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Better Than Happy | Redesign of The Feelings Wheel

About this Tutorial

Turning an infographic into a useful Copy Writing cheat sheet

Video Transcript

00:01 So Neville here, Neville Madura tweeted this amazing infographic, a big spiral that shares with the reader, uh, different words to use that are better than more impactful and more, uh, precise than just happy, sad, angry, bad.
00:24 Right. I feel good or bad or happy or sad or angry or happy or surprised. Right. We see these words, and they mean lots of different things.
00:33 And this circle does a really good job of starting somewhere in the center. Right? I'm angry or I'm happy. And now, what kind of happy?
00:41 What kind of adjective is this? Am I interested or am I proud of something of someone else, or am I optimistic?
00:48 And then once you get that next word, it even gives you, um, more precise choices. Like here, happy says accepted, respected, or valued.
00:57 Wow. And this could be very helpful, right. If we are creating writing, we are creating a copy, or we're creating something in sheets where we are using words, something like this could be very useful to transfer these very basic words into very precise words.
01:19 I really like this a lot. And what caught my attention and why I'm making this video is this is a spiral.
01:26 And I was like, oh, I really want to use this. And I was turning my head. I'm turning my head trying to read this.
01:32 I am already embarrassed when I'm turning my head. And it's like, oh, they're embarrassed. Disgusted, disapproving, embarrassed. Okay, cool. Well, then I scrolled down, and I saw that Neville one someone mentioned.
01:47 Yeah, this is very useful in copy and sale called Market Research Buyer Interviews. Neppel here mentions he says he loves this format of a circle.
01:58 Would be hard to represent this in a standard bullet form. And I somewhat agree, and also somewhat disagree because I've seen someone do something similar with very, uh, few words into many more precise words with color grading.
02:13 And I want to reproduce that here in this video. I want to share with you how I would take this wheel, right, and reproduce it in a bullet form in Google Sheets.
02:22 I think it's going to be a fun video. I think we're going to have a good time here. We're going to turn this wheel into a better bullet form.
02:29 And you might be able to see some use cases for this, right? You might be able to use this kind of process and the form that it takes.
02:38 Eventually, you might be able to use this, uh, to replace words, to figure out to create more infographics yourself within Google Sheets.
02:48 Then you can take screenshots and create them. I'm not going to create a circle. I'm going to definitely create bullet points.
02:53 But I'm going to do it in a very interesting way with three columns. And I hope you'll enjoy this video.
02:59 All right, for the initial state of this video, we're going to go from scratch. I have not done anything. I just went to sheet new, made a new spreadsheet.
03:06 And here we are. We, uh, only need three columns for what I am imagining. And we, uh, don't need a thousand rows.
03:15 But you don't even know how many rows we need. We could count all of these, but we won't for, um, right now, what we do want to do is essentially what I'm going to do is have the center of the circle on the left, because I think that's where we're going to start, right?
03:31 Wherever we start, we want to put our information to the left because we read left to right. Um, and that is debatable.
03:38 If you want to redo this in a different way, totally up to you. But for now, I'm going to choose the surprised, because it is the least amount, maybe that is similar.
03:48 And here we go. We got how many in purple? 123-4567. Eight rows. So we're going to need eight rows here.
04:00 So I'm just going to delineate these by a border. We're going to get rid of this later, but I just want to do that because we need to take this one and we're going to merge it.
04:09 And then how many do we have here? We have four. Each one has two, so that's super easy. We're going to merge two of these together.
04:20 Uh, and I'm just going to use command wide to do this pretty quickly. And we keep these eight. All right, we can take this border off.
04:27 Actually, we can add a nice gray. No, uh, we don't want a gray border. What is it we're doing? Surprise.
04:34 So, purple. Let's do a purple border here just for fun. Bright purple around everything. And we're going to do view show, Unview grid lines.
04:48 Cool. I'm going to take these, make them a little bit bigger, or sorry, wider. And this one is what was that?
04:58 Surprised. Uh, surprised. Now, in all of these, I'm going to select them all. I want it to be in the center, center, so center vertically and center horizontally.
05:08 And I do not want aerial. I want something nice like Carla. Uh, let's go with Carla here. We love Carla.
05:17 Let's do a little bit bigger font. We can do even bigger to make we might do the biggest font on the left side, but we did everything now, for simplicity sake.
05:27 So we need startled, confused, amazed, excited. All right, I'm going to redo this format so I can see them and type them.
05:36 I just rejigger the, uh, view startled, confused, cool. Now with startled, shocked, dismayed. If we had this in another way, I'd probably just copy and paste it, but it's on the infographic I can't right now.
06:06 These are tough words to write. But you know what? It's actually really nice perplexed to be able to write all of these piece by piece.
06:14 Astonish. I'm learning a lot. I'm actually reading all of these as I type. Not eager, not eater, eager, energetic. Cool.
06:28 So I do want to sort of, um, do the same coloring a bit. So I'm going to have a dark background here.
06:38 Darker, uh, purple. And a lighter purple for the middle. Like that style. I think I chose the wrong purple. Yeah.
06:52 Clicked the wrong purple. And then another darker here. A little interesting. Right? We can probably do better on the text, um, as well.
07:08 Maybe we do dark purple. I don't think the darkest purple. That might be nice. That's a little low contrast. That's pretty cool.
07:18 Definitely need to fix the border, though. I did purple. My mistake. That should probably be black, but not the blackest black.
07:27 Let's do a thicker line. I don't like that thickest line. Yes, that's good. Nice middle thick line. That looks sweet.
07:36 Right? We got Carla. We got the surprise startled shock. Now we don't have to twist our head and read from the middle out.
07:47 We have this nice, um, thing here. So again, let's do that and do that again, um, to see just one more.
07:58 So we have 1234. Same thing. Eight. So actually, we, uh, can save our time. We can just copy and paste this again.
08:06 And we do Bet. And let's just do the color right now. We want, uh, a darkish green. I don't think I like that green very much.
08:19 That's fine. That's cool. Bad. And we got bored. Busy. Stressed. Don't we all feel stressed and tired? And then what do we got?
08:44 Top. Indifferent. I'm just going to delete these just so I don't mess it up. Indifferent. Um, apathetic. Pressured for busy.
08:59 Yeah, rushed. Just making sure that they do align. Rushed. Overwhelmed. Uh, out of control. Don't we all feel out of control sometimes?
09:12 God, these are great words. And I like typing them. I like really seeing them again and again, typing them and understanding where they come from.
09:19 Bad. Tired. Sleepy. Unfocused. That was me last night. So you get this idea. I'm going to keep going and come back to this video in a hot second.
09:30 So something really funny happened. I was like, oh, I'm going to redo this all again. But I actually just copied and pasted it again and just show you a real quick trick is if we have some merge cells and we want to merge more, we just have to select the sell and select another couple of cells, say merge cells, and it will merge.
09:51 And we can copy and paste this now. And we copy and paste this now. So pretty simple to add some more merges to this sell here, I hope.
10:00 You can see here I'm on the bottom and it actually flipped the I'm turning my head to read these three sections this way, and then I have to turn my head the other way to read them this way.
10:13 And I think this ends up being really good, um, to change this to a format that I can actually read without twisting my head.
10:23 Abandoned. And I ended, uh, up finding by doing this and by typing this out completely, I found that there were, um, similar words.
10:34 So in this sad, there's disappointed, but there's also disgusted, disappointed. And I thought that was really interesting. And then there's inferior.
10:43 And we can also search there's another inferior somewhere here in bad, uh, there's inferior, insecure inferior. And then there's sad, depressed, inferior.
10:55 Very interesting. I happened to find that while I was typing these out, carrying on. So there we go. We've got to all how many are there?
11:06 Seven. So there's happy, 12345. There are two beds. No, this is angry. Okay, I've got to go through a fearful bad surprise.
11:20 There we go. We got all of them. And then I realized, oh, this is really funny. We could probably delete this, right?
11:26 We could delete the rows. Now we have 82 rows here. We could definitely delete that, right? But do we want to preserve sort of the spiral effect or the circular effect?
11:38 And what we could probably do let me just take the entire thing and copy and paste it underneath. So now maybe we can even do let's keep going, right?
11:52 And so now as you go through it, surprised, startled. We started surprised, bad, fearful, angry, disgusted, sad, happy. And they're all colored, pretty much.
12:08 The yellows are a little different, but everything else is pretty much on spot. And it just keeps going and it almost seems circular, right?
12:16 We keep going around in that circular way. And isn't that cool? I think this is a really fun way to show like what as Neville said in here, it's hard to do bullet points like this and show the relations between them.
12:34 But we do read left to right. And I really got sick of, um, um, my fragile, um, neck was sad, and I felt despair that I had to turn my neck.
12:48 And, um, I wanted to be able to see these words as they are left to right, instead of having to be sad to twist my neck to read the sad ones.
12:57 And there's probably, um, some other ways to display these, right? We can even add a bit of a border more of a border here with, um, more columns or even add stuff in between.
13:09 But I like that they're border next to each other. Hopefully you found, um, this video fun and entertaining to make a spreadsheet that looks a little different, right?
13:18 We can take our design elements, our design cues from things like a circle. Um, just funny that at the top.
13:27 I am resentful. And hopefully Neville's watching this video and you'll enjoy this as well. And you can use this. Thanks for watching.
13:35 Bye.


Better Than Happy | Redesign of The Feelings Wheel

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