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Roast: Hotel PPC Channel Cost Calculator

About this Tutorial

I have no idea what to do as a user, so let's make it better.

Video Transcript

 All right, Rob from Hotel PPC has given me access to this C channel cost calculator, and he wants it roasted. We got the coffee roasted, now we get this sheet roasted. All right. This is interesting. Right away, like the immediate reaction I have is, Two things. One, I have no idea what to do as a user if I was just given this though.

So there might be some like email along with this, or maybe there was like an intro paragraph on like how did I get this? I don't know. In any case, even if you have an email, I intro and say, here's how you use this here. Here's how to use this calculator, or even have a landing page that then say, Hey, go get this Google sheet.

I would highly recommend. You put the instructions also inside of the sheet because you don't know how people are sharing this. You don't know how they're accessing it. And you just wanna help people. Like the whole idea is to be helpful, right? And useful. So put the instructions right here. I wouldn't add any, like on the calculator itself, I wouldn't have any.

Extra words or any extra instructions. I put all the instructions on a tab before. The second thing that I see immediately is the coloring the branding on the coloring one. There is no branding. I checked out your site. P C here it is, PPC for hotels.com. Affordable Hotel, PPC agency.

Great. What I see here is like a big, beautiful image. Not beautiful, but like a, an image background. I see a red button up there white font. When I go to the about page it is white up there then dark, and then it's a dark background with this. Here's a first photo of people I see.

So Rob, here's your name right here, Rob hat. I might be pronouncing that wrong. Put your photo. I want a big, smiling photo. I like this agency is you are this agency. Rob is ppc. PPC for hotels is Rob. Sorry. Rob is PPC for hotels, hotel PPC for hotels is Rob, give me your face. You're selling yourself.

You're selling yourself. That sounds bad. That's actually really good. Put and then put your face here. So let me make a file copy. And make sure you have a button that says get a copy of this inside of the sheet. So we're roasting. Let's do roast click. Okay. Okay. So right away I think I would, especially if the name is at the top here on the file, I would take this out and I would make it like a nice thing on another tab, like a nice intro.

Okay, cool. So I would take off the name and text, put branding on here, right? If you have a logo, if you have your face, I'd keep it here. Maybe make a, like a upper corner of it. But we can, this gives us more room to play here. Gives us more room to, the text is a little bit small. It's Collibra.

Great. Not aerial. That's awesome. It is 11. I would make it a little bit bigger, especially cuz it's not too long of a calculator. Let's just see what happens if we increase the font size to 14. Not one foot. Oh my God. Oh, this. That's much easier to read. Much, much, much easier to read. Do that again.

Great. These boxes. So one, one thing I see here is there's this arrow, essentially this text arrow that's pointing to this box. If we make the design good enough, useful enough, we don't need extra elements to. Two things. I think what this is doing this, I think what this arrow is doing is trying to get your eye go from search volume over to here.

We can do that just by aligning these to the right and in design, right? There's one principle that like proximity equals relation. So we can do something like just change the alignment.

Okay, we've got the alignment and this space here or this area in between. We can just delete that. Let's see what happens. Delete it. Just look at this design, right?

And now there's no way that someone reading this looking at this would not understand that search volume is this box. The only thing we don't understand, like if I didn't have any instructions, I wouldn't know what number to put in here. Is this search volume of a keyword? And that is really good for another page, right?

You can also put notes here. Put comment. You can make it so that a sheet, copies of comments, I think. But I think just having a nice layout of instructions on here's what each of these means. You can link back to that if you want. Or where to get this number from. This is a user inputted number.

This is really good. Okay. Double claps for you. Double snaps for you. Conversion rate is not an entered number. A dropdown list that's really good. Because if we have too many fields and calculate, this happens so often on calculators. We have so many fields and we expect the user to know exactly what to do, and we don't have any validation at all.

And so a user is gonna mess up. Like 90% of the time, unless they know exactly what we know, they're gonna mess up. So having a dropdown menu, having options for people is really good. This commission rate could also have a dropdown, different things. Average booking revenue, this needs to be formatted as dollars, I think cost per click as well.

Dollars. And I see dollars and dollars. So you just need a little bit of formatting there. To make really punch in, this is money. We're talking about money we're making. Here's clicks, transactions, cost per sale. Here's something I would, one reason as well that I would delete all the stuff at the top and let's just see if we can delete this.

Row rows, delete rows. There we go. Now we should be able to get everything within one view port. Is that everything? Yes, except for the branding. Let's get that in because we might put that branding at the top instead. Let's just delete that row. One more row. Come on. Come on. Oh, we need one more. So I think there's two rows here.

I think we can delete this row. Let's get it, let's get it, let's get it in there. Oh almost. We're so close. Delete one more row. And yes, this gives us less space, right? But we can change the fonts a little. You can change I think this is at 14 now. You can increase the row size. Oh, that's one thing.

You have rows in between these and that's good because you have these boxes. Sometimes though you might want to collapse that a little bit and make those six things really like tight. If you want to display this extra information and really the use of a calculator is not inputting. The amount we care about the output.

So you want to, and we also care about the relation between the input and the output, right? We want to do away with the work a calculator does away with the busy work, but shows us this input, gets this output. So I would redesign this. I would ask a bunch of questions like, what really matters here?

Right now, I just see that this channel cost is 11. Obviously I'm not a PPC person. I don't know what 11% means. I don't know if that's good or bad, having green. And I say this a lot, I like put green as your like, end result. But if a user is using this You might want to change red and green for like positive or profitable green and negative for red.

And so really you might want a different color. Here again, you got some interesting colors in your logo. You have all of the primary colors. I can see here, blue, red, yellow, green. On your page you have different. Designs like different color choices. I would bring these color choices into here. If this is for a user, if this is for a user that you really want to match your experience on your website and experience with how you like your logo, you want it here, you want your experience to match perfectly.

You don't want pe, you don't want people to. Is this a Google sheet for, where is this Google sheet from? And yes, you have this text, PPC for hotels, but your, the colors that you use, the font should match too. And I think this should, I think this got really good places to go. You gotta put those instructions on.

I love that these are blue. Yeah, that's one thing I do recommend is putting. It's like bright blue that no one ever uses any logo that's never used. That's for user input. The only thing you gotta do is tell people that's what it means. Not with a key, but with an instruction. Be like, Hey, by the way, everywhere you see that there's a blue outline that's for user input.

Say that like explicitly say that in instructions. Give your face, oh man I would be I really want to know more about this and more how. Because I think it's, this has got potential here. I like all these, you have more output. This is good. You have more output than input. So you have six things of input and you have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 things of output.

That is really good for calculator. That means we're getting more out of it than we're putting into it. Yeah. Instructions on what exactly number should I put in, what type of number? Validation. You can put validation on each of these. Where, if you put in a, some non number it will scream at you that would be really cool too.

All right. Hopefully this is helpful.


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