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Reciprocity Rules

About this Tutorial

But in some instances you will need to make a Free version for people to see, smell, tire-kick. Give’em a little taste. It summons the influential power of “Reciprocity”.

Video Transcript

0:00 In the last video I told you how free sucks, uh giving away a sheet, uh in order to validate your business concept or business idea is a terrible way to validate it and in fact there is no success metric for a number of free uh users, uh that you can ever imagine, like you can get 10,000 free users and
0:20 you wouldn't necessarily know if anyone would pay for that sheet. So setting a price uh originally uh at the very outset of your selling spreadsheet experience is going to be the best possible thing for you because you will actually validate the business of spreadsheets and if you can actually sell a
0:35 spreadsheet or not uh because if you get zero sales you will know okay nobody is buying this and you'll try to figure out reasons why.
0:42 Umm but I will say in this video that there is a single reason why you may want to create a free version of your sheet and give away a version.
0:52 Not the sheet itself but a version of it, a smaller version or a not automated version or maybe one page or one tab of your eventual planner or workbook.
1:05 There are ways to scope down and give away a free version and this is why and I'll talk about this in this video.
1:12 Because you'll want to give the reason why you want to give away a sheet is to get some reciprocity. Uh and this is a power of influence.
1:26 Uh we see this all the time in like malls where they give away free uh bites. Uh you will see this in free giveaways on uh websites.
1:36 Uh Subscribe to our newsletter for free. Get some value this lead in for free. Get in and we'll sell you later.
1:44 There is definitely a huge influence on people to buy once you give them something free wine samples. Uh free coffee.
1:53 Free samples. Free samples of anything. Uh. Moisturizer. Uh. Beauty products. Free lipstick. Umm. Free. Not type of wear but a free trial.
2:03 Right? Lots of ways people keep away something for free but I would not give away your entire sheet. But we want to give away something because the power influence for a capacity in particular is very very powerful.
2:16 Uh. It allows someone to tire kick your sheet, your ideas. It allows them to smell test something. Something to get closer uh than just a sales page that says hey here's all of things we're going to be solving.
2:30 Uh here's all the wonderful things you can get here and pay. Right? You may want to uh give away a free version.
2:39 And so what I would suggest is creating a version that you sell and then either taking away something, these are all of the automations, taking away all of the Apps Script, taking away maybe even a couple of pages.
2:55 So that's two things, right? Either taking away some. Automations or taking away some tabs, maybe you create one template for a free version.
3:05 Umm. If you have say a list of resources you're trying to sell, a list of 100 AI directories and their sign up.
3:14 Needs. Maybe you give away 10 for free. One way you can give away those for free if you give away resources, lists of things is through social media.
3:24 Uh or blog posting or content marketing. Uhh. What you can do is create free. The content blogs, uhh Twitter, LinkedIn posts that give away one item and then here's 99 more that are in this sheet.
3:40 Uhh that's a great way to do free. Or a free 10. So for atomic sheets I've created a hundred elements that you can immediately add to your Google sheet to make it better navigation.
3:51 Look nicer, feel nicer, be nicer, uhh more beautiful, more sort of UI elements inside of sheets that you may not even have thought of.
3:58 Uhh and I give away 10 absolutely free at tomexcheats.com is actually a Google sheet that you can get the 10, you can copy that absolutely free and they even give away more for free.
4:06 30 for free if you, uhh, sign up through gum road. There's a link to the gum road page there and then I sell the hundred, right?
4:14 So there is definitely a reason to do free but I would not give away everything. Um, what I would do is give a, create the free version after you have created the sales page, after you have created your sheet and you are completely selling it.
4:30 Create a copy and then start deleting. Start deleting parts of it. Start deleting the automations. All the Apps Script even maybe even put a mention in here.
4:38 Uh, one fun thing I like to do when I'm branding a sheet, uh, that I definitely want to make sure people who buy it and even share it, see my branding.
4:49 I will enter, a little text message in the Apps Script. And you can do that in a free version of say, hey, if you're over here looking for Apps Script by the upgraded version or pro version, you can create.
5:02 Now, once you start creating Uh, these different versions you may get addicted to it. In a future video, I will tell you how why you may want to avoid a multi tier approach because it might get your mind thinking of, hey, if I can create a free version and a pro version, why don't I create a middle one
5:20 to get a cheaper version? I will tell you why that might be a bad strategy starting off, uhh, to avoid the multi tier approach, but also I will in another video, uhh, share with you how to upsell and crosssell, uhh, certain things which may not be a spreadsheet in and of itself.
5:35 You may be able to do upselling in a different way. And I will share with you that. But in the next video, I am going to talk about pricing strategies and pricing strategies around the idea that basically Etsy, uhh, has sort of pegged spreadsheets around 5 to 10 dollars.
5:50 Even teachers pay teachers that marketplace. Uhh, you are going to be spending selling your spreadsheet around 2 or 3 dollars.
5:59 But I will give you reasons why you may want to consider selling your spreadsheet for even 50, 99 dollars or even 200, 300 dollars.
6:07 Uhh, and I will talk about that pricing strategy in the next video.


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