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How to Make an AI Integrated Freebie Spreadsheet

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00:00 Alright, so we have a freebie here. It is a 7x5 content idea method for coming up with TikTok ideas and this is not mine by the way.
00:08 This is from Abloom Media. So let me move my face right here. Right here you can see Abloom Media. This is Sarah on TikTok.
00:15 She gives this If you are not a BetterSheets member, become a BetterSheets member. For over 470 tutorials, tools, templates all available.
00:37 If you become a lifetime member, it's like includes every single tutorial and sheet and tool and unlimited generations if you need to use formula generation.
00:48 Uhm, but you can also get just the videos and the formula generator for 9 bucks a month. Check it out.
00:54 If you're not yet subscribed to YouTube, go subscribe to me there. Alright, but here, this is Sarah's work and I wanted to amplify this.
01:03 I wanted to make this like the coolest, craziest tool ever and still make it a freebie, right? So, when we're selling spreadsheets I, I have the whole course, Selling Spreadsheets, sellingspreadsheets.com, or you can find it on Udemy, uhm, or it's part of, I talk about selling spreadsheets and how you
01:23 should always sell spreadsheets for like 30, 40, 50 bucks minimum and, and do a lot of cool stuff in them.
01:31 And, but, I want to talk about freebies, because I think freebies could be a great, source of obviously customers eventually, but also just usefulness in the world.
01:42 But sometimes freebies, you don't necessarily want to like go all out. But let's redesign this a little bit. I want to give you a little, a few insights into tips and tricks.
01:50 This is a TikTok video about, how to use this. And what Sarah does in about one minute is just go through what this does.
01:57 And I'll go through it as well of what she's talking about here. But she's talking about this again. This is on TikTok.
02:02 It's free. Go to her channel, Abloom Media. Go get this 7 by 5 content idea. And then now you can watch this.
02:08 Following along. I think the coloring could be a little bit different. We're going to hide the grid lines. But also, at the end of this video.
02:24 But most of this video, we're going to be using AI and I think there's a huge potential for Sarah here to make this the absolute craziest, coolest thing ever.
02:36 Which is two things. One, have a ton of examples and two, integrate with AI so that it could generate more examples than she could ever come up with herself.
02:47 So let's get started. I'm going to expand this all the way and the first thing we're going to do is go up to view, show, and hide gridlines.
02:56 Okay, this to make a copy, go to file, make a copy, is something we need to fix. So what we're going to do is, I'm doing it with my URL, she should be doing it with her URL.
03:08 Take the URL, copy it, and where it says edit, hyphen, just add copy instead of take all that stuff out.
03:16 Now that URL should go right here, but I'm going to put it right here, I'm going to do hyperlink, and I'm going to say URL is this with a slash copy and then the link label is copy and paste.
03:28 Me, but that's not all, I'm going to show you something else here, so now we have a copy me button but I don't think this is the best place for that button, I think we want to keep this sort of area clean, so I'm going to put it actually up here, copy me.
03:44 Me, I'm going to put it in the center, center it all up, make it a bit bigger, copy me, and actually let's make it two these, let's give it, I'm going to get a different background color.
03:58 Okay, so here's. Her website, abloommedia.com, this is meet Sarah, that's Sarah there. Let's look at her actual site, I actually went there and I like the colors, I like the radiance, the purples, let's bring those in so that we really have a consistent look for Sarah.
04:16 Okay, I'm going to try something really interesting here, I don't know if this is going to work or not, I'm going to change this text to grey, and I'm going to use pastel colors, but we're going to use pastel colors that are different than you would normally think, in a different way.
04:31 Organizations. A little bit of green, a little bit of yellow, a little bit of blue, I'm putting them in a random order, but you can put them in a different order yourself, let's try this purple, uhm, and we have, we need to make this blacker text, let's do that, I think that's much better, and we definitely
04:57 want this here, and a bloom media. We're going to change this back to this grey, dark grey. Alright, so we definitely want a bloom media here, I'm not sure this looks exactly exquisite right, uhm.
05:20 Let's move it here and actually do that, paste format only, I want this color. Let's look at this, there it goes.
05:36 And I'm gonna center it here, boom, that's what we gotta do, that I think looks a little bit better. We're going to do the exact same thing here and center this, because we're doing something crazy with this background, I think it'll be fine, uhm, let's just double that.
05:52 Perfect, sort of perfect, right? I think it's just a little bit different than you probably expected, uhm, with this background.
05:59 I did try something new, I did it because there's all these colors here, ah, blue media, you can probably get away with, actually, funny enough.
06:09 Doing ah, we want all of this to be 36, and that, and bold. Why is this all different fonts? Let's use Quicksand for now.
06:35 Nope. Abbreviated flat paste. Make it even bigger. Make them all centered. Bloom. And I think we can do something else here.
06:51 Row above. A bloom. I think that's cool. Make it a little bit smaller. Boom. I think that's cool. A bloom media.
07:08 It gets it, it gives it that like sort of uhm. Sort of a feeling of this same thing here. We want to try to get, try to match that feeling, those vibes.
07:18 And I think that does it. We're going to have other stuff here. All of this stuff here, totally okay to have there.
07:27 I actually missed it the first time. I used it. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to put it on an about page.
07:33 And I'm going to just duplicate this page. And I'm going to call this about. And we're going to delete this one.
07:40 And we're just going to delete right here. There. So now we have all of this stuff from Sarah. You could make this a little bit nicer.
07:52 I think these headers and this text could be like well padded. They may be something like here. Put some padding in there.
07:59 Put it on multiple rows. And this would look a lot better, right? I'm not going to mess around with this because I want to get to the AI part.
08:05 Uhm, I want to make this really, really easy to use. This blue, by the way, early on in BetterSheets, I used to talk about this blue.
08:13 This is a very specific blue. This is the brightest red. Neon blue. And it's so weird looking because, and I used this so much, I used this so much before because I wanted to show people where to put their information.
08:27 The only issue I have with this is that the topic is white, and I don't, I don't think it should be.
08:33 I think it should be black. And I think it should be also centered, and centered totally. Uhm, and I think that changes it completely.
08:40 And now I can see, this is topic, topic, topic, educational, and all this stuff here. And I think these should be on the bottom.
08:48 There, like that. Okay, so, she says here tap for tutorial. But this really is only about a minute long, and it shows only one example.
08:57 What I think Sarah could do is literally duplicate this. Let's let's delete. All of this stuff. Because, again, we have it on our about page.
09:09 And we want to make this super useful, right? We want to make this, people want to clamor for this. So what I would do is I would actually duplicate this, and I would put an example here.
09:20 I put an example for e-commerce, e-com. I would put an example for, say, uhm, I don't know if this is a thing, dropshipping.
09:33 I would put an example. For a SaaS company, perhaps. Again, this is based on her own whoever she's talking to, right?
09:45 I would put examples, and I would have them in this sheet. I would give these away, these examples, uhm, fill it all out.
09:52 Fill it out for someone, and fill out, here are the topics, here are the things. Now, the second part of this, why examples are super important, is because we're gonna add AI.
10:02 So let's go up to Extensions, Apps Script. So this video on better, sheets is called Upgrade Google Sheets OpenAI Prompt to GPT-4.
10:12 I'm gonna give you the prompt from here, or not the prompt, the Apps Script. It's gonna work perfectly. Uhm, if you are a member, you can go grab it here, Upgrade Google Sheets OpenAI Prompt to GPT-4.
10:22 Go check out this video. It's right here. This is how, this is how simple it is to use better sheets, is you get the sheet and you get the Apps Script all within.
10:30 Once you're a member, you get all access to this. So this is all you need right here, OpenAI Prompt. I'm gonna copy all of this and put it into our function.
10:40 Actually, I'm gonna make a new function. I'm gonna call it AI for now and all this is, we'll walk through this a little bit.
10:47 Let me close the other stuff. Again, you can just grab this script from this video, video and the sheet below.
10:53 Better sheet members, if you're not one yet, become a better sheets member because every video comes with a sheet and you can download the sheet, you can copy the sheet, you can use the app script from it.
11:01 Cool. So here's the script that we're gonna use. I'm gonna walk through it a little bit. We're getting the API key from here.
11:09 We're gonna have to create API key and we're gonna put it in A1. I'll put it in A1. You'll use your own API key.
11:15 We need OpenAI's API key. We're using GPT 3.5 for now. We just need to enter a prompt and that prompt is gonna be inside of this function, this custom function.
11:26 I'm actually gonna go and do one of the coolest things. I've ever done. I'm gonna add a comment up here, uhm, which I think it's, I'm gonna add a comment up here and it's gonna be called at there we go, okay, we got at custom function, we're gonna save this, command s, save it, we're just adding a prompt
11:54 , we are using max tokens 500 that's okay, temperature 1, actually I'm gonna put it at .5. For this one, top P1, I can change all of these if I want, I'm just adding, I'm making this a post request to api.openai.com slash check completions, and we're just grabbing the response back, we are using AI completely
12:16 . Here uhm in our function. Okay. Okay, so we have our API key in API key, we have our script saved in our app script, how do we actually use this?
12:28 How are we going to use AI in this sheet? Now again, this is something I think Sarah could do herself is write these prompts, go and figure them out.
12:35 Uhm, I'm going to very rudimentally figure them out here. Uhm, we're going to equals AI, that's all we need to do because we have in our app script this custom at custom function up here, it actually shows up, uhm, and what I think Sarah could do is do like a blue media AI or AI via blue media, write
12:55 her own prompts and I'll try to show you that here. So let's try to figure out some prompts, write one topic that an economist.
13:04 Commerce store can make TikTok videos about, let's see if this works, I haven't really tested this out yet. Unboxing and reviewing.
13:17 Great. Let's just copy paste this all the way down. Great, we have some examples. That's all we have to do.
13:25 Wow. So uhm unboxing, reviewing, trending products, creative ways to style and wear our fashion accessories, creative ways to style and accessorize outfits.
13:36 So yeah, more like a fashion e-commerce, and it's okay, uhm, creative ways. And now what I want to do is write a different prompt, and I'll do this AI, uhm, give me one short.
13:52 Example TikTok video, one short example, and I'm going to do in quotes, an ampersand, C5, so we're going to use that educational word, uhm, give me one short example, TikTok video, I can make that is, and I'm going to add and, B6.
14:18 Okay, so as I copy paste this, I want to copy paste this, so I'm going to use. I'm going to put a dollar sign in front of the five, and a dollar sign in front of the B here, so that I want these columns over here to stay the same, and I want the row above to stay the same as I copy paste this.
14:39 Give me one short, oh I need. You do one more ampersand there, done. That'll work. We may need a little bit more space here for these.
14:48 Let's see what it comes up with. Uhm, doesn't come up with much difference. Stuff, we'll see if it does here.
14:59 One, educational POV, maybe I should put style. It's just giving me, okay this AI is not doing, we're not really giving it much, but here's why examples are really, ah, this is not doing very well.
15:20 It's because we have a very short prompt. Here's where examples could do really, really well. Is if. Tara, you know, the idea generator here, sits down and writes 3 to 5 or maybe 6 examples, like really spells it out.
15:38 Takes that 20 minutes that she talks about in her video to spell out the examples. Give those examples. You use those examples in the prompt that someone else is going to use.
15:48 So say when they write their topic and they have educational, in the prompt say, here's the 3 other educational TikTok videos to, ideas to make.
16:00 Based on this topic, based on this topic, based on this topic, here's the response. Now give me one on this.
16:05 And it will do two things. It will give you the same like size and sort of uhm response, but it will also give you the same style.
16:14 That's what's really been interesting. Talking about AI and prompts like this is if you give it a few examples and you give it the the prompt and the response of like three to five examples, it will start giving you the same style response.
16:30 It's really really cool. And so. You know very basic AI in here. What I think we could also do, and I think this would be really helpful for Sarah, is instead of one custom function that is AI and we just call anything we have here, write the prompts in Apps Script.
16:49 Let's look at that. We can create another function, copy-paste the whole thing, AI AbloomMedia, and in the function name is her name of her thing, right?
17:01 And the prompt is not prompt. What we can do here is write variable prompt equals and now write our prompt here.
17:14 And so all through here could be an example, could be. Three or four examples and we can even write AI, maybe even instead of AI just do a blue media educational, education.
17:32 So hit save. Again we have our prompt here. If we have our prompt here, let's actually take it and and we go topic here.
17:47 Let's just do this thing. Give me one short example. One short edu example of an educational style TikTok video I can make that is about and then going to add you so we're going to save this and now we have this function a bloom media education and instead of this whole thing being ai we go equals a 
18:19 bloom and there it is a bloom education and we write this b6 hit enter let's delete all of these and again we would want all those examples here that's something that I can't do for myself very well here uhm accessorize your style creative ways to rock fashion accessories cool right but what happens 
18:43 say if we don't have uhm any topic here I'm gonna give you this last tip here final tip to make this really cool is if is blank and put in this and and now you will not see a response unless we write a topic here.
19:01 The other thing I would do and this is something that uhm may take a little bit more experience and you can definitely find out more in my uhm master spreadsheet automation on Udemy but also uhm I have an entire integra- AI integration course on BetterSheets.co which is in the master spreadsheet automation
19:20 and what I do is instead of putting the topic here, so let's uhm collection of fall clothes. Okay, that's something to watch, but instead of just filling out the AI here, because what's gonna happen is if you put AI here it'll just call it every 10 minutes and it'll charge you a bunch of stuff.
19:40 After a month it's like 85 bucks, it's terrible. I would not recommend finishing a- off here. I would recommend creating some custom menus and letting AI write in here to set value.
19:53 But that's gonna be a little bit longer tutorial and I've gone through that already. I've gone through a lot of different ways to use AI inside of Sheets and I think that's- the best way.
20:00 But I wanted to show you this really cool thing uhm that we added AI really, really fast, right? It's been 20 minutes.
20:07 This has been a 20 minute video and you've been able to add AI and make this sheet way, way, way better.
20:12 And I think this could be a really, really powerful sheet that could be just absolutely explosive. If you add a bunch of those examples, add in some prompts, and let people really use this and jive on it, right?
20:23 Oh my god. It'd be awesome. Alright, thanks for watching.


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