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OAuth - Action Needed

About this Tutorial

We got a reply from our OAuth submission. It says "Action Needed" In this video we'll go over the action needed and I'll show you what to do.

Video Transcript

0:00 So the day has come, the opportunity is so close to get this add-on started. At least the approval process started, right?
0:08 We have one phase first, which is the OAuth phase, and then we have a second phase, which is the marketplace listing.
0:14 And if you are following along sequentially and you got to this video, it is one of these videos that might happen to you.
0:22 It has a good chance of happening to you if you follow step by step. But also, you might have other emails.
0:30 So we got an email. We got an email from Google, and to their word, what happened was I submitted the CPM function.
0:40 For OAuth consent, not the marketplace listing, but OAuth consent on a Friday. It is now Wednesday, my time. So Friday, my time I submitted.
0:48 Wednesday, my time I got an email. So that's like within the three to five day window that they do say.
0:53 But do they do recommend, they do say that it will take, it might take two to four weeks, not for the email.
1:01 To get like a first response or to like get started. And to their word, it is now five days later.
1:07 I've been like, every day, every morning, scrolling up, seeing my email and being like, is it here, is it here, is it here?
1:14 This feels like Christmas, but it is quite a, It is quite a, a rug pull because we don't have the OAuth consent, but we do have something that you might get scared about.
1:28 And I want to walk through what to do in this scenario. So we have OAuth verification requests. This is from API OAuth dev and we will go through the whole email and we'll show you, I'll show you what I do here.
1:41 For right now, this says action needed. You might get one of two other things. So I've seen at least three different emails here.
1:50 I've seen action needed. In this case, I saw, I saw this in the last add-on I made in another email I made another email I made.
1:59 No, another add-on that I made. I did, I think I went through everything and I got it perfect the first time sort of accidentally.
2:09 And it did say, you know, just, you're approved. OAuth is like very particular sometimes. It really depends on the scopes.
2:18 I think I even didn't need it for one. Oh no what happened is I think I went to get it approved, got it approved, but then changed the scopes.
2:28 And so I had to go through another round of approval. So I think you can get one of three emails rejected, action needed, or approved.
2:37 So this is really good because this is actually really simple. This action need will walk through it. They reviewed our project.
2:45 It looks like your project is still in development or staging, and this is wrong, but it might be, they might be looking at something that we're not looking at.
2:53 So we're going to walk through it. This is only going to take a few minutes. Don't worry. This is not a long process.
2:59 We're just going to double check that we got everything right. And they just mentioned that development projects are not eligible for verification.
3:08 You really do need to like put the project out there, and that's why I do recommend trying to walk through this project trying to walk through this add-on process first in a, in a very simple app, and then you can always add to it later.
3:23 This is a critical need to be production ready. They're just saying all this stuff. We don't care. We just want to, we do want to production ready.
3:32 Alright, so, their next steps are, if your app is not in development or in staging, publish your app. So we're gonna go check that.
3:38 We're gonna go check that that is correct. That we did do that.. And it does say, specifically respond to this email and confirm your app is ready for verification.
3:47 This is a good thing. This means that we do not have to reapply, that we can reply directly to this.
3:54 I just got this email 53 minutes ago. So someone's sitting there being like, okay, I sent their thing. I'm done for the day.
4:00 And then I'm going to send it back and like, oh, with it. In an hour and they're gonna be like, okay, let's see what they did.
4:06 I don't know if that's true or not. It's probably going to be someone else. For more information, sure. We can read all of this stuff.
4:14 And maybe if you're towing that line of the gray line of an add-on, maybe look at all this stuff and see what these APIs.
4:22 Things are worth. But this is like one of the best emails we can get. Because we really are just going to have to go back, check that it's deployed go up to app script.
4:34 We're in our, our sheet. We just want to manage deployments and see this. But we're going to check this. First we have version one.
4:44 We did do this on May 26th. It's May 31st now. My time. And it looks fine from this perspective. But again, their point was on Google Cloud Console.
4:58 Or Google, yeah, Google Cloud Console. So let's look at it. Let's, and this might be really hard to find. Let's double check.
5:10 Okay, it's gonna be OAuth consent screen. We might, let's say in production, user type external. I think that's what I'm just gonna say.
5:33 Looks like the publishing status is in production. Publish your app from testing to production by clicking the publish app button in the OAuth screen.
5:43 From a configuration page on your pa- of your project. So I'm in the OAuth consent screen. It says pending in production.
5:56 Is there another button? This might be the case of like, where is the button? If- this actually might happen. To some people.
6:04 You might have this still in testing.. I'm just literally going to reply. That's it! Th- this is the whole video!
6:13 It's just me seeing that this is in production. And I'm going to reply.. Production- rated production.. Hi, it. Does. Seem like my.
6:27 Google Cloud. Console is in production. My project. In. You should sort of say, hey, it is in production.. If there's no other buttons here, we can click on edit app again.
6:43 Let's double check. Let's just go through it all. I mean, it's fine. Save and continue. Save and continue. Optional information.
6:54 Save and continue. Here's the scopes. Here's all this stuff. Back to Dashboard. We don't even have a. We have no place to.
7:05 Hit publish. Right? Like, am I missing something? And now you might think you might be sitting there watching this video and you're like, he's not missing anything.
7:14 Or you're like, oh, there's the button. There's the button. And there's no button. But here's the thing about this email.
7:20 These emails get sent all the time. And again, I get these emails now. Multiple times so I can tell you that this is not out of this has happened before where I just literally say it is in production and then we're all fine.
7:34 So you'll see the next video. If this ends up being the thing I cannot find anywhere else. I've checked, double checked.
7:41 You know, it only took us a few minutes. We don't have to like. Fastically look around for anything. We have our goo, which, you know, can make sure our numbers are all correct that it is actually it says back to dashboard.
7:57 Publishing status, the publishing status as far as I can. Can see in console console is let's even take a little screenshot.
8:16 Is in production is. In production. Let's see. A little screenshot. See if we can add a screenshot here. If you can see it, there's a screen.
8:41 Attached. Yeah, that's it. That's all. I wanna say hit send. We are done. Done with that one. We're just gonna sit here and wait again, maybe a day, maybe another day.
8:54 Just mind you, it has been five days since I did send that OAuth consent screen. And now we just wait again.
9:03 This could take two to four weeks. Let's see in the next video if, if and when I actually get the approval if that is all I needed to do.
9:12 Bye. See you in the next one.