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Submit Store Listing for Approval

About this Tutorial

After you get OAuth consent screen approval you can go ahead and submit the store listing for review.

Video Transcript

0:00 Alright, so in real time, not in video time and not in course time, I have just gotten the OAuth verification approval request granted the OAuth consent, consent screen.
0:13 If you're watching all these videos all in order before you're like setting out to do your own add-on, I congratulate you, please thank you.
0:20 It's actually. Really good. So you'll probably saw me in a different shirt and in a different time in the past couple of videos, because what I did is I set up all of my marketplace listing for my app or my add-on before I got my OAuth consent.
0:36 It's okay if you don't do that, if you do want to wait until the OAuth consent just to do the marking.
0:40 Place listing, but I just know how simple it is to do the OAuth consent screen. And it just takes a long time.
0:47 You saw it took, I asked for approval on Friday. I approved I submitted for approval on a Friday, got an email back on five days later and then replied to that.
0:57 And then two days later actually got the consent. Oh, sorry, request granted. So now in real time and not video time as you're watching this, I want to now submit my listing.
1:10 It makes the submission process to the listing so much faster and easier because I'm just going to go click a button.
1:15 So that's all this video is really going to go click a button. So I'm on my Google console. Console.cloud.google and at the specific project that I'm on, right?
1:27 The, the CPM one that we're trying to get through here. This is the screen that I usually come to this welcome screen.
1:33 And it's always so difficult to remember where to go. So what I do is I can go to the dashboard if I want, but actually I'm going to.
1:41 Just going to go up here and search and all I have to do is search for the marketplace SDK. I do not know why they make it so difficult to find it, even though it's been enabled.
1:49 We're going to go click that button there that we find marketplace SDK. It is enabled. It should be like somewhere else like that we can easily get to.
1:57 It is not. It is. I have to search for it every time. If anyone knows how to like. I don't know pin it somewhere.
2:04 I'm more than happy to hear, but also I just go and search click manage. I'm going to go very quickly through this again.
2:12 We have our credentials here. This is a wath. Yeah, we have our app config. It also makes sure just in case if you have made up that because you could have made up that you might be still working on the app.
2:28 Maybe some user experience or something. Go ahead and make sure you deploy it again. And then go in app configuration should be sheets out on only and right here this script version.
2:41 If you've deployed and then deployed again, make sure you up to make sure this is actually super important. Do you update this version?
2:50 I'm gonna go show you actually we got we can let's go through that. It'll only take a minute. So what I've done is I've opened the sheet that I'm building the app in the same app.
3:02 . I can check it here. Maybe I have edited this screen. Perhaps.. Or whatever reason. It's always a good idea to come back here double check everything.
3:16 It is still the the little CPM calculation we want.. But just double check. Let's deploy new deployment. When you deploy, you don't have to like select anything other than new deploy.
3:32 I say that literally as I'm selecting something. Okay, select type add on. This might be weird because you're like, well, I already have a version and I just want to update it.
3:42 . And you might want to click on manage deployments. Just do new deployment. And now we're going to say newest text version.
3:50 This description really does not matter. It matters because it's going to like show up somewhere later, but like not to users at all.
3:58 And it's, and for us, we're just going to keep deploying new things when we make a change. And now you can see this is version two.
4:06 This is super important to get right. That over back on our app configuration in the marketplace, we need to change this to two.
4:14 This sheets add on script version. Huge importance because if you've updated it and then they well, it's not. Not that big.
4:23 Okay. If you update it and then don't update this number, they're going to look at the version that's in here and they're going to give you notes on it.
4:31 Then you're going to be like, well, I already made those changes and some maybe you already made those changes. And really all you had to do was hit the two or if they still give you crap about.
4:43 Things that are in your app that you're like, I know it's in the app. I know I have a little screen that I know I have a thing.
4:47 Just say that. Say hey, I know it's there. It is there. You'll see later on. We might get into some funny debates with the the reviewers.
4:56 They, they're very particular that I actually are very, very particular. It's very good. Very interesting.. Yeah, we can double check that our names all correct.
5:06 Addresses are all correct. Website's still up. Is it still up? Actually, we haven't even checked in a while. Let's go check.
5:14 Yep, it's working. They've a con is the icon. That's actually one of the funniest things is I didn't, I take this template each time and I copy.
5:23 It and one time I didn't, I didn't copy, I didn't change the favorite con and they're like, please change the favorite con and it's wrong.
5:31 I'm like, what that? You picked out that? Wow. Yeah, they pick that out. Okay, so we're gonna actually make sure to save that.
5:42 Let's go hit the back button. This is very. Hard to navigate, by the way, if anyone from Google's watching this ever this whole thing.
5:49 It's just so hard to navigate. See, now I'm like, I hit back and I'm like, oh, I need to get to the marketplace SDK.
5:55 So here search for it. Click on it. Manage. We're gonna go back. We ultimately run times is I don't think.
6:03 Is. The thing I don't, we don't need it right now. There you go. Now we're gonna go into the store listing.
6:10 It says unpublished here and it has a big red thing there. Remember that our toggle here gets us to all this information.
6:19 If we want to update this text, is that a comma? I think I said, wow. Glad. I checked that. The detailed description could be longer, but for this specific example, we can add actually add languages of different descriptions.
6:34 I think I'm not going to because I don't want people to think that I speak other languages for now. We'll see.
6:40 This might be an interesting optimization, obviously in different markets. You might want to have. Different languages for your descriptions. That that is a nice little thing to do for users if you are really in an international market.
6:54 . Yeah, the category, I think is important for again, optimizing for being able to be searched on the marketplace. All our assets are in here.
7:04 Screen. We don't have a YouTube promo yet. I don't put one here yet because I thought sure it's gonna be approved.
7:12 That's really the only reason. And also the kind of YouTube promotions I do. I sort of just use this app.
7:18 Like I have released the syntax spintax spintax add on. I just keep using it in videos. That's how I promote it.
7:28 It's not that I want to say go and I also do a video, but a promo video. But the idea here is you might actually have like a promo video for your product or service or something maybe, but show it off with the add on here.
7:45 We can have all of these URLs, these URLs again, just double check that they're correct because they will literally live on the listing.
7:53 And so a marketplace listing will have a link to your site. I don't know if it's good backlink or not.
7:58 All regions save. Remember save? We did not see this the other time. And this is it. We're gonna hit public.
8:06 That is the process of trying to get approval and it should now appear turn to under review. Let me double check my email and see if I got one.
8:18 So so far we haven't gotten an email right because we literally just sent it. The u.s. We will get a different email from a different email address here when things are happening and when you get a review back again.
8:34 Just have a have an open mind that when if you do get an email that says rejected it is not 100% rejected will read will read through it if it does get rejected will read through it.
8:46 . I tried to explain you some reasons why it might be rejected if it's like. If it's a functionality that already exists in Google, if it's illegal, if it's.
8:57 Illegal. It's a big thing.. Lots of different not many different reasons for it to be. Not. Approved or rejected. And then also it could have some action required that email as you saw when we did the OAuth, we just had an action required.
9:13 We had to reply and say. Here's the thing.. Let's wait. It is Friday again. And we are going to wait for our.
9:24 Our store listing.. It's a little bit of a removal. Alright. And if it happens, you'll see in the next video.