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About this Tutorial

We get our Add-on rejected. Oh no! But wait, stay calm. We'll read the email and see why it was rejected.

Video Transcript

00:00 The day has come, my friends, we have been rejected, absolutely rejected. Today is a terrible day. I also spilled half a cup of coffee on myself and on my desk.
00:09 Nothing got harmed, no electronics got harmed, but I did lose half a cup of coffee, so and I'm losing some hair here.
00:18 This is sort of the quinta essential thing that I was sort of talking about earlier in the course. If you have a fragile emotions, I would not do even start this process because we got editor add-on rejected, and it looks terrible when it says rejected.
00:40 In the subject line, it looks terrible, but here's the key to this lesson right now. And here's the lesson in the lesson that you're watching is read the email.
00:53 We're going to walk through this right now, and you'll see that it's not so bad. I don't know why they do it this way.
01:00 Why they do. Say rejected and let you move on with your life and you go, I should have never tried this in the first place.
01:07 No, I don't know why they say this. The word rejected sounds so terrible. It's like, Hey, just add some more information.
01:15 All right. So here's what actually it says. It says your current app has been rejected. It does not comply with some of the guidelines and you're like, Oh my God, what guidelines are there and has to be resubmitted?
01:28 Oh my God. Ah, we have some, we can throw our hands up and say, Oh, what have we done? What are we done?
01:36 Well, it actually will just keep reading the email will tell you what to do. What did you have? Done or not done in order to address these issues, you will need to make changes in the settings.
01:46 And there's one, only one. There's one big block. It's a big block of text. It is. But that's it. One thing.
01:54 One thing has stopped us from getting accepted. Let me tell you. This happens a hundred percent of the time. There's always one thing that they ask you to do or need you to do or reject it upon based on something.
02:11 They'll find something. I think, I think. I mean, I'm done this now five times. This is a six time. But here's the, here's the thing that I want to also, before we go into what this is, detailed description.
02:21 I provided longer description and we'll fix it in this video. I want to tell you a simple thing. The, I actually, I think I gave you bad advice earlier in this course when I said, just go through this process and that's alone.
02:35 Walk through this process. But I don't think that's very good advice because I didn't go through that. I literally wanted.
02:41 To walk through this exact process once I built the simplest add on I could possibly find like this one. Very similar.
02:48 Actually, it was very different, but similar concept. The very simple add on and then I walk through this process and unfortunately I didn't get through the process.
02:57 The first time that I did this, I did not get all the way through because I got like a rejection.
03:04 I had no overarching motivation. I had no purpose to like, I need this thing to be done. So really what I would suggest is like having a purpose of like you want to solve an actual problem and you're like, I really need to do this and get through all these steps.
03:18 If you can do if you have that higher purpose, then these little steps are going to. Feel like nothing. They're going to take moments of your day and you'll move on with your day.
03:26 I'm like, okay, that is done. But here's what we got to do. We just have to write a longer description.
03:31 This is a detailed description should provide a longer description of your app. I think I remember it being only a sentence.
03:42 Let's go to console.google.com. We'll go to console.google.com. It always signs me into like whatever chrome one I'm in. So user, so I'll move over to the better sheets user on here.
04:02 And because the CPM custom function was the one that I was in last, I'm already in there. Unless if you are working on multiple cloud functions, then you might have to go find your cloud function here.
04:14 You can see all the other apps I've done. Tiny sheets, Asa button styles, spin tags here. So you might have.
04:22 To change that, but let's go in and do you remember where we have to go because you don't have to click on anything here.
04:29 Just go up to the search bar and search for Google workspace marketplace. The key letters SDK. This is like the hardest thing to do.
04:42 It's. Figure out where to go to find that because you just have to search for it and click on it.
04:48 Make click manage. If you put this down for a week, you're gonna forget all these steps and you're going to be like, oh my god, I need to watch this video again.
04:56 Alright our app configuration is complete. We don't have to do anything with that. If you have updated it. Though between when you when you sent for verification sent for listing, do update this.
05:12 Absolutely update the script version and you'll see after we if we get this approved you can still update the script version and it gets much easier to update this and.
05:23 I'll, I'll share that with you later. But we're gonna go to a store listing. It says unpublished, rejected just hurts my ego a little bit, right?
05:32 The red icon in this blank white space. Alright. Do you remember before I find it? Do you remember where we go?
05:43 We have to click on this down arrow for English, and we're gonna fill out the English version of this, which we're not filling out any other version at all.
05:52 So this is the only one. So here's the short description calculates cost per millet. We're creating the CPM function. And here's a detailed description.
05:59 It says a single custom function. You can add to your spreadsheet to calculate. CPM or cost per millet. So they're just saying this is too short.
06:07 Alright, let's, let's wax on more. What else do we want?. CPM is, oh actually I can probably you can calculate your.
06:23 As per views or cost per units no matter what the. Me le is. I don't know what to say there.
06:38 . This and on. And CPM. Function itself is great for marketers and analysts. Can. Oh, you can. What else can you do?
06:56 You can use this to. Normalize prices across many different. Sources and. Needyums as well. A. CPM.. I don't think I've ever written more than two paragraphs.
07:21 . The. Math behind. This is. Take. Let's do take the cost. No, take the. Amount of views. Units and divide by 1000.
07:43 Then. Take that the cost and divide by that. That way you can normalize price even if there's large differences in views.
08:04 Cost. There you go. So, that's it. I mean, we're just explaining more about it. Literally they didn't say much about this.
08:13 They said detailed description should provide a longer description. And it does give you some information here. Describe, write your description to entice users to download your item.
08:24 Make sure. To start description with a concise statement of what your item does. So on, so they can understand it.
08:31 Your description can then go on to provide more detail, but always limit yourself to describe the app itself and its functionality.
08:38 Any additional detail should be published and available on your website. Yeah. Of course. Be sure your descriptions are not misleading and properly formatted, non-descriptive, irrelevant, excessive or inappropriate.
08:51 Yeah, I was gonna probably start talking about like, where to advertise and like other like social media and all this stuff, but like I probably thought I think that might be too excessive.
09:01 Like I might have examples, maybe.. Actually, that might be a good thing, but I thought, okay, let's just get through this a little bit.
09:09 Let's just spend a couple minutes on this, right? Developers must provide clear and well written, short and detailed descriptions. We also don't allow un-attributed or anonymous user testimonials in the product description.
09:20 Any issue with these considerations can be considered. Spam, so you can't include testimonials. Explain how the formula works. It was diff- Oh, here's actual- This is actual additional.
09:35 This is actually human writing this. So I think this first part is- This is the, like, total, most ow. This is what is always written, and then these additional notes.
09:49 I think because there is a misspelling with please, I think this is a real human- spelling a real human writing this.
09:56 Please improve the app detail description, explain- Oh, and also explain! Is it all weird? How the formula works. It was difficult for us to under- understand it.
10:05 Okay, that's three words misspelled. I think this is a real human doing this. Republish your app. Okay, let's do that.
10:14 I think we described the math a little bit. We say who it's great for. This part I wouldn't go excessively into this as- they say I wouldn't- I wouldn't try to- yes, it's good to entice a user to download it.
10:32 But at the moment that they're on the Google Workspace marketplace is probably not the time to like have something that is a little bit more marketing.
10:42 I would keep it to description of the app. The question here is optimization. How much do you want to optimize these words?
10:51 What are people searching for here? Are they searching for analytics? Bet- what like phrase? Do they want to do faster analytics?
10:58 Do they want to do integrations? I would optimize for words that people are actually searching for. Not words that are like persuasive words that people would not- search for.
11:06 So that's what I would recommend here. If- if anything. And remember that we have a website. We can say anything we want on that website.
11:15 Almost anything. Alright, so we're gonna hit done. We're gonna scroll down and hit save. If you watched the earlier videos, we did not hit save ones and I now remember that for the r- rest of my life.
11:28 And even though it says unpublished and rejected, the next thing- the only thing we can do is hit publish. We're gonna hit publish there.
11:38 And now, it's under review. But do you think this video is over? It is not. It's so long. We're going to reply to this.
11:52 Thank you. I just updated and resubmitted. Can you take another? Look. Reply to this email. Highly recommended to do that.
12:06 If you do not reply to the email, I don't think it's the end of the world. I think it's fine.
12:11 But I would highly recommend replying to the email. And by the way, additional information that you'll get an email before you get the rejection when you submit to the marketplace that says Google Workspace Marketplace review and it literally- it really just says we're starting the review process.
12:29 So I got that actually earlier. I was gonna make a video about that only that and then literally in the time between then and when I was gonna make the video, I got the rejection.
12:37 The rejection came very fast. So in, you know, within a day, I think or within two days. I can't remember.
12:44 But I just got this. Yeah. That was nine hours ago. So between nine hours ago and this, I got rejected.
12:53 Very interesting. And I hope this helps you get through this process. This can be very daunting. To say the least.
13:00 Bye.