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How to Make Better Lead Magnets

About this Tutorial

Learn how to make better lead magnets from Google Sheet checklists. Great for marketers and solo operators trying to get more leads, more customers, more clients.

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Video Transcript

00:00 Okay, in this video I am not telling you lead generation but I'm going to show you lead generation in its sort of most interesting form, Google Sheets properly reallyads.com has this free checklist.
00:17 So here's the checklist actually. And what I noticed I actually got the checklist, I, I always am interested in seeing checklists from as, as lead magnets and I saw this landing page audit and a Google ads audit and I was like, I got it.
00:32 How to get this? And it's a Google Sheet. And there's something very, very interesting that I saw about this that I think could be better.
00:39 And so I wanted to share with you better sheets folks people who are interested in doing Google Sheets and especially those who are interested in making We'll see you next time.
00:48 Lead magnets for your own company. And some of the thoughts that I think about when I try to create a good lead magnet, I've done this a few times now where, like, I've created a lead magnet or helped create a lead magnet for someone who was running a newsletter someone who literally, like, last week
01:05 I created a CRM for someone which will probably be out soon, and as part of that we created a free version of that, but then they were like, oh, I want to do this, this, and this, and this, and I was like, oh, none of that matters.
01:17 What really matters is if you create a free lead magnet. There are two things that matter. One, you want people to use it, and two, you want people to share it, and then what happens from then, I think it's very important to be baked into the Google Sheet itself to make conversions higher and more people
01:35 know about you as those two things happen. So as people use it, they get reminded of you, and two, once they share it with others, because they're like, I love this thing so much, I use it every day, or every week, and I use it when I do X, Y, or Z, it's helped me do this thing, and I want you to do,
01:50 and a friend of theirs is being shared the sheet. And this landing page checklist and this Google Ads audit checklist absolutely do not include that, those secrets that I want to share with you today.
02:01 So, again, ProperlyAds.com isn't very optimized in any way whatsoever, so all of the things I'm going to do here, I'm going to talk about their colors, I'm going to talk about their fonts and their words and things, and it all needs to be imbued in here.
02:16 So this is, this is the big secret, and I will reveal it now two minutes into this video, and we're going to execute it in this video.
02:23 I'm just going to make this better. So this checklist right now, if you're looking at it right now, it says nothing about properly ads, says nothing about the website, has no link whatsoever to their website.
02:32 So if, and when, I go file, make a copy, and I'm adding this, it says copy of checklist, make a copy, now it is in my Google Drive and it has absolutely no link whatsoever.
02:45 Absolutely no, ah, no connection whatsoever to properlyads.com. What is, and this is a huge problem, and this is the number one problem, other than the pet peeve of having all this space here, that I'll talk to you about later.
02:57 The number one thing about this sheet is that it absolutely does not say anywhere on here, properlyads.com. The way that I got this, and I'm telling you now, is from properlyads.com, but if I have this in my Google Drive, I then, ah, re- have to rename this, also, not checklist, but landing page checklist
03:18 , right, and now, it's in my Google Drive, and I'm gonna share that with someone else. I mean, if this is actually really good, and it is really useful, and I really wanna go back to properlyads and be like, hey, I wanna buy your- I wanna help- you help- I want you to help me with my Google Ads, or my
03:32 landing page, or whatever it is, I'm never going to be reminded of it here, so let's actually change that. First off, the very first thing I would do is I would put it in the title, landing page checklist properly.
03:46 Actually, what was it? Properlyads.com. We're just going to add it here, and we're going to title it properly ads.com, and you can do a pipe here, or buy, or, are from.
04:03 Doesn't matter. I like the pipe a little bit most of the time. I think it's just shorter, and it clearly, like, it's a vertical line.
04:12 Instead of, it does, most of the time it does not look like an I or an L at all. Okay, second thing I'm going to do, actually, is I'm going to, to take these two columns, and we are going to delete them, completely delete them.
04:23 Because we want our Google Sheet to be crisp as possible. We already have some space up here, these two blank lines.
04:31 Again, this landing page checklist, I'm going to rename exactly this same as the name of the sheet. Why is that?
04:39 Why would I do that? Because, as you saw, when I do file, make a copy, someone's going to edit this.
04:44 So if they edit this, and edit this, great, okay, you stole my, my, my, my idea. You stole my sheet, whatever.
04:52 But we're going to keep making it harder and harder for someone to steal. I do want to do something else here, which is, I want to put this, actually, let's merge these, yeah.
05:07 And make this way bigger. Maybe 15, no, even bigger. 20. Great. Lane page says properly adds right there, but I'm also Hello.
05:23 I need to click over here somehow. Let's move this a little bit. And we're going to insert row below. I'm specifically doing because I'm copying and pasting that row.
05:33 Then I'm going to move this row all the way down here. Not all, all the way to the bottom. Then I'm going to go and delete all of these.
05:40 Oh my god, there's so many rows. Delete all these rows. All of these columns. I want to delete all of them.
05:47 Make it nice and simple. Now, what else can we do? We can go and grab their colors. So this is a bit of a dark ish blue tint into this sort of lighter blue, but I'm going to make sure I get the exact color.
06:03 So I'm going to go into my handy dandy colors from image, upload a screenshot here, and grab this dark. Go with the darkest one, darkest blue.
06:14 So we're going to do that. And we are going to make all of this background, this custom color. There we go.
06:24 Custom color. And now we have to make this color white. Perfect. Because I see also, yeah, white text background, that color.
06:32 Perfect. Now let's do that as well here, down here. Background, custom color, text, white. Great. We can even do this opposite, so use the custom color as the text here and background white here.
06:51 And I want to use very different font. Usually what I would do is I would figure out the font of the site.
06:59 Or if there's a very distinct kind of font, and I would put that here, but let's just go with a nice font here.
07:06 Let's Carla. Actually, I want to do that all the way around. I just want Carla everywhere. I'm going to center these to make it look a little bit nicer.
07:16 This done doesn't need to be so big. All this text is very small. I want this text to be much, much bigger, at least from here to here, at least a 12.
07:29 I need to resize that. I also want to view show, don't show grid lines. I'm going to customize these grid lines here.
07:38 We're going to make this a lot nicer to look at. Let's get rid of all of those. What do we need?
07:43 We actually need grid lines. Do we need grid lines? This is actually really nice. I like these. Sort of sections.
07:50 What I do want to do though, this should all be I think twisted or like this. That might be much more interesting and give these things a little bit more space.
08:05 Yeah, that's pretty nice. Let me get a little tinier. And I actually want to get the size of this. Resize row is 38.
08:15 So let's do this. Let's see what 35 all the way down looks like. Resize rows. Make these all the same.
08:20 Same 35. And let's center all of this text. Center vertically, but this center horizontally. I think we do that. Also make this smaller.
08:38 We don't even have to have the word section here. I do want to make this a little bit darker, so take the darker version of all of these colors that they chose already.
08:48 Might be nice. That looks cool already. We're just going to do that for each and every one of these colors.
08:56 This one's a little weird. We'll fix this in a hot second right after we finish this coloring. There we go.
09:03 So this one is called Site Performance. Or we can clip it. Yeah, there we go. That might be better. Now this is looking a lot nicer, I think.
09:19 I think this is looking a lot better than having a tiny font. Now, here's one weird thing that I'm going to do. What I would say is, if you are using the, most of the time you're going to use a screenshot as an image and say, hey, go download our thing.
09:34 You might want to make a nice big we can't even make this small enough, right? You might want to make one compact that looks like a Google sheet and says, hey, go download our Google sheet.
09:46 But then when people use it, they're like, I don't want all this space. I want to actually be able to read this.
09:50 I want to actually be able to check this off and I want to be able to add stuff to this.
09:54 So maybe what I might want to do here. This might be a little fun thing to do is put a little progress bar.
10:03 Like, as these are done, right, maybe. We don't know. I don't know if this is going to add some thing to it.
10:12 I might actually have a- some suggestions later. Let's- how about that? We just want to make this nicer looking. Let's put this actually in the center merge.
10:23 These landing page checklists properly adds .com. Now you see this, you're like, yeah, this is a checklist. This is from properly adds .com.
10:32 What I would do, here actually let's talk about what I would do extra because there is something we can do that is going to make this insanely useful.
10:40 And only properly adds can do this. If you are doing a lead magnet and you're about to do what I am going to tell you to do. One, this will make it extremely different from what they are doing.
10:50 If you literally take their google sheet and then release it, that's just copying. But what I am about to say is something you can add to this that will absolutely, unequivocally make yours better.
11:01 So, make it completely, uniquely your own. Okay, so Checklists generally are and this is an audit. There's a landing page on it.
11:11 So you're gonna You know use this generally checklists are used when you're doing some tasks and you need to like go back over and did I do all of the things that I need to do each of the items will have some reason, right?
11:27 You're gonna do look at this optimize it for this do this optimize it for this or is there and here you can see do I know my ideal customer customer yes or no is this and all this is doing is done yes or no done what I would suggest doing is two things this is going to be very hard to sort of digest 
11:47 but I would say create notes as to why someone would do that and have them here and then when it's done you would change those notes from why would someone do that or how they might do that to now based on this is done what should I do next okay so how do we do that we're gonna just do equals if we're
12:10 gonna use the c6 c6 as the logical expression true or false if it's true meaning it is checked we're gonna write something here if it is false meaning that it's unchecked that's our note hey do I know my ideal customer deal customers are usually that that that whatever right whatever you or or here's
12:29 an example of an ideal customer for Walgreens right and now that note will show up if it's unchecked if it's checked what do we want to do what is the next once we know our ideal customer what do we want to do do i now know and do i want to say hey once you have your ideal customer go check out proper
12:54 early ads dot com wait dot com slash ideal customers why so that you can write more about these i don't know like i'm not a landing page expert here but basically based on it you now have this information you have these comments now what to do what's the next step and sometimes and most times especially
13:22 when you're creating lead magnets i would imbue parts of your site or blog articles either in the text here like ideal customers are usually but here's an example from walgreens read about how to do this on properly properly ads.com slash ideal customers right that might be a different ideal customers
13:47 needed. That'll be a different blog than the one they okay once you have that what's the next step and so now we have this note here notes and these are super unique to you.
13:59 Again, you can literally have this exact same checklist from probably ads you can release it on your own, but if you have different notes if you have different resources, right?
14:09 Use the checklist itself to qualify if you should show that. Why I say this is because most of the time what we're gonna do when we create a checklist is we're just gonna, like, give them the checklist.
14:22 And then we're gonna hope and pray that they go and know this and that. But this is a really good, like, bottom of the funnel sales tool, right?
14:30 How do we, as, As creators online, business owners, entrepreneurs, how do we express our expertise and our experience? We do it with this kind of thing, these notes.
14:40 We don't do it with the fact that we have a checklist. There's so many checklists out there, but you can do better.
14:45 You can do better now because you're watching this video, right? And so now we can go over here and this is how you can do it.
14:51 Only show the information that the customer needs, the person using this, she needs, needs to know at that moment. In this case, we might need to add some more space here or, Should maybe make more notes.
15:07 It doesn't matter. You can always fix the formatting based on this if you need to. And have this maybe a link instead of just text, right?
15:16 It could say if. We can do hyperlink and this is going to create a hyperlink to properlads.com. And then we're going to say read this story, right?
15:43 And so now if I click it and now it tells me oh dude go somewhere else, but if I'm like oh how do I do this?
15:49 Oh here, go here, read this story. Thank you very much. Click on this link. It's a link directly to our site.
15:55 Here's the blog article or here's a YouTube video. Here's something you need to know in order to fill this out.
16:00 This is helping people so much more than just having the checklist and it imbues your experience and your expertise into this checklist.
16:08 So people use this all the time and now the moment someone shares this they now see the person on the other side one sees that it's from properly ads.
16:17 They see the name. They see the link, but they also get this information as well. These links are now shared amongst everyone that's using it.
16:26 So that's it. That is this whole tutorial and that, I think, if you just do that, right, make it a little nicer to look at, add that link to your own site, make it your own branding, and then imbue it with your own experience and expertise you're going to make.
16:40 The coolest and best lead magnet you could ever make and it will be the most used lead magnet ever on earth and it'll be free and it'll be available in a google sheet and you never have to host that yourself you can just say hey go with here's this open link on my on my website I'm gonna actually make
16:59 this available anyone with the link watching this right now go check this out use this and it's super simple an if statement with a checklist and add your url that is it thanks for watching I hope you enjoy and I hope you have a better better checklist better lead magnets from this video bye Thanks for


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