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Why you think it matters, matters

About this Tutorial

Later in this course I’ll have a key insight about what to put on your sales page, and it will revolve around your own journey, your own problem you’re solving in your Google Sheets. Take the time now, to reflect on why you’re using the sheets you’re using and what problems you solved, for yourself. Truly knowing your why will help guide you to build a better spreadsheet, and will also help you understand which spreadsheet features you use to solve the problem you’re solving.

Video Transcript

0:01 Welcome back. This video is called Why You Think It Matters. Matters is because we've talked about what you know that matters about the information in your head or the information in your Google Drive and how that can translate into a Google Sheet.
0:14 We talked about you you are the sheet. You are who matters and you're going to be reselling sheets so like put your full self into it.
0:22 We've talked about how you think matters that you're probably selling your process as part of selling this spreadsheet. Now I want to talk about why and I really, this is a very meta conversation right now.
0:36 It's about writing down at this exact moment before you are now diving deep into the spreadsheet, trying to make it better, trying to iterate it and sell it and get it into a sellable shape.
0:48 I want you to write it down. Write down a couple sentences about why you're using the sheet you're using or going to create the sheet for who you're creating it for and why at this moment without any other ideas in your head.
1:04 It is now because later on in this video course I'm going to be talking about a key insight that I found where you're essentially talking about yourself and your own journey and deciding here's the problem I'm trying to solve, here's how I solved it, and then here's the spreadsheet that's going to solve
1:19 your problems. More nuanced than that, but it's later in the course it's during the like sales page writing and I think it's one of the most powerful ways to sell a spreadsheet where you sort of essentially you map your own journey with the journey that others are going to go through and you explain 
1:37 all of the possibilities like the other alternative solutions that were not good for one or two reasons, right? Either too expensive, too convoluted, too inundating, too hard to deal with.
1:53 Too hard to like collaborate. Sometimes we are using a solution that's like a one and done thing and we're like, oh, we actually want to have this like an online web based sort of tool to do this.
2:03 That's internal, but internal to our business. All those types of reasons could happen. We're going to write down a couple sentences now of why you're trying to solve this problem because you're going to come back later and we're going to use this. We're going to use this on the sales page. We're going
2:22 to talk about that and we're going to map that journey. Map that journey that you had to what the user's doing. I do really think that knowing why you're trying to solve this problem and if you keep coming back to it is going to help you build a better spreadsheet and it'll help you understand which 
2:38 spreadsheet features later you're going to feature on your sales page on your marketing. So, right now take a couple minutes, write down a couple sentences, and say, why are you actually making a spreadsheet?
2:50 Why are you making it a spreadsheet and why are you making a spreadsheet? So what is the problem you're solving and how is Google Sheets solving that problem right now?
2:56 You're probably already thinking about that. So go ahead and start it now.


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