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Customer’s Context Is King

About this Tutorial

How to think about the context, psychological state, of your customer, so that you can sell them a solution.

Video Transcript

0:01 So let me state this the customer's context is king Spreadsheets are not sold. They're bought We are selling solutions to someone's problems.
0:11 And so we really have to understand not just the exact problem where we are solving but actually what is the customers context are they problem aware or are they problem aware and solution aware or are they problem aware and not solution aware or are they problem aware and solution aware Umm do they 
0:31 know that there are other alternatives and if they do do not be scared of mentioning them I will say again in later in the sales page and I section and I think I already mentioned it before is you really want to map the customers journey which may be be your own journey you have come to some conclusion
0:54 that you are doing something and a spreadsheet is the solution and this specific spreadsheet is this solution which includes your experience your expertise your time your energy you've put all this time and energy into it and heres the solution and it is very easy for us as spreadsheet sellers to focus
1:12 on the spreadsheet itself but i think when we think about the context and the psychological state of our customer we are able to then sell a better spreadsheet, sell spreadsheets better but also create them better.
1:27 Umm and one mistake i would say here is thinking that the customer is a beginner is not up to your expertise or experience sometimes we are selling a spreadsheet solution to someone who has had more time as an expert but they just didn't put the time into creating this particular tool or this app script
1:50 or this template or you have uhh you have a slightly different experience of knowing what to design or how to plan something even though you are someone who has executed something and you are selling it to someone else who is how to plan the exact same expertise as you do but you can augment it with 
2:29 maybe a little bit of Google Sheets experience umm I think what's really important here is that you have gone through this experience yourself but you don't necessarily have to you can talk to a lot of people and watch over their shoulders umm in a previous video I mentioned you know recording a loom
2:49 video to see how long something may take but one thats one very simple way to do it if you have the expertise and the experience of doing the thing and you're like hey this solution really helps a lot even if it's just like typing out a bunch of stuff and then here's this one click solution right that
3:05 is a huge change umm but having the context of knowing oh for instance let me explain it this way umm google sheets can and does send emails from within a google sheet you can have an email address you can get that email address and then send them an email umm understanding where that email address is
3:30 coming from if it's being literally copied and pasted is okay knowing you know that maybe there is a list of cold emails they're importing is probably a little bit better and knowing okay you are going to import your email list on this tab go through the google sheet system of importing a csv and making
3:53 a video to show them exactly take the csv and put it in here and replace it is very different and really good knowing that context versus copy and paste each and every email into this sheet right understanding the context will get you closer to that customer and able to help solve it much faster because
4:14 if they're using csv's it's much better to just import a csv then copy and paste the csv into it its also much more structured data if you can and you should get structured data do some structured systematic thing to that data and get the output that somebody wants we are like so far ahead of the game
4:37 we are able to simply tell them you have a csv of context you want to send emails to here are the templates of the emails we've written in a google sheet already it automatically in in and it the sender data or it immediately gets all of the data of the first name last name its already coded in there
4:59 you know all these things make it so much more streamlined but you have to know oh we have a csv file of these cold data text we already have maybe we are sending e-mails to update customer information or sending a merry christmas e-mail or a 4th of july e-mail all types of things that can happen but
5:19 knowing that context helps you communicate it much better in the next video in the next lesson i'm going to talk about how i think a few tips and tricks that i've developed that essentially takes these four databases checklists planners trackers and turns them into tools im going to talk about those 
5:40 a few tricks get you a little bit into sheets some more again we're at the sort of 5000 foot view and then in a later video i actually will show you four types of trackers cause not all trackers are the same and i think i have some really cool ideas of how you can create a tracker that is very different
5:56 and very more tool oriented then whats available now on etsy or at some mark place or gum road you can create a really interactive tracker based on what i can show you these sort of four different types of trackers umm stay tuned for those two videos


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