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Better Google Ad Writing Tool Sheet Makeover

About this Tutorial

Got an amazing tool from Inside Google Ads course by Jyll. She shares this tool, and I went for 30 minutes reviewing it, improving it, and redesigning it. Hope members can learn from this video. Jyll graciously allows me to share this sheet with members only!

Video Transcript

 welcome. I really enjoyed this sheet review that you're going about to watch because we got to work on some tooling. We made the sheet do something  that Jill didn't even think could be possible. We created a sheet that was useful just in its design for Google ads for writing Google ads. 

By the way I took the course inside Google ads. You might like it too. I put the link to Jill's course down in the description below. Check it out. Thank you Jill, for allowing us to show you this sheet and the review the before the, after. Let me know in the comments, if you like this review, if you like this make-over of a sheet, if you have a sheet that you give away to either your students like Jill does, or you give away as a lead magnet, put it in a link below. Let me know. I'm happy to review yours and review it on this channel. 

Thanks so much for watching. Enjoy this review of Jill's inside Google ads. Ad writing tool.  

 Hello, welcome. This is a unique sheet review because we're doing a sheet here from Jill who runs inside Google Ads. I'm actually taking the course and I got this download from her and I immediately saw the number one pet peeve. I have a sheet peeve. I have, that's another video.  and I was like, oh my God, Jill, this could be so much better because I got a Google doc from her that was styled, was well done.

 Had a little bit more personality. And her website, jill.ca, j y l l has her, has her personality. Her videos are just like mine and better sheets where they have a little, it's like a little screen recording. It's her face. She's excited about Google ads and you know, Google ads, just like Google Sheets can be very, very, Daunting.

There's a lot of buttons and stuff, and she makes it simple. And so when I saw this Google sheet, I was like, We could do better. So I thought for Jill, and for you who's watching at least be Sheet's members are gonna get this first, but hopefully I will improve this tool state that Jill is like, yeah, go ahead and share this.

We don't know. But yeah, let's look at this sheet for a moment. This is something that. Has in her course. It is a really cool tool that helps you have this character limit. She already has one really cool function here and it says it here. If this, there's a character limit in the e column here that you write a headline, and if you write too many characters, the C column will turn red.

So let's write too many characters beyond the scope of 30 or 30. . There we go. We got 54. So the moment I hit enter, I now know this is too many characters, so, , that's a cool tool, right? I can now put in any text I want. I don't have to be in the middle of like submitting a Google ad. I can do this with clarity, with focus, I can get rid of sort of all of the other stuff of like, I need an image, I need this, I need URLs.

I need, I need all the stuff right to write. I can do it right here. I can, I can write in and in a way, and I, it also counts characters. I don't have to Google for character count kind of thing online, which I do a lot. Too many characters beyond the scope of 30, what is it? Oh, down here, 54 characters.

No. . Jill is doing something cool. She's using the l e n formula. First off, Len or length, that's what it means. Length, not l e n, but means it's short for length. I dunno why they don't just put length there. And then up here in format, conditional formatting will actually, oops. Format conditional formatting.

Let's move my face. There it is. So, which he has is C seven to 21. And then probably 26 to 27 value is greater than 15. Cuz these are different. Oh yeah. And then there's this, which is, is it greater than 90? Okay. So you have different lengths of characters there. Cool. So that's what it does. But here's, here's what I think it could do.

What we can do. Much, much. Is first off, there is a bunch of columns that we don't need. And this is just a little bit of a sheet peeve of mine. I just like to delete them. And then there's a bunch of rows that are non used as far as I can tell, right? Maybe Jill can come in and say, oh no, I wanted that, but for right now, I'm gonna delete those.

You could also delete it very easily by using tiny sheets. Cool sheet add-on, that's totally free right here. We could have deleted outside Rown columns outside of data in one click. Okay, let's make these instructions bigger. What else? I notice that she's using Robo Roboto. Roboto Roboto, which is cool.

Better than Aeriel. Anything's better than Aeriel. We're using smaller texts there. Rebo Roboto everywhere. She does a cool thing here, which this left side, even though we read from left to right, this is.  extra information and she knows that like you don't necessarily need to see it all the time. So she graze it out.

Great. But this inside Google ads. So here's a couple of ideas, right? And, and this is common whenever we're creating something inside of a course or creating some kind of lead magnet is yes. , it will be behind either like an email wall, like give me your email address and I'll send you this Google sheet of X, Y, or z or up behind some paywall.

And you grab this either through gum road or through a course site or through your own site or Stripe or sends our only sheets. You know, we can, we can send it through that. . But think about there is gonna be a non-zero percentage chance that people will share it in addition. Like they might not think it's a cruel thing, right?

They might buy access to your course as a domain, right? As a business, or they're a single person and then they hire one like contractor and they're like, Hey, just use this thing. But like, because they're using it for.  for that. Them, they don't think, oh, I have to buy another access to this course.

It's like, I have this template that I use all the time, so I'm always thinking about how do I brand this in different ways so that if for some reason somebody copies this and gives it someone else, that that person really knows that where it's from and, and Jill has this great website, it's really well done.

I like the blue. The yellow has a little accent. It's blue and white and I wanna. It looked like that. Even the courses site, this inside Google Ads has great dark black. This great blue, I think it is Google Sheets Blue, but let's see, I think HTML Color codes is the site I use. Let's, let's upload this and see if this is actually the Google Blue.

Probably we just grab this and then immediately we can do something like, . I think that's exactly the color custom. Yeah, that was it exactly. So it was the Google blue right here that Google Sheets has a default. We can change that to blue, but let's think of something else. I like this background as a blue that's very bright and, and it draws the eye very well.

 And then, hmm, let's see if we can make this a little bit bigger. Let's do the background here. Blue. First off, let's do the text white, and then this text may be blue black, and the background also this blue. See what that looks like. I want to get rid of these grid color the grid lines. So we're gonna do view show, grid lines.

Super easy fix there. I like that. There's this yellow that says like, Hey, put your information here. The instructions are a little hard to read that they're over here. You know, I would definitely put them on like a new. Sheet. I would take my tan sheets and I would just delete all the extra stuff. We can always add it later, but it makes it less.

Mm, cumbersome. Enter all required, add assets in column D. I'd make this also much bigger, right? I think there is at tendency to make it short because it's in amongst your data, but if we separate it, we can wanna make it a little. , let's wrap it. There we go.

Enter all required, add assets in column D required. So maybe I would, I would do a little trick here. A little mind trick. Can I color this red? Maybe not red. Maybe Cuz red is bad. We don't want red. Bad Maybe.  Blue, all required ad assets in column D. Okay, maybe blue is bad because blue's gonna be our header.

Let's say green enter all the required ad assets in column D over here. Column D is here, but required is over here and it's all grayed out. So let's change require.  to this green. Now it's not grayed out like Jill has it, which is really nice, and it, it makes it less imposing, right? But there's still a lot of black texts, right?

The instructions, we can get rid of those instructions because they're on the page, we'll call it instructions eruptions, and here's some tips. I might take those and put them.  under here, increase that size again, make it wrap, keep it nice and less width here. Maybe I would add a little bit more space, precise these rows to like maybe more besides to like 75.

And I don't, oh, I think. . Oh, it's down there. Oh, nope, that's it. That's all it is. So yeah, maybe we do that all the way down. Make it even so it looks neat. It's just gonna look a lot neater. 75. Maybe even decrease the size, a little bit of the font. So it's, yeah, so we have a little bit of space here. We can even delete this row now that we have added that space.

We also might want to do view.  show grid lines and just make these more popping like that. Give it the, yeah, that's good

instructions. Right, so now we have a little bit header to these pieces of information. We can change this up. Then we do the same thing. We did the same thing here up into the left. We could also add a column here and maybe put some like emoji there. Now this is gonna be a little extra, but could be cool to see what this might look like.

Maybe we put these centered. There we go. That looks sort of nicer. Right. Mm. I think there's a circle stopper.

How do you, what sort of emoji would be good for make a copy of this sheet? Maybe just something like an arrow. Okay. This one tool, I would, I would say different. One thing different is I would make this duplicate this sheet a link. To duplicate it, add copy slash copy at the end. I know Jill has this on her site.

She uses this link so she knows it exists. I would put it inside the sheet, duplicate the sheet as needed. Now what this link does is it goes back to the original and copies it. So just in case somebody ends up copying this. Changing all of this, sharing it with someone, if they are lazy, lazy and they shared it and they, someone else clicks to duplicate the sheet, they're gonna duplicate your original sheet with your branding on it.

I would add your branding everywhere, even on this, this sheet, the instructions sheet I would make it very apparent that this is by inside Google ads. I would merge. And make it bigger. You could flip this, so this is like a, maybe there's like a header here and then not freeze anything, but maybe put the header at the top and then freeze it below so when they scroll down they have more room.

I don't know, maybe this is fine. Mm. Maybe I don't like this necessarily black. Or maybe it's better as a gray or a gray. Or this blue definitely needs to be bigger. I like her. Maybe this is Roberto, but it just looks nicer on her site. Let's see what this looks like. . Woo. Nice. That looks great. Little tint of blue.

Whoops. I added a little tint of blue to the color so it's not this stark white. Which might be better for branding because it's Google. Google has that like nice stark look. I'd finish the required bit over here, so yeah. Isn't this looking a little bit better? Tied to Jill's branding, right? We need to figure out how to add this little yellow accent or this green maybe.

This might be nice. Maybe keep it less stark, just blue and white. And add maybe yellow. This recommended. Let's see if we can catch what this yellow is, which might be literally just Google Sheets, yellow. Maybe if we can change this text, I'm just guessing.  that this text might be, oh, that doesn't look very good.

I'm I screwed up there. . Let's see if maybe this is better. Is No, no, that doesn't look  her, her choice of yellow here might be better. I might actually also flip it so that maybe make this grayer like I would do this kind of thing.

And then actually make this part white to make it so clear. This is sort of in dif, in opposite of what I've always sort of said is like, color code this, because these are rows next to each other. Right. . Yeah. Let's  fix this yellow. This yellow is not good. Maybe keep it white here. They're recommended though.

And here's a optional one at the bottom, but now we have this required, right? In our instructions, this green required is here if we go past how our character count, character count limit, beyond. Yeah. Perfect. That still looks pretty good, right? Still looks decent. There is a weird thing here.

Wait, let me see if it does it. Okay. This is 38, this is 35. What's 30? 30 characters is right there. But what I would do is there are mono spaced fonts. Mono spaced fonts mean. . It'll always be the same. Width Monospace font in Google Sheets, let's see. Pick one. These are all Google Font's, courier Prime.

Let's see if that is available. Hmm, more font.

Career Prime. Okay, great. I'm gonna change it to Career Prime. Here's the reason why, because this is 30 character limit. I'm going to ju this is exactly 30 characters, and no matter what characters we write in here, it's always gonna be this width. This is gonna be a really strange thing, but what about down here where it's 90?

It's just seeing the word 90, it looks just like 30. It's so small. It's so hard to really see the difference. And this 15 is also hard to see that, oh, I need to make it smaller. So we're gonna do a little bit of design here. I'm gonna go down to 15 characters, so that's right there. I'm gonna make it exactly 15 characters wide.

So this D column, let's see. Resize column is one. Is it one 20? . Yeah. Perfect. So now I know 15 characters is 1 25. If I then create a duplicate of that and then that should be 30, if I do it again, that should be 45. I do it again. That should be 60, right? This is 30. 30. And now I need to do, oops, two. To get cuz the two of them are 30, insert two.

So now this is 90 characters across. Right. But we only need 30 for this one. So we can gray out everything that we don't need. . This is a little silly, but might be pretty darn useful. We need 90 for that and then 15 for that. So now we see, okay, here's our across what we need and we can fill it all the way.

And yes, we can still keep that, that signifier of your, you are above the, the count, right? Let's just merge these. We're gonna merge everything horizontally. Merge horizontally. So now these are all 30. Go past our character limit in there. This, there we go. See, we can even see that we're past it before we stop typing.

Right, right there in this they're, oh, just barely. Oh my god. That's, that's pretty close. So we we're inside here, we can see it all. That's pretty cool. Same here. Let's merge these all horizontally. . Now, this is pretty cool, right? We just needed this character limit to actually be a visual representation here, and now we have it.

That's a pretty cool tool, right? Instead of just one column here we have all of these that are perfectly matched by the character. Using a font, using the width of the column. We now have a visual representation of these character limits. That's pretty cool. , I'm gonna unmerge this top one because I don't think we need it all cross.

I'm gonna merge right there. Where should this character limit go? Maybe it should go here. I don't really wanna leave it out on the on the right. Maybe it can go all the way over to the left if we can. If we can click and drag it. Oh yeah. There we go. So we have a little character limit there. Nice.

Give it a little space. This actually also gives it a little space on the left. So all it fits into my view port at least. I mean, we can make it we can see if it works on other people's view ports or they can hide that, or we can make this a little bit smaller. I would also do, I would do what she did.

on this character. Limit one. I would make it gray. Even on this gray little gray out, right? You can still see it. You can still see it. It's just grayed out. Now this is required, these are headlines. I might color code these as well. These headlines. Not sure what colors we would want to use here. I don't know if we really want to add more colors.

Maybe I would just gray it out a little bit more.  about it. I would also maybe give this a little bit more room, perhaps. Mm. A little too much. Maybe a little too few. Yeah. Make it a little bit easier to read. Little more space. We got olive of space on the right now that we quote unquote think is pretty useless, right?

But here's what I would do, , this is gonna sound. Maybe silly. When I was reading these ad writing tips, I was like, Ooh, like these tips are great. Could we create tools to like do them? Now this might be beyond the scope of this particular video but I might have helpers over here on the right. Okay. Maybe have little check boxes that like say, okay, you got within the character limit, you have a cta, you have a you used a keyword, right? How many keywords does it remind you of your keywords? Maybe maybe in these instructions, but I don't, I don't know if this is really gonna work out well.

Let's just see. Include key words. Let's see.


Hmm. Okay. Let's just add one below

and I'm gonna write, enter your keywords.

And I'm gonna put a little box around that. Actually, let's make it a thick line. We like that thick line box. Okay. Enter your keywords here. I'm gonna add one more column. Make this a little smaller. Enter your keywords like Google Sheets or productive, or. Spreadsheets. Right. Okay. I enter my keywords here.

Is there maybe a if is blank.

Okay. Right here. Let's do it Right there. Equals if is blank. E seven.

So it's false now because it has something. So we're gonna say if true. Oh, we have do it here. Did you include your key words and then put it ampersand instructions there? I put a, whoops, I'm gonna put a dollar sign in front of the C and the eight so it doesn't move. Did you include your keywords?

And there it has a reminder of the keywords, so I don't have to go back to these instructions and be like, what were my keywords that I need to include? We can copy this all the way down. Oops. Yeah. We can copy this as much as we want, maybe in the headline or the description. , what else can we add here?

Like a reminder, like when we're writing not too repetitive headline, unique headlines and can appear in any order. Don't forget in to include calls to action. I would, I would have some calls to action here. Jill, what are just a few example?

and maybe some more ideas on how to make this a cooler like tool, right, is I would, I honestly don't know cause I'm taking this course inside Google Ads, but here's some ideas. I would maybe have some templates of headlines that are like, these are great headlines and just clue get. Include or substitute your keywords.

Maybe if somebody knows they're call to action, right? I would do something similar here. Like, like instead of enter keyword words, enter your call to action and download now, or subscribe or free. Your free download. Maybe that's too many work characters. Like maybe there's like a character count for like, great.

Some examples. Or you can select your, maybe this is like a dropdown menu and it's like select your call to action and then if I want to include my call to action, what it could do is like,

So you can use formats, you can do equals wait. We can add a checkbox. It's gonna look super weird. We can add a checkbox and it's like add cta. So whatever text is here, this might not be good for a campaign. Let's see. Headline ad, cta. . So when I check this, I want whatever text is here, text here to be added together to here.

So equals if I'm gonna use this, if it's true, we want to con concatenate, concatenate ate the text here with a, maybe a space and the text here, and this is called to action.

If it's false, we want nothing. We don't want anything. But I want to put a dollar sign in front of that 12 and C just in case I move this around. So now I just hit this checkbox here and look text here. Get your free download. The call to action is added complete, so I can copy and then paste ac paste here, undo it.

Now I have my called action there. Great. If I'm like, This is great. Right now. I can call, add my call to action anywhere here something. Add a call to action. Boom. Copy paste. Done something. Get your freedom, right? This is a cool tool to add your call to action that you don't have to co fuck. Go find it.

Oh, what was it again? Go. Copy, paste it. Put it in there. Add the text. Oh. Find out. It's too many characters. Oh. , get your free download. There we go. . Okay. To finish this off, I wanted to figure out where to put that yellow, and I think I might have figured it out. Let's do a thick border on the bottom here and let's make it that yellow right there.

Bam. We got a nice yellow this gray might be a little too much. I would almost go back to. Jill had with the white here, and then just the a little yellow in here. But I do like the visual representation of 30 characters using a Monospace font. I would write more instructions too, Jill, if you're watching this.

I would, because now it's separate, right? So you might feel the.  impending doom of of space because you're putting it, it was here on the right side in this negative space, but now we've filled that negative space with some tools, some tooling, some, some helpers. We, we want to put those instructions somewhere else right here.

I would also, you know what, I keep forgetting to do this. Just have your branding everywhere. Let's see if this is gonna,

Hmm, I think it's too many. Too many things. Unmerge. Let's delete all of that stuff and merge these. There we go. I would have your branding everywhere. I would also put it on the bottom too. I know this sounds crazy, but I would just have your branding every inside Google ads.  powered by inside Google Ads.

I'd put it at the bottom here and I would make this a link right to jill.ca or lear learn. Jill do ca right there. But you probably have a better idea of where that link should go. Turn it. White Come ink. learn.jill.ca. Change it back to white.  and then have this everywhere. I think I just did that again.


Yeah, this sounds a little bit boring, but it's always fun. Just change it adds, adds that line underneath too, right?

I just noticed a tiny thing. Is that on here, inside Google Ads is all caps. That could probably, I would probably do that as well inside.  Google Ads. I know it's a tiny thing. It doesn't look as nice here. For some reason on this image, it looks nice. Maybe that black is better on white than is white on black.

But I would, I would make that consistent wherever you can, like in, in, in my case, I like capitalizing the B and the As and better sheets even if they're together. All caps camel case up to you. I would even think about doing all caps here to make it a little different, even making it a little smaller, but all caps might be nice.

Add again, this is like a nice thing if you want to propagate that. Like all caps is a header or all caps is a headline and. Normal sentence case everywhere else. Maybe there's some kind of called action with all caps. Again, tiny little things you can do to make these sheets better. I would name this as well.

I think when I got this, it was sheet one, so I would totally name this. I would call this search ad template. Also with the idea that maybe you have a few versions of this right. , this is a responsive search ad template. There might be other ad templates or maybe there's like pre-written templates. I have a whole video on using substitute to create codes so that you can create templates and then someone can fill in a couple things and have 40 or 50 things.

I mean, having a lead, not a lead magnet, but a a p a tool that's in a Google sheet that allows someone to enter like five key words and get 50 headlines was would be like, oh wow. Like, oh my God, I would love that. Right. That's, that's worth a whole month of inside Google ads, right? Is just seeing those templates and being will type in a few things and get a bunch of stuff out.

A gener add headline generator.

Having these helpers, I think, really makes this sheet come alive. The branding on the top and the bottom. Oh, you know what? I kept, keep forgetting to add more thick lines of this yellow, keep adding these blue and yellow everywhere so that like, it's, it's in people's heads, right? I would do it here as well.

Yellow line. I would definitely do it here. Maybe, maybe just on the bottom or let's see what it looks like on the top as well. I don't think that's bad at all. Definitely on the bottom or no at the top here. There we go. Maybe even these were gray, but what if we made it yellow? Yeah. Let's also add a little space here, just a little.

There we go. We might have some even more instructions here can appear in any order. Make sure they're unique. Oh, that that's a thing that I haven't even covered. You might want to make a duplicate detector, right? If somebody duplicates something, have a little red thing that shows, Hey, this is the. You can use that with match the formula match.

There you go. So let's review what we did. We took Jill Jill's responsive search ad template from inside Google Ads, and we took it from this Google sheet, which has great information and great format and template. Did stuff, some instructions, even some tips here. And we branded the heck out of it.

We made a, we turned a couple of. Tips into tools to add a cta. We used the visual design of Google Sheets and a Monospace font to show that this is 30 character limit. And so we, as we're typing, we can see that limit instead of just hitting enter and guessing. We also have 90 character limits here, so a visual representation of that might be better, right?

Easier to use. We also, Change this required from being the same font as all of these to green, because on our instructions we wrote required in green here, try to match those. I know that might not, that be, might be a little a, a little far to be useful, but it's okay. I added a link to Jill's learn.

Jill ca This is just in case it's duplicated in case people copy it and, and on their own right.  and then we added keywords here so that those keywords might show up here. A little helper, right? Did you include your keywords? Instead of having to switch back and forth added the called action.

 Hey, thanks for watching that video. Check out this one where I redesigned Noah Kagan's internal,  spreadsheet that they use at AppSumo. 

But if you're wondering what's inside better sheets, go ahead and check out this video. See what's inside behind the paywall over at better sheets. I'll give you an inside peek over there. Thanks for watching.