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Where to Sell Spreadsheets - Marketplace Marketing

About this Tutorial

Understand the perks and nuances of marketplaces like Etsy, Gumroad Discover, and AppSumo Marketplace. How to sell the same sheet on any online marketplace.

Video Transcript

0:00 So marketing spreadsheets is literally just getting your product in front of a market where people who may buy it and I think the key to marketing in spreadsheets is beyond just your own site, your own social media is to get it on a marketplace and a marketplace is very specific place not just a directory
0:20 , not just listings, not just sort of links to your product, but literally a marketplace should be a place in which someone is looking for a solution and they are searching for it and they are looking to pay this is very key difference uh to a lot of places where you may be promoting or marketing your
0:38 spreadsheet uh market places are going to do a lot of work for you because they are in the business of getting traffic to your individual pages and the little really all you have to do is put your product up and optimize it for that market place.
0:54 Umm. I'm going to share with you now a few market places that I have found that do really well for spreadsheets.
1:01 Etsy is one of them might be your first idea of what a market place for a spreadsheet looks like. And if we search for spreadsheets here you can see that we get a lot of visually stunning sheets.
1:12 And this is where you may want to sell templates. But I do think that there is an opportunity might be small, might be a highly Thank you.
1:20 Unoptimized. But I think there is an opportunity here to sell tools, to sell solutions to people beyond just a template.
1:27 But I do think that in order to fit in here or be long here very well and be able to get traffic to your individual page.
1:35 I think you have to have some visual element to your sheet. So tools that are based in Apps Script will have to do a little bit of heavy lifting, create something that looks good.
1:45 If you are actually selling workflows, templates, planners, these types of things, Etsy is a perfect choice. But it also is competitive.
1:53 I'll share with you now a few other places like AppSumo Marketplace. If you are building a tool, a directory, a listing of resources for small businesses, for online businesses, for entrepreneurs, this is the place for you.
2:08 Uh, this is where people are searching and want to pay. You will have to sell it at a uhh lit.
2:14 You'll probably want to sell under $50 here. Uh, Etsy, you might be looking at these prices and saying I don't want to sell for three to five dollars.
2:22 I would consider making certain spreadsheets like lead magnets or trip wires that are a smaller price and offering them here and then offering a larger tool based product or more consulting on your own site once you have a buyer, a customer.
2:39 Same with Uh, get something under $50 that is a value of $100, $200 to someone. Sell it for a few dollars here and get them in the door of your business by putting out in this marketplace.
2:53 I think Episode 1 Marketplace is one of the best and unknown marketplaces for spreadsheets themselves. I sell only sheets here.
2:59 I sell a few other spreadsheets. I sell better sheets here. Uh, lifetime deal at least. Uh, I think it's great.
3:06 I think an under known one too is Gomrow Discover, but I will share with you some inside information that a Gomrow Discover doesn't necessarily produce a large percentage of my sales.
3:17 Um, but it is all free traffic. Uh, it's not necessarily the best, but it's very similar to AppSumo where I think you'll have to be selling tools or listen to other online businesses.
3:31 If spread, if you search for spreadsheet here on Gomrow, you will find, finding some models. Um, flipped spreadsheet, plumbing estimates spreadsheet, and just check out their reviews.
3:43 They're not really selling. Um, and they are all over the place in pricing. You can see here, pricing with purpose.
3:51 This is a metabolic health system for $99. Uh, I think also here something in the range of under $50 is going to work well.
4:01 Uh. And you can also do something very cool with gum road is put your product up on gum road and then uh offer consulting which I'll talk about in another video.
4:10 Uh, you can add more addons. You can also uh, easily put your product on gum road and then create tickets with coupon code maker.
4:18 Which I will share with you in another video that easily gets your product onto AppSumo Marketplace. One of the most unknown uh, marketplaces is teachers pay teachers.
4:27 This is very specific for those who are making products or tools for teachers. So I think you can also see the prices here range anywhere between three dollars and fifty dollars.
4:38 Uh, I think this is a great place to get some marketing done if you are specifically looking for teachers. Here I'll share with you actually my good uh gum road analytics.
4:50 You can see here the recommended by gum road portion. This is total lifetime. I've made about nine hundred forty two dollars.
4:56 This is over the last like four years. So percentage wise this is not a lot but like looking at the total number.
5:03 Great an extra nine hundred bucks without doing any work. It's awesome. Gum road takes I think an extra ten percent from this if I recall.
5:11 Great. Let them do the work. Let them take any per- I literally I think I've said it before when they had a some setting you can set.
5:20 What percentage they take I will allow them ninety percent. Them doing the work getting the sale literally every dollar that I get is an extra dollar in my pocket instead of like.
5:31 Thinking about it like is it percentage wise converting well it is one of the top converting sixteen. Uhh. Places better sheets is a good percentage only sheets is only the only one that's bigger I think that's because I offer a free test sheet here.
5:45 Uh and email continues to be the biggest seller here but I will share it with you that secret. In another video but this video we want to end here uh with a quick summary Etsy is a great place to sell visually stunning uh products spreadsheets.
6:04 Absolute mark place if you want to get in front of small businesses online businesses. Thank you. Get tools, listings, resources there.
6:11 Gum road discover I think is an absolute no brainer easy to put up a gum road page and also easy to put up a gum road page and then use coupon code maker again in the video to put it on an app to market place.
6:21 Teachers pay teachers is one of those market places that I think is really awesome. but yeah, anywhere you go, uh, I would recommend doing a little bit of marketplace optimization, making sure that it's very aligned with what marketplace there is and subjectively how are you ranking for what are you 
6:37 ranking for? Make sure you're optimizing for those. So like for Etsy, umm, how are you differentiating yourself visually here and what it can you, what can you say in this first few words that really differentiates yourself from the other ones?
6:51 Absolute marketplace. Uhh. You can see it has like a very big big image as well and a big thing on the price.
6:59 And the reviews here on AppSumo, uhh uhh marketplace are everything. I will talk about that in another video about customer service and how customer Again has an image some image, but I think the text, the title text is bigger here and teach me teachers very optimized for teachers obviously.
7:18 100% of teachers, 100% of these users are teachers. Alright hopefully this was helpful to you and on word to the next one.


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