my email list.
2:04 Gumroad has a opportunity for this. What you could do is, in that email list you have, you can do a couple things.
2:28 One, you can just keep promoting your own spreadsheets. Just keep doing that. Every time you create a spreadsheet, tell people, hey I'm going to create this spreadsheet.
2:37 Go create it. Hey, I created this spreadsheet. It's available for sale now. Um, but the second thing is you can always see illicit questions or concerns or insights.
2:46 You can email that list and say, hey, I'm considering creating this product. What are some things you expect this product to do?
2:53 Or what would you want this product to do? Or what do you want to do? You can literally generally ask them, what do you want to do?
2:59 If your email list is some type of specific person or entity, if it's teachers for instance, or if it's science teachers or if it's someone like a scientist in a lab doing analytics on space.
3:12 Spreadsheets and you're helping them, you can say, hey, what's the last thing you did that you didn't know how to do in a Google Sheet?
3:18 Or what's the last thing you wish you could have done that you couldn't do generally in your job? You can always ask these questions of your email list and then provide solutions through It's a much higher value.
3:44 per customer once you start reselling and once you start initiating contact with them through email. Uh and as you saw in my last video, and I'll show you again, my gumroad, most sales come through email.
3:55 So here we'll load it up. This is, I'm selecting all time here and we'll see it load up and how it So from 18k of sales over a few years, we see direct email.
4:06 Here is top preferred, 7k, almost 8k. So that's more than 40%? 8 of 20%? 20? There you go. So like top seller here is this direct email portion.
4:22 Everything else adds up to the rest. I think this is really cool of Emily to mention this, that she runs literal ads.
4:28 She pays for people to get her free stuff. I've done this myself. And I have found that the conversion doesn't really do well when it's small numbers.
4:36 I'm wondering now, and I really am interested in seeing that this kind of paid ads, does it result in actual conversions?
4:45 It must for her. And yeah. Her favorite strategy for growing lists, SEO blog posts. Of course, we want free traffic consistently.
4:53 And if we do really well at a really SEO optimized blog post, give them a freebie. This is free traffic forever, right?
5:00 Google will not derank anything, uh, that's doing very well and is very useful to you. Um, and it takes some time to build this strategy.
5:09 Um, I've been doing SEO myself on my own site. It's taken 18 months to really see progressive, great feedback from this.
5:19 I did see the first feedback in the first 3-6 months, but it's taken 18 months to get some real numbers and to really understand where SEO can fit in my own strategy for marketing.
5:30 Uh, but I would not necessarily recommend SEO if you're starting out and have nothing and don't know even have a website.
5:37 I would recommend putting your product on a marketplace and optimizing for those marketplaces themselves. But this secret, man, I wish I knew this earlier.
5:46 Build your email list and resell to your email list consistently and talk to them. It's great to get questions answered, answers and questions to answer.


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