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Fabulous Filters

About this Tutorial

How to let your end users find what they want. Use the FILTER() function to create views.

Video Transcript

0:00 So when selling the spreadsheet, I think selling a curated spreadsheet of interesting links is really really easy to do and really awesome But I think one thing you can add to your sheet is to make sure that you filter the views and make the user experience of seeing that sheet and using it really really
0:18 great. And so what I would do is I'm going to show you the filter function in this video. Here we have only three alumni items, but it's okay.
0:27 We have them in a what would be called a form responses tab. What I would recommend is not using this.
0:34 Take this as sort of input and then uh manually uh curate this information. So what we're going to do is I'm actually going to just take the title and URL and copy that to a brand new spreadsheet.
0:46 Uh and now I'm going to put. Some context, some category, uhm in this case I'm just going to write state so this is going to be California, this is going to be Florida, and this is going to be Michigan.
0:59 Just for this example. And now what I want to do is as I add more and more of these I want to create.
1:05 I'm going to call this Universities, and I want to create lists of each of these based on their state. And so what I need to do is I'm going to just actually duplicate this and instead of University I'm going to call this Florida.
1:20 And we're going to, instead of taking all of that, we're going to delete everything there and do equals sign, let me move this a little bit, equals filter.
1:29 We're going to filter the range of universities, and we're going to filter it by C equals. We're going to say Florida.
1:41 Now, that's okay, right? And we can go in here and we can rewrite Florida, Michigan, whatever we want. But in order to like say we want 50 of these and we want to do this pretty quickly, what I'm going to do- do up here is insert a row.
1:53 I'm going to right click, I'm going to create a drop down from a range. This makes it so super easy.
1:59 Uh, the range is going to be this list of states, okay? Click done. And now- I'm going to click Florida.
2:10 And instead of writing Florida here, I'm going to delete that and put A1 so that whatever is in that A1 is going to show up in that filter.
2:20 So I can filter this for California and it will change. I will filter this for Michigan. And this makes it super easy to now create another duplicate.
2:29 Greename this California. And just change this to California. Easy peasy. What's cool too is you can create these views. You can create these tabs.
2:39 or you can duplicate this and call this search by state. And now you only have one tab, but now someone can filter by the state.
2:51 And now as you add more and more information to this university list, uh this search by state. The state just becomes less uhh much nicer to use than having to scroll down lists of hundreds of these lists.
3:06 So that's the tip here. Use filter. Create individual views if you want. Or create a search or drop down field kind of thing for someone to use.
3:16 And I think this is a really cool way to sell a curated sheet with curated views. And in the next video I'm going to show you how to imbue your spreadsheet with a little bit of magic without having to use app script.
3:29 So a little automation but without using app script and coding without, you don't need any coding information whatsoever to do the next thing we're gonna do.
3:37 Alright, see you soon.


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