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Marketplace Approval

About this Tutorial

We did it! The Add-on is approved. You can now go find the Add-on in the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Video Transcript

0:00 Hell yeah, it happened, we got an email. We have an email that has in the subject line editor add-on approved.
0:08 So let's look at this email. We also have another email which is their response to our response when we got rejected.
0:15 But let's look at the first one we got which was today's Wednesday by the way. New shirt, new day and I think I resubmitted this last Friday just to give you a little perspective and a little context over how long this kind of thing takes.
0:31 But hallelujah, congratulations, your app, CPM custom function has been approved for publication. It will become available at this link. Soon, so if you end up getting this email fairly quickly, like in the middle of your work day and you click on this link, it might not be live.
0:49 It does say publication often takes a while to complete. So don't worry if you don't have access yet. And it will be visible before the end of day.
0:59 So the end of the day there. It's probably the beginning of my day here. So let's see. Let's see if it's actually available.
1:05 And it is. It has a CPM custom function. It has the screenshots. It has the icon. It has a link to bettorsheets.co.
1:13 I think down here, yeah, down here it'll have this developer link that we put in. The privacy policy should be.
1:21 It correctly going to our website. And what we really have to do now is go to our card dashboard and fix the links.
1:30 So what I'm doing now is logging into my card and going to the install buttons. I'm just going to take this workspace link that I got from the.
1:42 Email and actually go and change these links from this hashtag to just this full URL. I'm going to click done and I'm going to do that for each one of these.
1:54 Pretty exciting, right? We finally can make it live. And so I've updated in three. We can actually do a little command F install and see there's three buttons here.
2:08 And I'm just going to then click publish here, publish those changes and that should update fairly quickly the buttons here.
2:18 Let's see if it does it. Clearly cache and oh and I actually. I have to change the text as well.
2:25 Do that. Make sure you do that. So I'd change this to free. This is a free. So I get I can look for install, change this text and the link.
2:36 Don't forget to do that. There we go. And third one, this one. So instead of coming soon, it is free.
2:49 Done. Now publish again and check those changes. We'll in further videos and further sections of this course, we'll right now there are no reviews and there are no users.
3:05 So you might want to send this out to a few friends. Double check that it actually 100% works to what you expect.
3:14 And we're also going to talk about extra little function, extra little things you can add to your workspace, not workspace, your add on.
3:23 Yeah, your workspace add on. But also one last video about opportunities that I think you can optimize based on you watch this whole course now you've gotten to this point.
3:34 But are there little opportunities that you can basically over index for and make really good successes? Can you? Do something here excessively well?
3:46 Like will the icon be better? The, the screenshots be better. Some kind of text, how to name things and how to do basically optimization to make things just a little bit better, but like extra ordinarily better.
4:01 That's in the next video.