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Avoid A Multi-Tier Approach

About this Tutorial

Reasons you may want to avoid the tiered approach, if you’re looking to sell your first spreadsheet. A tiered version can cause more confusion than you can ever imagine. You’re so familiar with your sheet, you know the ins and outs. Buyers and potential customers do not.  You can almost always change just about everything at nearly any time.

Video Transcript

0:00 This video is very specifically for those who are selling your very first spreadsheet. If you are not selling your very first spreadsheet, I would possibly recommend a multi-tier approach if you are very clear on expectations for your user for your buyer.
0:16 But if you are not, if you are selling your very first spreadsheet, I would avoid a multi-tier approach. What does this mean?
0:21 It means that, uh, what is a multi-tier approach, right? What does that mean? Multi-tier is saying, hey I have this spreadsheet and it does x, y, and z.
0:30 For x, you can buy it at this- for x and y, you can buy it at this price for x, y, and z, and everything included in this version.
0:38 You can buy it for this price. Why does this, uh, why is this a sufferable thing? And why is this a bad thing when you are starting off?
0:45 It's because you know your spreadsheet. You know all of the work you put into it. You know all of your, the ins and outs of your spreadsheet.
0:53 Your customer does not. And your customer is just trying to solve one problem. And when they look at a, uh, landing page, a sales paid.
1:05 They're trying to solve one problem. And there should be one solution by the sheet. Anything to divert them away from that, uh, will confuse them and you will lose sales.
1:20 And this does doesn't necessarily mean that like you'll lose sales of confused people, you are confusing them. The actual multi tier is the thing that's confusing them.
1:30 And so if you do not have a multi tier, uh, you have one solution and you sell it at one price.
1:37 You will maximize the ability to buy at that price. Now that's why I do recommend pricing your sheets higher than you may think like five to ten dollars is very low.
1:46 Ten twenty thirty dollars is a good price maybe to start out with but I would even recommend like something like fifty or ninety nine dollars.
1:53 To start out with CF to validate that market but in the sales process not in the marketing world but in the sales process we want to really streamline the process of hey I've been looking for a solution for this for a while I have this from yeah I have looked at these solutions you mentioned them in 
2:12 your sales page you should say hey here's some high price solutions here's some high time or high energy solutions some highly manual solutions but here's my solution buy it at this price someone's ready to buy say all of that they are absolutely ready to buy they have made the decision they will not
2:32 build it themselves they will not take the time to build it they don't have the expertise or the uh intention to build it themselves they just want to buy and then they have a another decision which one should I buy and this is where you lose people and so again if you are selling a spreadsheet for the
2:49 very first time the simple thing is to avoid a multi tier approach sell one solution one template one sheet at one price and be done with it once you start adding new sheets maybe more a suite of sheets or you start talking to customers and people who have actually bought from you and they want more 
3:06 and you start adding more automations definitely create a pro version and you can always upgrade later the cool thing too is you can also downgrade later.
3:14 Umm. There is a customer client that I worked with who I was doing custom put it out on the market.
3:30 They then found out all of these things someone didn't want. They actually wanted this like template instead of the automation.
3:35 They found that out by the buyers telling them hey I bought this thing but like I don't use these three things.
3:42 So what they did is they created a light version after they set up this shhhh. After they created it. That is one option.
3:48 You can always go up or down. You can always change your pricing up or down later and change what you offer.
3:54 Umm. You can even offer creating multiple sheets within one sheet adding sheets. It's to a suite of sheets. You can do all of these things but I would highly recommend doing them after one you start selling and two after you talk to users.
4:12 These two things are incredibly useful and you need them in order to reset. Sell sheets and create more sheets as you need the users to talk to and be like why did you buy this?
4:22 What are you using this for? Uh, how are you using this? Is it helping you? If it's not, yes we'll delete it and we'll lower the price maybe.
4:29 Or we'll just delete it and it's unnecessary. That is one thing that I found that happens a lot. It's like people just don't use it but they still want to pay the same price.
4:37 You may not want to lower the price. But again when you're setting it up for the very first time, it's just for the first single spreadsheet sellers, do not go with a multi-tier approach because it just will turn over.
4:50 They will buyers. They will be more confused. They will not know what they need. Sometimes they just need this solution.
4:59 They need to get started. They don't want to make a decision of which one do I need. But again, if you are doing this for the second, third time.
5:06 I mean, you're like, hey, my users that I bought this one have asked for these things. And some users have asked for these other things.
5:12 Yes, I'm going to have this multi-care approach. And I'm going to be able to maximize the revenue total because the people who are coming for this solution may want this and they may want some team members or something to use it as well.
5:22 And we'll offer it for double the price, right? So this is how you will create the multi-care approach once you talk to users.
5:30 And that's the key. Talk to users, talk to buyers, talk to customers, get your sheet on the market and then start talking to the market.
5:38 That's it. You'll be successful. But how to get it on the market. In the next section of this course, when we're talking about marketing strategies, this is how to get out on social media, how to get on market places, how to optimize market places, where to sell your sheet, all this type of cool stuff
5:55 . My customer service is marketing and how you can use it to your benefit. I'll talk about that in the next section.
6:00 Uh, entire section of this course is all about marketing and getting people to know what you have for sale and get your spreadsheet selling.
6:08 Bye.


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