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How to Make Good Looking Spreadsheets

About this Tutorial

Create nice colorful sheets (contrasting colors) that look and feel like an extension of your site. Add some padding around text. Decrease text and make your sheets awesome.

Video Transcript

00:00 I just got a fresh haircut and just like a fresh haircut does to your self-esteem is it makes you feel good But what it actually does is it makes you look good, so I Today want to walk through some principles of making a good-looking spreadsheet and what we're Going to do is we're going to take a spreadsheet
00:18 that I've already made before this is a hundred business ideas You can use to create Google Sheets and create a business from Google Sheets It's a freebie if you're watching this as a better sheets member.
00:28 I'll put a link down below actually you don't even need a link Go over to better sheets Go over to free resources click on 100 business ideas get it for free if you're not a member it's free if you are a member it is free And we're going to make it look good It already looks better than most Google Sheets
00:44 but I just want to do one big thing to it which is make it much more in line with my own brand because I think the I think the number one rule of good looking spreadsheets is that they look like you that they are your personality that they live and breathe beyond you and your doing and they allow people
01:07 to be they're super useful they allow people to do more with their business or in their business and that they remind people about your business all the time because we're gonna we give this away for free and we hope that people share this we hope that this is super helpful super useful super awesome
01:21 and that people share it beyond hey just go to bettersheets and get it they they actually like should share this with their google drive but we wanna make it look good and again number one rule I think in making a good looking spreadsheet is making it look like you I think the second thing is is making
01:36 sure there's lots of space uhm you probably are thinking in the design world like oh the typography needs to be right the the colors need to be right and I don't think those are the absolute top top top items I think number one absolutely is it makes it look like you made it especially in this like AI
01:57 world that we're living in right now in 2024 we really want to make sure that this looks like we made it okay uhm but let's see i did make some updates to my website in the past few months and so i want it to look and feel like my website as an extension of it and that it reminds people about my business
02:18 so what i'm using here is the tailwind color of emerald 300 and emerald 400 i think i think so we're gonna have to get the hex code of that first i'll get that and then we're gonna use that in the buttons and we're probably gonna use it in sort of any call to actions like this one here uhm if you are
02:38 interested in fonts let's talk talk about those for a moment uhm and i think we're using Montserrat right now there's a bet there's a few better ones i think there's a more businessy one that looks good i just found out about it from an author who uses spreadsheets follet he uses Constantia so let's 
02:59 look at that we're gonna use that right now con oh maybe we have to add it more fonts let's go to more fonts Constantia yeah there it is let's add it let's use it perfect looks nice let's make this bigger bigger we will give it more space and I think we want to X this out and put it here maybe no we 
03:27 just want to make it smaller so make it twice as small and we will probably make this 100 I don't know why these numbers are different but we will make it look the same 100 business ideas to create google sheets we need to make it again I think the third rule is make a little bit of space so let's get
03:46 that emerald 300 tailwind color I always grab it from the tailwind css cut uhm not green here's emerald we might get the 400 as well for something else but I want to change this background of this button to emerald definitely and we're gonna use a gray for the text we're also going to decrease the text
04:13 a little bit I think there's too much text here and we're gonna change this background color here to a bit of greenery let's do that but just let's take this text down uhm right now it is a it's just command k so what I will do actually is uhm what is this I will take this and change it to a equals hyperlink
04:41 and the url is gonna be this oh we don't need that we actually just need this url and we're just gonna add template preview to it at the end we're gonna do template preview and then instead of click to make a copy people will know to click so just make all caps make a copy that looks much better like
05:06 we can increase this font but we're gonna use are we gonna use Constantia I don't know if we're I don't think we want to use that for the buttons I think we want to use something like cabin and maybe is it bold not cabin let's look at arial black hmm probably not need the bold very little difference 
05:23 but yeah let's make it bigger make a copy don't think we need an underline let's make it 11 give it a little bit more padding perfect I'm gonna decrease this contrast I don't want it to be white in the background I want it to have a little bit of color like yellow but not too much yellow I don't like
05:44 this particular yellow uhm we're gonna use actually I think we can use this green now let's look at it it might be too much green yeah it's way too much green we want this emerald to pop out so yeah we want to use yellow but not this particular yellow let's get an even lighter yellow just barely a little
06:11 bit there oh that looks nice and then we're gonna change this font color instead of anything we have available here I think we want 444 perfect and it's just a bit of a difference there we're going to make sure this is also the same yellow and 444 let's make this all yellow as well and we're just getting
06:38 a little bit of cream in there a little bit of color and what we want to do as well is change this bar to that emerald as well and we want this to be constantia as well actually mmm that doesn't let's do all the call to actions are ariel black and then everything else we're going to use as we use constantia
07:09 nice we also want to get this color correct get that color there put the yellow background here i don't want this to be green anymore but here i want a call to action oh i should probably change this email address to my better sheets email address and then take this url away uhm can just take that at
07:53 Emerald again. So everywhere we have like some call to action we're going to use that Emerald. Perfect. That's 100 business ideas.
08:00 Deep dive here so we'll change that as well. Uhm we can go here instead of doing this all again we can do paste.
08:11 We can also change all of this background. I think we changed all the text to Constantia and changed the call to actions to AriableBlack.
08:29 Let's do that there and there. Now we had before this sort of alternating colors and I liked it so we're gonna go back to that but only do a little shade of yellow there.
08:43 And now we can copy this all the way down. There we go. Paste format only. Done. And now we have a nice little shade of yellow across.
09:07 And so I want to point out one more thing before we go ah beyond the colors and the text is that I put a header at the top idea description and I put only one row frozen.
09:20 Lot freebies is that the promo and the name and everything is above the frozen line and then when you scroll down it's it's like less than half is available and useful of the screen real estate so what I like to do is put the headers at the top and then put my name business and like promos under it and
09:39 then move it so that the freeze line is only that first line so now when people scroll down it is very very easy ah to read it's a whole lot of screen real estate as you scroll down you also have more call to actions every ten here i have a little blurb about ah hey go check out better sheets so again
09:57 i want this to be mad awesome i want people to use this think of this all the time read through this to like really understand what can they do in google sheets they probably haven't thought of yet and i hope that this video was helpful to you to learn how to make good looking spreadsheets use a little
10:14 bit more color from your site make your buttons a little bit better here I also have actually by the way a free google sheet add on and it's available here in the here it is a link uhm to make buttons like this where you have a color and then have a little shadow check how it can stand she a font too
10:33 really cool thing I think it looks nice I think it looks very splendid uhm if you're not yet a member if you're watching this on better sheets great keep watching more videos check out selling spreadsheets to see more videos like this on how to make bread sheets that can sell even freebies and stuff 
10:50 look awesome if you are not yet a member go check out better sheets at co you can get started for nine bucks a month now and you get all these resources go up to free resources and get a hundred business ideas get that right now I have deep dives into most of them still working on this still adding to
11:06 this all the time but got a hundred ideas of things and some examples if they exist exist. Of what you can copy and then also deep dives into what the idea is about who could possibly buy it who could make it and what kind of skills you might need to make that kind of goooshy that could sell hopefully
11:24 it's helpful to you bye.


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