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Upselling and Cross-Selling Techniques

About this Tutorial

Know what to add, what to take away, and ultimately how to create a spreadsheet anyone can buy at any price.  For example you can create a free template, add in custom formulas and automations into a Pro version.
You can also create an ideal version first at a higher price and release simpler versions for a lower price later.

Video Transcript

0:00 I may have mentioned this in the past video about pricing strategies, but I wanted to focus on upselling and cross-selling techniques.
0:07 Uh, one thing is upselling, I think you can absolutely do this to test different prices and try to maximize your revenue by adding something in a simple as an onboarding call.
0:17 Uh, also all types of things like add a community, add something outside the sheet. Uh that they can get only by buying the sheet.
0:26 Uh, one way you can test this if you do not want to do an ongoing onboarding call and you do don't want basically you don't want to do an exact one hour call for every single person that buys it because then your time is linearly scaled.
0:43 You can't really scale it beyond your own time. What I would do to scale this is do something like, if somebody buys it within the first week or you do a pre-order for a month before or a week before and then you have a sell a launch week.
0:56 If they buy it during that week they get a a ticket to a one hour webinar. This can be easily done on zoom or even google me.
1:07 Uh give them and them only the people who buy access to this one hour. So then this actually scales and you can offer this to everyone who buys it within a certain amount of time.
1:19 You can also do this say each month. So if people are buying it in January on February 1st they'll be invited to this one webinar that only they get they will be able to do onboarding questions, talk about whatever needs they have with the sheet and that's a great upsell that scale.
1:37 What else very well? Cross-selling is the idea of selling something along with like hey you're buying this you also may want this.
1:46 Instead of upselling the same thing and creating a higher revenue you create more revenue selling spreadsheets when you combine things.
1:53 I would do something like a bundle. Uhh combine different sheets as you create more and more sheets and this is more of an advanced user if you're selling spreadsheets and literally more than one spreadsheet.
2:05 Create something like a wedding bundle if you create sort of wedding plan. And maybe a honeymooning planning sheet and you sell these separately, bundle them together, cross sell them with each other.
2:15 So on each of those pages there's been now a few sell two items, now you have a third. On each of these two items you reference the third but also on the third on this new bundle.
2:25 you reference that you can individually buy these. This cross selling technique really just maximizes your overall ability to sell, right?
2:35 It doesn't necessarily maximize your revenue per person. It- at the idea is there but you're what you're doing because you're widening your ability to sell.
2:43 So someone who may want this will also may want these two things combined. Three things, four things. And then you add a little link to that, uh, individual item.
2:54 Umm, I will touch on the idea that you can create upsell if you add more things to a sheet. So you may have a template and you sell the template for ten twenty dollars.
3:06 Add some automations to it and create a pro version for thirty or forty dollars or fifty dollars. Definitely uhh. Great way to upsell.
3:15 I will though in the next video talk about the uhh avoidance that you should do in a multi-tier approach and what you may want to avoid that.
3:24 But just at the beginning I think the idea of upselling and cross-selling is great if you are in the- reselling business.
3:30 As I mentioned a long time ago in this of course you don't want to be a sheet seller you want to be a sheet reseller.
3:35 You want to be able to sell again and again to the same audience so that your total maximum revenue increases as you get more audience as you get more buyers as you make more sheets over time everything goes up into the right.
3:46 Hope this was helpful and I'll talk about what to avoid in the next video.


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