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Process qualitative data into a sellable sheet (Google Forms)

Video Transcript

0:00 So one way I would suggest creating a spreadsheet that you can sell is to ask questions. This is Credo. Why did I bring this up?
0:07 This is a digital agency doing $45,000 a month right now. Why would I bring this up? What does Credo have to do with starting a spreadsheet that you can sell?
0:16 When Credo started, John, who created this, started this in a Google Sheet. This is a perfect example of asking questions and getting data into a Google Sheet and then using that.
0:28 So what he did is he ended up using, uh, making a vetted agency. Kind of like a managed marketplace, he does referrals, and so people will pay for access to this list and access to his recommendations of who to work with, uh, digital agencies.
0:41 And this ended up becoming Credo, but it started as a Google Sheet right here. You can see it. And this is very simple.
0:47 This is a very simple. It's a Google Sheet with Google Forms, and he asked people, what's your name, one, what's your email address, what's your website, and what's your rate?
0:57 And it's that hourly rate that he was able to see an industry from a very different perspective. Uhm, we see this a lot in so many industries that are opaque, where you don't know how much people charge.
1:12 So things like Upwork and Fiverr have made it very easy to see what people charge. But uhm, design agencies, influencer marketing, something like I created influencer marketing campaigns inside of Google Sheets, did the modeling for them.
1:25 But what we found out is that like it is very difficult to find influencer marketing prices. Creators change their prices all the time, creators have different prices for different types.
1:36 of ah brands, they have different prices for different ah engagement types of engagements. And so what we had to do is we had to use a Google Sheet, of course this was an internal tool that we used when we created an influencer marketing campaign, but for every campaign we had to create this list of 
1:51 what's their rate. What's their numbers? And we had to match those. And so here, John has a perfect example. Ask a bunch of digital agencies, I think at first it was like SEO agencies, but he's become you know the trusted place for a lot of different types of agencies.
2:10 Digital marketing, PPC, content marketing, social agencies, SEO, web development agencies, that's all here and it started as a spreadsheet. And so you can start a spreadsheet now just collecting information.
2:20 You can do this on Twitter, you can do this on LinkedIn, you can do this on Facebook. You can do this even with ads if you're like, hey I don't necessarily have um too many people I know, but like I do X and I'd like to find other people who do this.
2:34 Um, just do targeting on Facebook and say, hey what's your rate, I'd love to sign you up on- I know, a managed marketplace or as agents in this productized agency, whatever it is, ask people and a lot of people who are looking to uh get hired, love to give out this information, right?
2:54 And they may have it on their website, they may have it on a pricing page. You can do this with SaaS companies, you know, put together a list of all the CRMs that ever existed in the world, put their pricing, put their monthly pricing, put their per user pricing, do some calculations, add some context
3:09 to that. But once you have, you know, 10, 20, even a hundred, maybe as little as 40 or 50, you can start to get some market information and you can do that in a Google Sheet.
3:18 And I think it's one of the easiest ways to start a sheet, uh, and just ask people their information, right?
3:24 You can ask, uh, VAs, virtual assistants, what's your rate? What do you do? What's your rate? What's your experience? Uhm, you can start a VA organization.
3:33 I think there's some good, uh, marketplaces for VAs, but a vetted marketplace for VAs would be a, or just a list of contact information, uhm, you can ask creators.
3:43 I mean, that's one thing that, that is always, always in demand right now, is a list of, you know, thousands of creators and their rates.
3:49 Uh, I think there's something called a TikTok army, where they get, they captured all the information, they scraped it from, uhm, uh, TikTok, but you can email those and message them and say, what's your rate?
3:59 And then you can create your own. So that's a few ideas, uhm, but I think the great way to make a sheet in this case is to put up a Google form, ask your name, contact information, and what's your rate, uh, or what's your price, what's your hourly rate, whatever it is, what's some inside information 
4:16 that you you want to know from, you know, 20 people. Put it all in a Google sheet and look at that market information.
4:22 Look at what's, what's happening. Hopefully this was a really fun, simple idea. In the next video, I'm going to talk about curation, so if you find this information is available on, on Google.
4:32 Websites or if you're putting together newsletters or article lists or resource lists, the next video is for you because I'm, I show you a really, really easy way to do it in Google Sheets.


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