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MAKE Your Google Sheets Add-on USABLE

About this Tutorial

In this section we're going to turn our apps script into an add-on. complete with add-on menu. (Yes it's different than a custom menu, slightly).

The things I go over in this section took a lot of trial and error. The first time I created a Google Sheets Add-on I was flabbergasted that it just didn't work like a Google Sheets Add-on. Until I did all the things I go over in this section.

Video Transcript

0:00 At this stage we have already completed our custom function, and that function we should not have to touch again. What we're going to be adding to the app script is extra stuff that really makes it usable as an add-on.
0:16 This is going to be a little tricky, I have to admit. It took me a while to get through all of this, but it should be just a few minutes for each of these videos as we add it.
0:27 I'm opening up now Sheet Styles to show you. This is actually the real code that I used to ship my first add-on.
0:35 This has some comments here of code that I didn't want to delete yet. What I have been doing is, It is so tricky because if you are familiar with Apps Script, you have this function onOpen, which is a common function.
0:46 I have it in a lot of other videos. I had to change this to create add-on menu. That was a little tricky, and I had to add this onInstall as well, which we will get into in this set of videos.
0:59 We are also going to go through, with this Apps Script.json, which I will show you where to go. We will do some auth scopes a little bit with a custom function.
1:11 You don't need anything. Oh, and I can also show you, one second. We will also be adding this alert as well.
1:20 This, I need to do, in Spintax one. In Sheets Styles, I had, I did not have that. I had a sidebar.
1:28 But as a custom function, it sort of has a lack of menu items because you just use the function. But this alert was important.
1:36 I had to add this. So it adds a little bit of extra stuff, but you'll see, in our Oethscopes, we will literally just copy and paste this.
1:46 And anything in this next section of videos that you'll see me doing, I'm copy and pasting from the ones that worked.
1:54 You're going to be able to access this sheet, or at least a copy of the sheet with all of this stuff, if you just want to copy paste and then, it as you go.
2:03 You're more than welcome to do that. But you will have to, you'll see in the Apps Script Manifest one, you have to do a couple things.
2:09 And the Google Cloud Project one, it's going to be a little tricky because you have to use your own console.
2:14 But we'll walk through that. Let's go make it useful or usable.