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My Favorite Fonts

About this Tutorial

Learn the best fonts to use in Google Sheets.

Video Transcript

 Hello, welcome to my favorite fonts. This is gonna be a fun overview of what you can do with fonts and what fonts to pick. Gonna show you a really cool feature of adding fonts to widen your selection or even decrease your selection depending on what you're doing. And I have some cool sources that I use to find interesting font parents, which I'll talk about.

And then we'll actually go through some fonts and look at them in action and what is happening. So why do you need different funds? So the font that is most widely used is aeriel. It's the default font. And there's three reasons that I think you need different funds. One is readability. Depending on what information you're trying to relate.

You generally want texts to be read well And I find that in different sizes, different fonts are red in different ways. Headers mainly are bolded. Small font generally, especially even aerial, I find very hard to read. And my favorite is very easy to read no matter what the size is. And you don't need to bold it.

The length is very important. Because when you are showing certain numbers you or text, you have only a certain amount of space to be able to say that in. Sometimes you want to fit more into smaller spaces, more text, or sometimes you want the text to breathe a little or you just have different column sizes that you need to adjust for, and you can actually use different fonts to do that.

I'll show you how and why because Oswald Font, for instance, my favorite. A very thin font. And then you can also, you also have aerial narrow. You have a bunch of other, and then another reason you need different fonts is when you go to dark mode. If you make the entire sheet darker color, or you even, the, one of the quickest thing, or most often things will highlight a cell and that changes, that The contrast change changes how that.

You might find you need to adjust the text so it be readable, different formats. If you wanna highlight it in different ways. Let me see. And if you can tell, I have some examples here. This is one of my favorite fonts, and it is readable in every single format. If it's black, it's dark with a little bit of color or even if it's just white with a little bit of.

Very readable. It's a very wide font. It's a very round font. It points. It's I think it's one of the best. At least it's my favorite. So this is, that's why it's my favorite. I love because a, it's more narrow. And also it is by nature bold. So even if I bold this, you'll see it.

But it doesn. Necessarily need to be bold. So I think this should header front. It looks like it's bold. It's easy to read. Even though if we change this to aerial narrow, I think, let's see.

Yeah, like aerial narrow here it looks narrow. No it looks like it's been squished and. Feels a little odd, whereas, oh, this wonderful, change it back. Let's change it back.

It doesn't feel squished in, it feels like that. Be comfort text, even when it's small, it's easy. It's nice and easy to read.

And even if I need to make this a little bit bigger or very big, it's still way nice to read. I like it. It makes me feel comfortable. Funny enough. Font pars. Or first before we get to font pars, cuz that's very important. I want to share with you where to get more fonts. That's where you click there and then the very top one is more fonts.

We'll show you what that looks like. Search for fonts here. You can search for different types of scripts. You can show different handwriting. Monospace, s sansera, you can sort alpha. Or trending. And this will give you a wide assortment of interesting fonts to pick from. When you pick them, you just click on it and it'll, if you wanna take the added ones off, you just click here at the the X button here.

And if you see you've got tons of amazing different types of that, do all sorts of things, like a lot of cool handwriting ones, Calli. Fun one. A different couriers. Yeah. And even have this one a script. You have something that looks like it should be from all different types of font and you'll be able to really cool things with these and really amaze people with them.

But one of the most important parts of choosing different fonts is the font pairing when you combine a header, a large text with a small text, or a header with different text. And how I find that is here at font pair co. So I found this one to be one of the best to lots of different examples of different different types of font.

Different ways to read the text. And I just went with what I was some really good combinations. I actually used this lotto and merryweather for a while. But they do seem like too similar sometimes. I wanted two. They were different. I use Ville a while Merryweather. I like Monte Montserrat. I like that shows you that Montserrat is a very good header.

Text fun. It's really good. Lot of cool combinations you can do with that. These combinations very settles. We just go through them, use 'em as you wish. What I'd also like to do is find combinations that are trending. Like people will write these sort of combinations and I found some great things here like Garman and o Great together, and they'll always show you some different types of use cases or d.

Like very nice combinations to see in the wild. So I wanted to share with you what these fonts look like, indifference to each other. Like I was saying, some fonts you'll want that actually fit like a wide or you want them to fit more text in there. And this shows you them right along each right alongside each other. So I put Oswald on the top and.

Here's comforter right in the first one. All of these are 15. I'm gonna just double check that they're all the same font size. Yeah. And so you'll see comforter aerial numbers is just slightly, but what I find is that ar, this aerial is just too hard to read. There's not enough white comforter. Just that little extra space makes it much easier to.

Here's Oron, which looks really cool, but look how wide it is. It's actually the white is at the same size, 15. And as you go down, the simple answer is oh, just make it a smaller font. But it's like much harder to read half the height of the other ones. At the same font size, trebuchet is ave font as you can tell, it's slightly narrower.

Doesn't really look too bad. It's got a nice hyphen there. If you're doing numbers or something very easy to read. Pacifico is a fun text, but you can see how maybe you might want to use these sort of more fun fonts even in cells because depending on like the type of information you're. Or sharing.

This might be a good summary tab for a fun project. I don't know. Garamon is a cool one. Courier new is a fantastic one, even though it looks like typewriter type as numbers. Super easy to read for. If you're dealing with a lot of numbers really nice font to use in sort of these cells, you can make it fold.

Let's make this one bold and it makes it a little harder to. There are some funky fonts that I found that even though they're a bit funky, there are some interesting use cases. Animatic. This one is very hard to use because you have to make the font size very large even to read it. It's very hard to read, but very thin and very tall.

It's a fun one if you want a slight little handwriting, but not really like a handwriting script. Is very modern, very wide. This font up here, animat is 40, this one's 16. So you can see these two are looking now, but this one is more than double the size of this one. Pirouette one is very old school, very stylish.

It's very, feels like it's very well. Abil fat face, which is probably my favorite name. It's a very funny one. If you're making an invitation, this would be very good caveat. Really cool. Handwriting, little childish. Very good For a little bit of notes if you are commenting on tables or sheets, but wanna write it in a cell.

This is a good way to say this information is a note. The, I love how the capital letters are below the other letters and it feels like it's a little it's not just straight across. It's a little tilted. Love that. And my old friend Comic Sands, which is the most battered font ever used, is it a making a comeback?

I'm gonna end this video saying, don't discount comic sands in black. And it like feels old and it feels like MySpace era. But let me just show you one really cool example I saw out in the wild. If you have still backgrounds and then even a lighter color, this, for some reason comic sands really comes to life.

And you really you gotta give it a lot of room. Like it's not a good, some reason it's not good in like tables with with lines. It like the very straight lines along with the like, weirdly like permanent marker style thing, make it look very odd. But if you are just writing a bit of text with a lot of space and for some reason, The pastels really ba make it work for me.

For some odd reason this works and it's gets really wild what you can do with it. And really give comic fans a chance. It can be. Cool. One more time. Enjoy. I hope you learn something really cool from this and I hope you use some more different fonts. Bye.