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Dark Mode / Better Font Color

About this Tutorial

While the desktop version of Google Sheets does not have a dark mode, doesn't mean we can't make it ourselves. Create dark mode in one click. You'll learn to make a dark mode toggle.

Video Transcript

 Hey, welcome to Making Better Fun. Or maybe the title of this video is gonna be Dark Mode and Google Sheets, whatever it is. Welcome. We're gonna talk briefly and succinctly today about doing custom colors in Google Sheets, and we'll get to Dark Mode in a moment. A free video that I just shot actually just earlier today.

I'll start with that. This is gonna tell you about, or I'm gonna tell you about just changing. Color from the font this black, and making the background a little bit better. We're gonna run into some challenges here that I'll share with you about when you share sheets, how what can happen.

Yeah I'll go into this. This is a pretty amazing thing that can, you can do if your Google sheets are blinding you, they're bright and you just can stand focusing on the text much. You can fix it by literally it's too much contrast is the problem, and you can actually decrease the contrast by decreasing the black from 0 0 0 to 2 22 or 4 44, and you can also increase the the color or the of the background.

So how you do this is pretty simple. On any cell you can go up to. If you wanna just change the font color, go up to the A here text color. And you absolutely can choose any of these pre-done ones. But you should try to hit the custom in custom so you can type in any hex color. So the normal, here's normal.

It is right here and let's look at that. It's that custom C is 0, 0 0. And so you can just go 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 6 times and see, you can see that? Yeah, you can absolutely move this around if you want to try different ones. But I like, what I like to do is it's 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, and I made this really easy thing to remember.

You just need to remember four things to make your sheets better. You need to remember 4 44. And then you also have to remember Facebook. Facebook fate. So four things. 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 6 times. And Facebook. Facebook fate, FB F eight. And you get this really nice paper background and you get the font color.

That's not so much contrast, so blinding. I don't know if you do this as well, but you might have to decrease the. The brightness of your back, of your monitor sometimes, but with this paper, it's, you can keep your monitor bright and it makes it really nice, almost like an e-reader. And even on small text, it's absolutely fine.

It's still, you can still read it very well and you can tell this is it's custom color. And it's 4, 4, 4, 4 4. And it's really nice, much clear or sorry it allows you to look at your screen a lot longer. But one thing that's gonna happen that you'll run into is you couldn't copy this background color for the entire sheet.

But if somebody, I don't know if you use this very often, but command and slash will eliminate the The formatting and it eliminates all of this. So if you eliminate formatting I think you can actually go here. Clear formatting. Here it is. This is the sh short cookie. And I do this sometimes cause I'm all, I'm constantly changing the formatting, trying to make it nicer.

And I'm returning back to this returning back to this basic one what'll happen. If somebody else has edited access and they're doing this, they're gonna do, they're gonna eliminate all of your formatting. So that's just something to look out for when you're doing this kind of stuff.

But Maybe only use this when you're actually finally presenting the data, or if you're, if you are spending so much time in Google Sheets that your eyes are like a little tired after even like a few hours, or you try, you have to spend 10 hours in front of a Google sheet this, doing this just really quickly to your entire sheet.

Just go up to the here custom and it just like a few seconds, right? 4, 4, 4, 6 times. Just remember, And then your background, your custom is gonna be hashtag Facebook, Facebooks eight fake, and that's it. That'll change everything here. You can still change all the text and it'll be really nice to work in there.

Then this is like the advanced mode. What we're gonna do next is we're gonna go to dark. And I'm gonna share with you some interesting challenges we have here. In dark mode is basically you just take the entire sheet and instead of a light color and even a gray here, like you need to, like a gray, choose the background to be a very dark color here.

One of these dark blues maybe. And then here, actually we'll start from the beginning. Let me just, so that's what it normally looks like. Let's do the whole thing. But dark mode, all you have to do is hold everything down. Do dark. Actually, here's what grid lines look like when it's in dark. I usually take grid lines off.

But let's view them. Let's put them on See. Let's see. See, grid lines disappear, right? I don't know if my, if it's just my screen, if you can see that too. But if you, this might be a good color of the grid lines. But if you do want grid lines, like on parts of yours let me get through this first.

I'll tell you how to do grid lines. Thank you. Text. You might think, let's start, let's just do a. The normal white, right? And so this might be the highest contrast would be literally, let's go for max black and max white. This is, but this has the exact same problem of high contrast, and you really this gets hard to read when you do some of the thicker smaller fonts, it's hard to read or.

Like it's just a little too stark. So what I like to do is use this sort of indigo blue, this nice dark blue. And then, I don't know if you can tell, but like this white still is like very high contrast. So what you'll want to do is, this is a very simple design principle as well. When you're doing like web design, your.

Font color here shouldn't be in this white include a little bit of the color that your background is. So we're gonna use this one. And now this is much less much less contrast. Woo. That was big change. Much less contrast. Much nicer to read, even the smaller. We do. This is still very reiterate and looks very nice, and you can create some interesting palettes.

This way you can even create headers that look fantastic to, your header is still gonna look fine. You can even give it a little different mode than your, I think you can make this a little darker. And when you do grid lines, your grid lines can even be colored. So this is really cool.

So if I wanna do grid lines here, you can go up to grid line and change the color of the grid line, and then again, include a little bit of the color of the background. So if we just did plain, stark white, it's a little harsh, but if we take that and instead of. Include, maybe just do one off of the background.

See how it's a very subtle, much more subtle. You can still see that it's a green grid line. You can still see this grid line. It almost even matches this text of, this text is really nice and easy to read. You have these nice headers and this is almost like screenshot all you can use this. This is a very nice design.

You can use these. Very easy to on the eyes and you still get your point across. You can still highlight parts of this. You can still do conditional formatting but it makes it much nicer to be able to read and if you are in dark mode on everything else, if you're Instagram or Twitter is in dark mode or your Gmail is in dark mode and you're working in Google Sheets, this is how you give yourself dark mode in Google Sheets.

Thanks so much for watching.


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