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What you know matters

About this Tutorial

There are two types of people who will take this course. Those who have a sheet made, and those who don’t. Both groups share this one thing, they probably have a spreadsheet within them.

Video Transcript

0:00 Hello, welcome to my Google Drive. I want to share with you the idea of what you know matters. There are two types of people that are going to be taking this spreadsheet course.
0:10 You're going to be one of the two of them. Either you have a spreadsheet in mind that you already have and you are already maybe even selling, and you don't have a spreadsheet in mind.
0:20 Or you don't have a spreadsheet in mind. Those are the two people. You have one or you don't. And I think both of these groups of people, either one you're in, share one key thing.
0:32 Have a Google Sheet that you might not know of waiting in you and waiting in your Google Drive. Look, we're in my Google Drive for a reason.
0:42 These are the recent spreadsheets that I used. I would challenge you to go to your Google Drive. And find actual spreadsheets that you have used.
0:53 Okay, my, my, my Wi-Fi went out of service for a moment. But go to your Google Drive and find a spreadsheet that you might have used recently.
1:02 This is a key insight to knowing that someone else has used. This is going to use it, love it, and buy it.
1:08 It will not only save them time, it will also save them energy, and it will also save them expertise of having to learn something new.
1:15 And it will save them from having to figure out your process, which I will talk about in another video. In this video it matters what you know, like your brain has information.
1:26 And so I want to point out that like of all of these sheets that I've used probably the most interesting one that I can think of that I have not yet sold or even created into a sellable product.
1:37 Is this SEO targets to optimize? I sort of created a keyword planner or sort of a keyword database that I'm able to pull in things from, I'm able to pull in hrefs data and Google search console data so that I can compare what I want to target versus what I'm already targeting.
2:03 Because in SEO what I'm trying to do is take keywords and I'm not using it. Get ranked for rank for them, but also more importantly, I'm trying to take keywords that I'm ranked for, but lower down and already getting a significant number of either clicks or impressions even on a low position and I'm 
2:23 trying to move them up and so. Figuring out those targets, I can sort of look at I can look at Google search console and then I can go look at Ahrefs, but this sheet combines the two so that I can take any list of keywords.
2:38 I can take keywords from competitors. I can take keywords from non competitors, but in sort of the same space, and I can insert them and then see what do I already rank for and so I can compete competitively and analyze or analyze the competition, but also the competition with them myself.
2:56 What am I doing poorly? Poorly. That I should be doing great at. And this is probably something that I will be productizing at a future, in a future way.
3:09 And here's a case in which I don't have a spreadsheet yet, but actually, sorry, I do have a spreadsheet. But I, I don't think it's as good as it should be, is I was doing TikTok for a little while and I was hiring someone to help me with TikTok, but what happened was we got into this really messy situation
3:26 where I had a, I had videos, I had a bunch of ideas. For videos and they needed to edit them and then bring them, get them back to me.
3:34 And so we had, we're using Google Drive here and I said, Hey, let me just do a Google Sheet because this is getting out of hand.
3:42 The Google Sheet that we ended up using, I don't think is like the best. And this is probably a situation.
3:46 Thanks for watching! Thanks for watching! But it's not as great as I think it could be that's really fine watch the rest of these videos And I think from this course selling spreadsheets.
3:56 You're gonna get a Few ideas on how to make those sheets that you're like I use it But it's not great too great get that too great and so that's something that I can do as well go back into my Google Drive Look at these situations and these processes that are like good, but not great Go through this 
4:14 course selling spreadsheets, and you're gonna turn those spreadsheets into great spreadsheets Totally sellable spreadsheets. So I'm really excited. Watch the next one


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