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Adding a Foodcourt to Doc's Virtual Mall | Sheet Improvement!

About this Tutorial

A fun way to make a sheet look like a mall.

Video Transcript

 Hello, welcome. This is a very special sheet improvement episode of better sheets. So I'm Andrew. I make better Sheets, which is a tutorial video series of videos that help you do better at Google Sheets. I'm making these sheet improvement videos where I take an existing Google sheet and I make it better.

In past videos I've taken other people's. Google Sheets and I've made them better. And in this video I'm gonna be taking my own Google sheet. And making it better. This week I was actually live on doc build with Doc or Build with me by doc Williams channel. I was live with him for an hour and we presented Doc's Virtual mall.

So this is a spiritual descendant of Elliot's Virtual Mall. You can go check Elliot if you are not aware of Elliot's Virtual Mall about three months ago. It was a fantastic piece of internet history. Where people went and made a virtual mall, and in this case, doc wanted his own mall where you could enter, you enter the elevator so you can navigate through the mall just like you do in a mall.

You can go to the launch level and see all types of really cool there's docs. Build with me channel. You can see some other Midnight Pub is here. Brand Factory. That's Docs company. You can see headline CSS scan, repurpose Society two. If you go back into the elevator, we can go to level two.

You can also click on the tab here. But we thought this would be pretty fun to go through each level. Can see big pin energy for Pinterest. Tweeting for dollars. Buy my notebook. Baron Fig, if you have a book for sale, you can still claim a store. What we made available is that you can click this link, fill out the Google form, and you will have this storefront so you can name your.

Product, in this case, a book. You'll describe it and then a URL to it. The image should be an already hosted image url. If you're have any difficulty with that, you can always email me, andrew campy approved.com, or reach out, maybe comment on this video if you have a problem. If you're trying to claim a storefront and you're, and you can't.

Let me know. See, we already have the level and the store number here for you. We can just cancel that. I don't want that storefront now because if we go to level three, we have here on the right. Better sheets. There we go. So better sheets already Have a store, big old. We got the anchor store on the right you can also, Neota has a she mentors people subconscious self.

If you are a mentor, you have some more stores here for you. We also have a bunch of newsletters. If you're really interested in newsletters. Go check him out. Land of random. He was there. David was there with us live watching us build this and watching us make this a little bit better. But the thing that is missing, oh, there's my newsletter.

Better sheets. Go grab Google Sheet Tips every single day, five days a week, I send a newsletter on a link to a video like this. You might be watching from that list already. But today, right now, at this exact moment. Here one second. I'm gonna leave this. I'm gonna introduce you to Doc. Go to Doc's channel.

Build with me. You can go find Doc Williams. Build with me. Go subscribe. I'm already subscribed. He said he creates a new business. I think he actually creates three new businesses every single week with one AppSumo product. Send Fox King, Somo Sumo Share Tribe. He made a Netflix here. What else has he done?

Sweet dash Google Shopping, all kinds of cool stuff. If you're trying to build a business, go check out Doc Williams. Now, what are we gonna do today? Something Doc and I talked about is Amal. Let me actually make this a little bit smaller so you can see the whole story. Whole thing. You notice over here parking lot has parking spots here and made.

You can also click here to see a video on how to claim a store. I made a Loom video there. Again, you can click and check out Doc's YouTube channel. So when we were talking about this, we. We talked about all the parts of a mall, right? I think Elliot's Virtual Mall had a basement.

It even had a food court where you could hang out, right? In a mall. If you're a teenager, you go to the food court and you hang out with your friends and you hang out with a group of friends. And we thought there should be a really fun idea and we just didn't implement it yet. That's what we're gonna implement today.

We're gonna create a food court where, and this is just my own. Thinking here. If you have any way to do this better or if you want to add any different kinds of features email me, let me know, comment on this video. If you want to see any, if you have an idea for an addition to the small, you can email me any suggestions and I'll try to make them.

But we're gonna add a food court where you can submit. A link to say a Zoom or a Google Hangout, and it'll appear there for 24 hours and then it'll disappear and it'll put whoever else is there up on. So every and I don't know exactly how we're gonna do this. We're actually gonna talk through this problem and maybe we'll come up with a different solution or a different feature based on what we can do.

But basically the idea is here, I actually noted it down. Put some notes here. So we wanna be able to submit hangouts. So that's gonna be pretty simple. It's gonna be a form, a Google form with a link in the inside of the food court. They should be up here for 24 hours and then disappear, right? So it should probably look like a food court in some way.

Maybe we'll go grab some images of a food court or food court tables. Cafeteria benches or we might discuss how many people are available there. But yeah, if you want to host an event or have an event that's going on, the people coming to this virtual mall might like. If I haven't said so yet, I don't think I did, you can make a copy of this.

The point of having this available and making this is not just for Doc. So Doc, this is Doc Mall, but you can have your own mall. And here I'll show you how. So you copy and paste this link. I'm gonna give you link and then it, I always get this wrong cause I'm a little dyslexic. I think it's, yeah.

Template preview. So at the end, if you have a Google sheet that you want to share, you don't necessarily. You want people going into the sheet, but you want them to make a copy, but you also want them to see what they're, do what they're copying. Use this template slash preview, and this is what it looks like.

And so they'll actually be able to see the first page. They'll also be able to get this button that says used template. And when they use template, it makes a copy. So I've said this in previous videos. If you're a member and watching this you probably already know copy slash copy at the end. If you do that,

it just says, would you like to make a copy? Make a copy, but you can't see it. So sometimes people will just go into the sheet and. They'll go into the sheet and look at it. But if they just wanna see what it looks like, then adding this template preview makes it a whole lot nicer. It really just makes the experience a little bit better.

So what you can do, if you are wanting to make a copy of this for yourself, if you enjoy seeing what I'm making and you want to use it, maybe you wanna. Create your own business. You can add paywalls to this. You can add a paywall to be, to grab a url. You can. To grab the URL in, in, in all.

Maybe you want to put up your products and you have a bunch of free products, but you want to pay for access to all of them. You can present it in this way if you have, you want to rent store fronts to people. You can create a virtual mall around a theme, maybe a no code virtual mall or or newsletters.

Maybe, you have, 20 newsletters you wanna sell space to. You can do that with coffee links if you'd like. Coffee links are from buying me a coffee. You can pay, you can create a paywall with just a URL where somebody pays 3, 5, 10, $20 and they get access to a url, which could be this mall, or it could be the storefront to claim a storefront.

Who knows? There's a lot of ways to make money from a virtual mall, so let's build a food court. I don't know exactly how this is going to go. I don't know what it's gonna look like yet. We're gonna build it as we go. I'm just gonna take level six here. I'm gonna make a copy and duplicate it and I'll work with it here.

So this is level Food Court, so that's one thing we want to change this name to. Let's do this for a hot second food court. And we wanna put it on the elevator. So let's. Let's do this. Let's not do that. Let's make this a little bit smaller. Okay. We want to add a row here. Let's see if this works. They're one, we're one away.

That's better. We don't care about that bottom. We do care about right there. We'll change this to seven. I think there's a, Nope, there's no. So we want to change this to just some question marks cuz we might want to add it later. This is, that's what I want. There we go. We got that. This is, what is F level F?

Let's change this to white

food court. Let's make a link inside here to copy of level six, so I can just do a copy of level six. And then when I go and rename this, I'll rename it Food Court. This is renamed here. Oh, doing Command U and changing the, to get rid of the underline, see, it's already renamed Command K sheets. In this spreadsheet we're just gonna click food court so we can create these internal links.

They're really cutesy way to make navigating your sheets much, much easier if you have a lot of stuff going on. One thing I do want to do is for all of these, I guess it didn't get the format, just make this a tiny little bit better. Yep. There we go. Now we have room for a seventh level if we want to add it.

Or if Doc wants to add it, he'll be watching this video maybe later. I don't think I've told him that I'm gonna make a food court forum. We talked about this on a call a couple weeks ago, but let's make it, so let's see here. I'm gonna move, I'm gonna make this smaller. It's way smaller. I just want that to say food court.

That's cool. All right. What should this in here look like? So I have this what is this url? No formula where I'm looking at stores, but we're gonna rewrite this later. So we don't need this. What we need are food court spots. So let me just gray out everything. Let's. Bulldozed through these. What are these walls?

We're just gonna turn everything gray. What gray was it? Is it that gray? Nope, that was not the gray. One more down. I missed it, didn't I? One more up. Okay. That's the gray. Nope, that's not the gray. We want. We do want it. One more grayer. All right. That should be it. There we go. No, that's not it. Wonder what gray this is.

Okay, this is getting me stumped. Maybe it is this one. Okay. Whatever it is, it's that one now. So now that we have that gray, we are going to command Y and just do that everywhere. You know what, I'm gonna just take away these walls. Totally. We'll come back to these walls later. And we're gonna do this gray apple walls to goat.

We're just destroying all, everything in here. Actually, we wanna also get rid of all of this text. We don't need this. We're just clearing the way.

What is the next thing we need to do? We need to set up.

Oh, that's a different gray. Oh, I'm really messing this up really well. That's a good thing with Google sheets is that you can mess it up and then you can make it better later. All right, I'm gonna move my face here. Let's do this. I want to just get rid of everything. All these borders. We'll do the borders again later.

Let's do all gray. We'll figure out which gray this is. Okay. I think that's fine.

Okay. We're just getting rid of everything. We wanna keep that shape.

Okay. Now we got. Space. So I guess the first thing we wanna do is let's get this elevator back. A nice thick elevator there. We want the walls back. Actually, this should be gray as well. I guess that is gray. I can't really tell. There we go. What should we do? How should we set this up? Ooh, we have a bunch of merged stuff already.

Maybe we can unmerge these things that would clean it up a little. But do we care? Eh let's create our form. Warm. We want.

Two. One second. What do we want to do? Want a new form? Let's see. Can we duplicate it? Nope. We don't want to do that. That is not what we want to do. One second. I'll be right back. Okay. I think we need to decide what do we want to display? We don't need Images for this one will make it a little different than our stores.

What do we want? We want we want a url, right? So we can do hyper equals hyperlink, and then we hyperlink works is you can have text at a url. So our URL is going to be. Let's just put two things here and then this is going to be the name of the meetup, okay? And then this will be http meetup, whatever the, we'll come back to this meetup.com and that's what the name of the meetup will be.

We want a nice description under it, right? So this will be just it'll be equals something like index. Maybe we can look back here and I'll explain how this works and then we can look at it again. All right, so how this works is it goes index filters, so it filters for anything in the store form.

It makes sure that the store level is six. And that the number of the stores here over on the left one. So all we need to do is create a few numbers and we know our level is gonna be food court, right? And It's gonna be something like index. Let's do filter first. Filter. Let's get the form.

We'll, that's it, right? We will need a name, a url, and a description, right? So let's do that. Let's insert. We can always come back and do more after we do this.

All right, food court. So this is name,

this will be short answer. This will be description, then your url. And it automatically makes sure that the, sorry, makes sure that the data validation here is a url. So name, description, url, and then double a check. We need level double E check. I don't know what that means, but I What? What do there?

This will be the level, so it'll be food court. We need this to say food court and this will be spot court spot not spot. Court, store, court table number. That's it. So this will be short answer as well. And that's it. So we need the level number, the table number, and then we have this, we will come back and we will pre-fill in this, and I will show you how to do that. But right now let's customize this theme a little bit. We like that purple. Is there maybe a yellow? Let's try yellow.

It's our fonts. Formal. We want a formal one. Yeah. Keep that. Ooh, background. There you go. Docs. Virtual mall food court submission. And if we click send, we can get that url. There we go. And this is what it looks like, right? So what we're gonna do is we're gonna prefill in these level and table in a second.

But first we need this. Actually, we don't need that link yet. Let's go back here. We will keep this open and we'll come back to it soon enough. How are we gonna do the table numbers? So let's undo this merge. So we have name of the meetup, we have the description here,

goes here, right? So where should we put the table number? I think for right now we're only gonna put in a few tables, like I think, cuz we have all these merged things. I can, you know what, let me just get rid of all these merged cells. They helped us before. Now they're hurt hurting us cuz we want more room available for our tables.

Unmerge. And then why does it keep there? We go,

what if I do this? Nope, I can't do that. What if I do this? Yes.

Nope. They're none of these are merged then. Nope. These are all un merged. I still need to unmerge. I can't. That's okay. You have to select each individual one. Oh, that's gonna be, you know what, I know how to f I know how to find these. We need borders cuz because it we have somehow fooled ourselves.

We don't. Okay. There is the structure. Now we see the borders and all we need, this is so much easier. To unmerge, all of these, I can't do it. That unmerge,

these are now UN merged. I'm gonna unmerge this as well. We will come back to this later. Just un all of these. It's probably the most boring video on earth, me, un it. But you're finding the. Internal struggle of making something that's modular like this. Okay. Let's do something strange again.

Let's just double check that. These are all good. Oh, we have some more we didn't do yet. These are all the same. Okay. How should we. Design this. This is a bit of a toughy. We want a bunch of tables. We got these numbers. What we're gonna have to do is we're gonna have to have a number here, so let's do one.

We're gonna need the name. This is only why, because of this name. How much pixels is this precise column? 15. So let's make everything 15 again, so it's uniform. 15. Okay. There you go. And we can, what we can do is we can just merge these so that is readable. One couple more. Okay. That's readable now. Now what is a good size?

Length, not all the way. What is it we wanna fit? How many do we want to fit here? This is annoying me.

All right, how many do we want to fit? Maybe 10 total. So what if this was up here and then this didn't exist and this didn't exist? So how do we do this? This is gonna be like two here, two here. So that's four, and then six across. So let's try this, merge those and let's use two. Merge those.

This is pretty small. We can do a little bit more.

Okay, so let's look at that. How many is that? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Let's give it a couple spaces. We don't want to be too much in the corner there. That's good. And then I think we're gonna do that. Gives us one more over. That's cool. So there's two spaces there. Two spaces there. This is pretty symmetrical.

Good. Let's do that again. Where the right here? Nope. One more. Over. And then we're gonna do right here. Okay, so we have eight so far. Four. Four, four. And then we can actually fit probably four more. So we're gonna get 12 tables in here. Cool. And we're off offline there. Okay. So we have 12 tables. So what we need to do is change these numbers.

1, 2, 3. 4, 5, 6. This is super boring, right? This is what goes into making a really cool sheet. It's boring, boring stuff of typing numbers in. All right, so we have our numbers. So these are table numbers. And what's gonna happen is when we fill in. We're gonna create a, a link here that says, claim this.

We're gonna say Claim this table. Okay? And let's do that, right? So here our hyperlink, we know, oh, what do we want? So we want it to say, claim this table, but we need that link, right? Let's go grab that link. Let's make it, so what we're gonna do is go up to these three numbers. Go get a prefilled link.

And we want level food court. We want table one get link.

Okay, copy link. And if I go and copy this link at the very end, it says, view form. So it has the link of the entire form. Then it has a question mark or view form, then a question mark. Then it says, u s P equals PPP underscore url. Then it says, and entry, and it has this number and this entry equals food court means that it's gonna go right here to where it says level.

This is that each of these have an entry I can actually show you. Let's see if this works. If we go over here to, we're inspecting, I am finding entry. See this entry here is this, so that's entry 89, 72, and there's five. If you can see this number here, it says 1 0 5, 2 0 5, and each one has an entry, so entry 1 38, blah, blah.

Is the second one, third one, fourth one is 0.185. And that's the same as here. And so all we're saying is that this URL if we go here, is going to automatically enter the level and the table number. Okay? We just have to iterate through the table number. And how do we do that? We go back to our mall where say, let's do this equals.

Oh, we have the hyperlink here. Let's do this hyperlink equals, we're just gonna put in here this hyperlink and we're actually gonna say, claim this table. And at the very end of this url, if it's hard to see, sorry. But It says, and entry six, four, blah, blah, blah equals one. We don't want it to equal one.

We want it to equal whatever the table number is. So we go and we enter the cell of the number we want. So it's D three. Now what's gonna happen is, oh, what's happening here? A c, it's not D three, it's c3. Oh, so that reference error says it's a, it was referencing itself. That's why it didn't work.

C3, there we go. So now this is a URL that points to that. The the form. It's a prefilled link and it's going to point to table one. Okay, so now as we copy and paste this and it says, claim this table, the C3 became R three here. So I click this link. And now we have name description, url, food court two.

See that table is two because two is written in R three. So now as long as we have this url, here we are now, we now know once you click this link Exactly, we're gonna leave here. We don't need any of these anymore. We'll come back to this form if we need to. Add anything else, but now with this table number next to it, we know once we start filling in that, that form, we know where it's gonna go.

Okay, so how do we get the description? We want to say equals claim this table and we're gonna change this later. We just want it to be an. Okay, we will eventually come back to it. Ah, I keep doing this.

I'm just copy and pasting this before we go into this url. We're gonna do something funky. Okay. Let's get a test so we know when we have successfully gotten it right, so we're gonna get. Table one, we're gonna say, Hey what's the name? Andrews Meetup. And we're gonna have com hang out and chat Google Sheets.

That's what I love. And I don't know, it's gonna be meetup.com/google Sheets. Actually, you know what I'm gonna plug If you have not No. If you don't know yet, I have a Facebook group and it is open to every single person who loves Google Sheets. I don't think it's gonna work here, but yeah. So you have to go find, I love Google Sheets.

Let's find the url. There it is. It's got seven members now, so you can be an early member. If you come and join our Facebook group I'm gonna put that in there just so that go to facebook.com/group/i love Google Sheets. If you love Google Sheets, join it's free and open to anyone and everyone.

I'm dropping some links to the YouTube videos there. I'm answering questions there, but also it's for you to share your sheets. It's all kind. I actually don't know exactly what I'm doing with this group yet. You are more than welcome to come into the group and hang out and share your experience in Google Sheets.

Why do you love Google Sheets? You should probably tell us. Okay, so now we have a submission. We can go to our form. Let's rename this cuz we food court, all one word. Okay, so how do we get it? We have this claim, ta claim this table. And I know what I'm gonna do. I know how this works. It's gonna be if error and if it's an error, it's just gonna give us this.

So there is no error yet. So we need to produce an error. What should we do? We actually can get rid of this cause We'll we can copy it from somewhere else. We can. We can absolutely know it. So what do we want? We want index filter. We want to filter food court here,

and we want to filter it that, oh, we want one more f we want it to be, food court. F to F. Equals what was it next to? It was c3, right? And then food court. This is probably unnecessary, but. Equal because we have it on a different form. I just realized this. If we were putting it in store, actually we could have put it in stores.

We didn't have to create another form. But I did wanna show you how to create a form and you could do all sorts of different things with this. We don't actually have to do this, but I'm just gonna do it just in case. You want to know how to use one of these levels? So we're just gonna click here. So that says equals one.

And what F1 is food court. Okay. So we want. Oh, but it's all caps. Okay, one second. This is gonna be interesting. So I did one there because index one is going to be the first part, which is that B column. But this is, oh, this is working. It is food court actually. So it says food court here, I think. I don't know why.

It's, oh, it looks like it's all caps because that's the font that I use. Oh yes. This Julius stands one looks like all caps. It's not all caps. It is actually food court. So it is per perfectly fine. I think it's case sensitive. So if this had actually said food court, I think it would give us an air.

Oh, it doesn't give us an arrow. Okay. Nevermind. Nevermind, that's not happening. Okay, so this is getting us the right thing. That is the name of the table. What we're saying is index one. So we're saying once we filter this for these two, give us the first column. So that's Andrew's meetup. We want the url, which is the third index to be the url.

So let's go back here. And we're gonna add, so this is index one. Let's copy this. We'll want this again? We're gonna do equals hyperlink. And we're gonna say the URL is three. And now, oops. We have an error formula, pars. Oh, I have an extra equal sign there. So now we have the name of the meetup. The first one, the URL to the Facebook group.

Again, plugging the Facebook group. Go to facebook.com. Search for I love Google Sheets. Come join us. Come join the six others and me over in the Facebook group of I love Google Sheets, available to better sheets members and non-Beta sheets members. Even if you're not a member, sheet member, sheet a member of better sheets.

You're more than welcome. If you are a member of Better Sheets, you're even more welcome. Actually, you're equally welcome. Not more, no one's more welcome than anyone else. We're all equally me. Welcome the description. This is going to be the same except it is two. Okay, but now here's the thing, right?

We do not have any other Thing here we have na, it's gonna give us na, if we copy and paste this, it's gonna give us na. So we are gonna get an error if there is no nothing there for the table and if there's nothing there for the name of the level. Okay? So with an error, this is great. We'll get all of this.

Okay, so now we put at the beginning of, here we go if error, put all that in. We want this. So what did I do if error put at the very end over here, comma, all of this, and we'll put take away that equal sign. Cause that's gonna give us, so now it's says, claim this table. So there's an error there, there is nothing to go there.

So now we have an error and now we say if there's an error, put this claim, this table. Okay, let me double check that. That is correct. It's, I think there's gonna be an error here. What is the table number three? That's the wrong table number, right? So let's go here. I'm gonna make this a little bit bigger so you can see this a little easier.

All right, what do we got here? We need to change. I bet. You know already if you're watching this and you're paying close attention, you know what we have to do. We have to do, oh, here it is. We have to change AV three to R three. So where's AV three is Right here. Okay. Change that to R three. And now this is R three.

This is R three. Oh, I just realized there's going to be another error over here. We should have done this. We should have put the C3 needs to have. The double dollar sign there to keep it the same, so that as we copy and paste it around the sheet, it doesn't change. Also, every one of these has to be dollar sign or it's going to change.

We use dollar sign when we want it to stay the same so that e we do not want changing. F1, yes, no, we do not want F1 to change. We do want C3 to change it, however, so C3 Cha should be that way. Wait, so this C3 should not be, but all of these need to say the same, or they're gonna move around. They're gonna shift as we shift.

Go E, let's get that f1. Wait. F1 is food court, so we need that stay. All right. So everything's staying the same except for c3. Alright. Enter. This is the same. Put a little dollar sign there, put a little dollar sign there. There is a keyboard shortcut to do this quote unquote faster, but my fingers don't work that way.

And so I like just doing this. It's like function. I wanna say it's function F four. I always forget just cuz I can just add a dollar sign. It's easier to do that. Alright, if we move this here. It is gonna say na, right? But we don't want that. We want this. We want if error, we want all of this, right?

So we gotta do it. Whoops. So actually let's put it on here so we can copy and paste this one. So we say if error, and now we have this hyperlink. Oh, and actually this one we wanted hyperlink to be, we didn't want a hyperlink. We wanted to just say, Claim this table. We just want the text. And now if I go here, claim this table, and everything is staying the same except it is going, it is changing to that table number so that when we do have a table number and we have something there, it will have it.

Alright, we need to add, what we need to do is add this hyperlink. Two here and go if error, comma. And now just double check. This is not gonna be Arthur. This should be c3, but a Oops. We have an error or something. I think I added one more comma there. Good. Alright, so this should still say, claim this table when we click this, it should have level, no level food court.

Table two. Perfect. We have this done and now we should be able to copy and paste this on every single one of these tables

and, oops,

can't get around my head. And it should be everything should be, nothing should be changing except for seeth. Like this one should be AV 12. There we go. AV 12. AV 12. AV 12. Perfect. All right, we have all of these done. And now whatever we, whenever we add a table, it'll have our name here and our description here.

What else we want. This doesn't look like a food court at all. Let's get rid of all of the these, how should we make this look? Probably just put a border around it, right? For right now, let's do this for now.

It's probably going to be like this.

Oh, what do you want to make this smaller. There we go. So these are all tables. They look like tables, right? They're squares. Not really tables.

They are squares. We need to fix the elevator.

And then, you know what, one more thing I wanted to do is how do we create a time limit? We wanted to filter these out and we wanted to say, if they haven't been added within the last 24 hours, let's say, so let's go back to our notes, right? So we submit, we can submit, hang out. Did that insert.

What is it? Checkbox.

All right. We want it to appear only for 24 hours and we want them to disappear after 24. How should we do this? On the form submission, we have something cool. We have a timestamp, right? And we can say anything, any timestamp with that's not within the last 24 hours.

We're what? We're not gonna use that. Alright, so in our filter, we have a filter here already. We have a filter and we wanna say, oh, we're only saying B here. Okay. Actually we wanna say a cuz we want that filter. And then this index is gonna change. So by basically by moving the index from BF to af, the index number, the column has to change.

So we have to change that. So we have to remember to do that. So A to F, and then change this index to two. Okay. So that should be okay. We want to do the same here, and we'll, we can copy and paste these to everything later. Three. So nothing should change. So that was good. Nothing changed. We increased the index here.

Sorry. We increased the index because we increased the size of the range that we're looking at. Cause we want the timestamp. Okay. How do you get timestamp? We'll do this, we'll do food court. A to A is. Greater than today. Minus one. Okay, so this will only get it if it's greater than today, minus one. So today is saying this is how you use timestamps.

You're like, today, minus one is everything from yesterday to today. Minus one. So let's see if that's work. So how can we test if this works? We can just. Come here, change this timestamp to two days ago. Let's go back to food court and it still works. That sucks. That didn't work. Wait, we didn't do, oh, it didn't work.

Oh, I only changed it on this one. Okay. All right. Let's change it on here. That was silly. So we're doing comma, it worked. I just looked at the wrong one. Food court again, A to dollar sign A is greater than today. Minus one. Let's copy this cuz I don't want to type it again. We're gonna add it to this.

So we want both of those indexes. All right, so it works, right? So after 24 hours, it's gonna go away and someone can claim it again. Let's say let's tell people about that, right? Let's say right here we're gonna merge that Submit a hangout link for anyone to join you. Links dis go away.

Tables can be claimed for only 24 hours. All right, let's make this nicer to beat. Submit a link for anyone to join you and hang out. I want to be more descriptive here. This is, oops. I can't, I, God, this is tough. Zoom links. What is, what else is there? WhatsApp? No. WhatsApp groups. Telegram groups.

What else do people use? Google Hangouts.

Anything you want? Let's try that. Let's see if that works. All right, let's come back here. We want to copy and paste this. And this is gonna be really boring. Oh, but we want to go back to double check that this works and we can double check each one. So now we have, what's interesting is these tables can only be claimed for one day.

And they. Have a url, they have a name, a description people can submit. They just literally click on the button, claim this table, and food court 10, table 10. So that's pretty fun. I might make a video I might link. Okay, so once I drop this on YouTube, I will probably put a link here to say how I made this So if you were making it all the way here, you've made it, I think.

The last thing I probably wanna do is put the border back here. I think I just demolished the border around this, so I want to put the border back and make sure that this mall has walls. This mall should have some walls. There's probably some issues with this, but. We'll figure it out later. I wonder what the issues are gonna be.

That's not gonna work. Okay. I'm gonna, I'm gonna finish this video end, this video thanking you. We have accomplished that all of the. Tables will go away in 24 hours. They will disappear. They appear only for 24 hours or one day that we use today, minus one. Let me recap what we did. We create a new level, and in this level it's a food court that is only available for an hour a day.

Because how long this is not like a store, right? Storefronts last for years, but. If you're gonna go hang out with your friends at the table, you're not gonna spend more than a day there, right? You're gonna spend the day there. We're gonna go to the mall, hang out with our friends give them a place they can only claim for an an hour.

Oh, you could also probably, okay, you could probably do an hour. I thought originally I was gonna do an hour, but then I realized it's probably not enough time for a virtual hangout. To be available, but actually probably should be only an hour. So what you could do, oh, how would you do an hour? Oh my God.

If you want to know how to do an hour I literally don't know it right now. I could probably figure it out. Has to do probably with something like now. But Now I'm now my, the wheels are turning. I don't know how to do it, but if you want to know, you need to email me. And if nobody emails me and they don't, if no one else wants to know how to do it for only an hour, then I won't do it.

But if somebody wants it, if even just one person emails me. I will try to make a video and I'll definitely drop it on YouTube. It'll be available for members first. I make better sheets literally better sheets.co. If you want to make really cool Google sheets, if you wanna make your Google sheets better, if you have a Google sheet.

So this show, the series on you're watching right now is called sheet improvement. And if you wanna know how to make your sheet better, email me and I'm more than happy to make your sheet better. But you gotta make it available for the public. By submitting your sheet that everyone will see it.

Submit your sheet for everyone to see and see how I would make it better. You've now seen sheet improvement for my own sheet, so I made this for doc. This is Doc's virtual mall. Make sure you go and if you would like seeing hour long videos of how people make stuff, you should definitely check out.

Docs channel. It's over. Go to docs virtual mall.com. It's the very, it's in the parking lot. You will see this link Docs build with me YouTube show. Go check him out. If you wanna learn how to do better sheets, go to better sheets.co. If you want to, I don't know, what else do you want to do? If you want to hang out with your friends in a virtual mall that you make yourself.

You can copy the sheet and you have a virtual mall. You get a virtual mall, you get a virtual mall. Everybody gets a virtual mall, and by the time you see this, I will have put all four walls on this mall and it'll be available for you to claim this table for an a day. Thank you so much. Come hang out with us in the Facebook group.

If you have, if you watching this today, this is still available, you can come hang out with us in the Facebook group. And have a great day. Bye.