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Discover what makes some sheets go from Great to Godtier.

Spreadsheet Reviews offer a unique opportunity to learn from others' experiences and get inspired to make your own sheets better. In this article, we will review several spreadsheet templates and share tips, tricks, and hacks to help you improve the look, feel, branding, and functionality of your sheets. From beginner to advanced, there is something for everyone. Let's dive in and discover what makes some sheets go from great to Godtier.

The Power of Learning from Others
As humans, we learn best by observing others' experiences and successes. Spreadsheet Reviews provide an excellent opportunity to learn from others' mistakes, successes, and best practices. By reviewing other people's sheets, we can discover new ways of organizing data, formatting cells, and visualizing data.

Moreover, Spreadsheet Reviews enable us to get inspired and come up with new ideas for our sheets. By seeing what others have achieved with their sheets, we can set higher standards for our own and strive to achieve excellence.

Here are some examples of tutorials we will review in this article:
  • Sheet Improvement: Electric Vehicle Stock Tracker by
  • Sheet Review of 50 ChatGPT Prompts
  • Sheet Review! 150 Active VCs by LemonIO
  • Build a Thermometer for Savings Goals
  • Made a Conference Schedule Better
  • Job Application Tracker Template | From TheLandOfRandom - Sheet Improvement!
  • Build a Better ChatGPT Prompt Builder
  • Ali Abdaal's Google Sheet | Year at a Glance
  • Sheet Improvement: Better Business Idea Selection Framework


An epic sheet improved in under one hour. Watch this video to see me revamp a Google Sheet and Take it to the Next Level!  Discover the Secrets to Improving this EV Universe Sheet, Including Customized Colors, Easy Navigation and Valuable Updates. 
Tips to help improve the look, feel, branding of Better Sheets Member’s Free Lead Magnet. A free Google Sheet of ChatGPT Templates that just gets better by the end of the video.
Using Control+Command+Space in inserting emojis into Google Sheets.
Tactics to build different kinds of trackers you can sell as digital products.
A Review of Gary's AARRR Tracker and Landing Page Strategies that you can employ if you're selling templates, spreadsheets, and google sheets to Startups.

Explore how to enhance a spreadsheet landing page's appeal and effectiveness. Discover innovative strategies for crafting compelling landing pages, learn the art of selling solutions (not just spreadsheets), and get tips on leveraging Google Sheets to create digital products that truly resonate with your audience. 

Whether you're a seasoned spreadsheet seller or just starting out, this video is packed with actionable advice to elevate your sales game. Tune in and transform your spreadsheet into a sellable sensation.

3 Key Takeaways
  • Market spreadsheets as problem-solving solutions, not just as templates or tools.
  • Design landing pages that tell a compelling story and focus on the benefits and solutions offered by the spreadsheet.
  • Utilize Google Sheets' advanced features and automations to enhance functionality and add value to your spreadsheet product.

If you want to automate your spreadsheets more, take the course: Spreadsheet Automation 101.
This is a review and improvement of Emmett Shear's Life to Date Sheet. Originally he tweeted about it and shared a sheet. I thought I could make it a bit better looking.
This lead magnet by the folks at is incredibly useful. 150 active VCs. I checked out their page and was like WHOA, what a site! In this video I turned their google sheet into an extension of their branding.
Track your goals with a thermometer.
I got this lead magnet via twitter. It's simply a list of faceless youtube channel from a Faceless Youtube Academy. But I think it could have been a lot better. Let's explore ways to make this particular lead magnet into an Epic one.
Go through a fun sheet and make it better.
Turning a drab sheet into a fab sheet. Transform your job search with this amazing job application tracker template! Get it now from the Land of Random newsletter and streamline your job hunt.
This tool will allows you to share multiple links on your social media.
In this sheet review I take another YouTuber's ChatGPT prompt builder through the Better Sheets Sheet Makeover process. We make it more useful and more branded. Make it really look and feel cool to use. Saves users time. And makes them want to share it with others.
Ali gave away a free Google Sheet Template. In this tutorial I step through making it better, with better fonts, and colors. As well as making it more branded to share Ali's brand message better as the sheet gets copied and used, and shared. Great tutorial for those wondering how to brand your own sheets. Make your own lead magnets, and share your brand's message via Google Sheets.
Got this template directly from AppSumo and improved upon it.
Got an amazing tool from Inside Google Ads course by Jyll. She shares this tool, and I went for 30 minutes reviewing it, improving it, and redesigning it. Hope members can learn from this video. Jyll graciously allows me to share this sheet with members only!
A few tips: Delete extra columns and rows to improve readability, change the colors and fonts to incorporate branding, and adjust the sheet to promote the Better Band Bureau podcast more.
Create a countdown timer inside of a google sheet. Unlock the secret to a lifetime deal... TIMEI! Discover their amazing live Google sheet and join the countdown to their exclusive offer. Watch as we recreate and enhance their sheet with stunning colors. Don't miss out on this epic journey. Click now!
Create a better list of domains.
Reviewing an existing sheet called "mortgage calculator for Google sheets" I point out the really nice "back to dashboard" button. This seems like a minor point but ends up improving the user interface, and user experience. Users tend to get lost in sheets with tabs, and providing another path to a sheet you know your users will want to go to, is great. At the end of the video I point out that you probably want to provide more outputs than inputs. Meaning that if someone puts in a few numbers, they get out of it a few years of statistics, or calculations in this case. Calculators are cool, but generators are even better. Calculators have a tendency to have more inputs than outputs. You're trying to get to one magical result. But a spreadsheet can be so much more powerful and show many more outputs if you do those calculations,. Especially here for a mortgage, you can show a range of calculations in addition to a single calculation.
Learn the best fonts to use in Google Sheets.
Reviewing sheets. We're going to get through this whole coffee and we're going to get through a bunch of Google sheets.
we got a pretty darn simple and sweet sheet here with funding. A lead magnet that is 363 questions that PCs investors ask startup founders.
I would not think that I would enjoy sales tax calculators, no one enjoys sales tax calculators, but when it's in a Google sheet, it's really exciting.
Unlock the Secrets of Recipe Organization with this Google Sheet review. A deep dive into a Google Sheet and how to improve it. Not just a Google Sheet Tutorial. Dive deep into a sheet that hold recipes. Great video for those looking to organize and share Recipes in a Google Sheet. Whether you're a home cook or a budding professional chef. You're probably already curating your recipes in a Google Sheet. Here's how to make your sheet better.
Reviewing a Corona hiring sheet. A great example of using Google Sheets. I have high praise for the design and the use of forms for data validation. The sheet makes great use of white space, circular image, and icons instead of text. While I suggest other ways to monetize the job board, I acknowledge the creator's decision to avoid exploiting the situation.
Incredible design and inspiration for us in our sheets.
I have no idea what to do as a user, so let's make it better.
Create a nomination or voting template. Looking to build better Google Sheets? Andrew from Better Sheets is here to help! Join his membership to access exclusive videos and email support. In this video, Andrew takes a closer look at a Google Sheet template by Tableau ambassador Adam Miko, offering tips and tricks for a better user experience. Save time and effort with Andrew's easy copy-and-paste method. Want more? Join his membership today and start building better Sheets!