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Apps Script Manifest

About this Tutorial

We need to fill out our Apps Script manifest. In this video I show you how to get that to show up in our Apps Script.

Video Transcript

0:00 Alright, for this next few videos we are going to need the AppScript.json file here. If you are not familiar with AppScript, I will walk you through how to show that and get it.
0:11 Super easy. In my CPM custom function, again, this was just a sheet done here just a few minutes ago. And so you will not see this AppScript.
0:21 Manifest. What we need to do is go over to the left side of the screen and we will see some project settings.
0:28 We will actually come back to this when we need to add our Google Cloud Platform, but I don't want to get too ahead of myself.
0:36 Before we do that, if you see these three check boxes, one says log uncautic. So. And then the last one says show app script.json manifest file in editor.
0:48 So this whole time app script.json has been here. We just haven't seen it. So we just click that box and we don't have to save.
0:57 We don't have to do anything. We literally just go back to overview. No, not overview. So sorry, editor. That's what we're in.
1:03 And there it is. That is all. You just click once on that check box and you get your app script.json.
1:09 And how it will look is wherever your time zone is. It will be here. You'll have some dependencies if you need them.
1:16 I don't use them. But there's some other things we're going to have. Do add here. We're going to do that in multiple videos.
1:25 We'll go over the auth, the auth scopes. But the next thing in the next video I want to go over is the Google cloud project, which will take a little bit of time to do.
1:34 But if you're looking for your app script that Jason, that's where you go. You go to project settings, check off this box show app script.
1:42 And now we have our app script. We can't. App script Jason manifest. So oh, did I, did I uncheck it?
1:53 Might've, there. Yeah, I did uncheck it. So it disappeared on me, but I just can show it here. There you go.
1:58 Go back to editor. And there it is. It's there. It's there the whole time. All right. Thanks for watching. Go on.
2:05 Watch the next one.