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OAuth Approval Request Granted

About this Tutorial

This is what the request granted email looks like! 
Phase 1 of 2 done. The next thing we need to do is submit our application to the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Video Transcript

0:00 Oh, this is so exciting. The day has come. We got another email coming from OAuth Verification Request. It is so just to review if you haven't watched the videos all in a row, we are doing the OAuth Consent Approval phase.
0:15 And we've sent them, we've sent in the approval request, got an email back that action. Needed. And now I'm hoping, fingers crossed, that we have approved and we have exactly approved.
0:28 It is 100% request granted. What I would recommend when you get this kind of email is to actually read it just to make sure that everything is fine.
0:41 And it's very good to double check that the scopes are what you expect. Because if and when you want to update the app later on, you want to keep within those scopes.
0:53 If you add scopes, you might have to go through this verification process again. So it's very good. To keep this email, don't delete it.
1:03 You might be able to reply to it and ask for more scopes. In my personal experience and creating the add-ons that I have yet, that I've already created, I have not gone and added more scopes, but there was an issue with one of them where I did the OAuth approval and then the Marketplace
1:25 approval all at the same time, and the Marketplace approval did two, they said two things, they said you haven't gotten OAuth approval yet, exactly, and not the right scopes.
1:36 But I had sort of, it was sort of a mishmash of to- high-main and a bad timing, so I would honestly recommend just double checking that the scopes are correct here and reading all, you like see if certain changes you have to make, you have to submit another review this is sort of- just
2:01 at saying all of that. If you plan to do restricted scopes, it's a whole different ball game. But yeah, we are approved.
2:10 I'm excited to go on to the next step. If you have been watching these all in order, I'm making these in order the next few videos you'll see I have made before this video, so and it's uh- doing the marketplace.
2:22 But we're gonna- you're gonna see me in real time, so well actually I should talk about the time. So now it's Friday.
2:29 I requested this approval a week ago. And then only two days ago did I get the first email replied to that and then the past email and now two days later, two full days later, it was a- long time.
2:42 Refreshing my inbox, refreshing my inbox. But yeah, that just gives you an idea of the time it might take to get this OAuth approval.
2:50 And now let's go to do the marketplace listing.