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Add-on Banner Design

About this Tutorial

Create a banner. This is the thumbnail image that will appear in the Google Workspace Marketplace

Video Transcript

0:00 So for the banner we're gonna create it as well in Canva and as I said in the intro, just you don't need to overthink this, you don't need to over stylize this.
0:12 I did early on here was my tiny sheets one, I tried to like describe it again, I tried to use this also in other places and it just It's too busy, it doesn't really have this, this I don't even know what to call it.
0:26 These lines around the edge are just distracting and not necessary. So this was the Spin Tax one, I used the logo as well because it actually stood out, it was a little pop.
0:36 Let me double check and share with you the dimensions, this is actually really a key. The dimension is 220 pixels wide and 140 pixels high.
0:47 That is the dimensions. So all I'm doing is I'm gonna take a copy of this for the CPM one, if I can click on it.
0:56 Okay, Loom was doing something weird. Let's try this again. File, make a copy. There we go. And all we're doing is gonna edit this.
1:07 I'm gonna take out this actual thing. What is that? The spinner. And I'm gonna call this CPM. Oh, I want to make it all caps.
1:18 CPM costs. Cost per me lay custom function. We're gonna try to decrease the size here. Fit that all in. Center it up.
1:40 Bada bing bada boom. We are done in less than a minute, right? This could probably be better in some ways.
1:48 You can overthink this as well. Again being on the, where is it here how much do you want to stand How could you stand out so that if somebody is searching for certain things, let's just look at something right away, right?
2:06 How can you stand out from this? Probably having less text on this image because there's text underneath. But yeah, this is where did it end up being CPM cost per mille might need on more color, but you know what?
2:20 Let's just download it. As a PNG and we're done.