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Marketplace Opportunities

About this Tutorial

Wanted to share with you some opportunities where you can optimize your listing and get the most people installing your Add-on.

Video Transcript

00:00 So what opportunities exist on the workplace marketplace? And that's what this video is about. I'm gonna be talking about it a little bit, at least directions that I think you can go to discover more opportunities, more optimizations you can make, and where to look for those, and what sort of
00:18 gaps to fill in this space. So, I wanna generally talk about what makes, I think, a successful Google Sheet add-on, and it's not necessarily what you might think.
00:26 It's not doing a good thumbnail. It's not doing a good actual good writing code. I think it's actually having a brand name outside of this space.
00:36 There are people who do search for things that go to the, Google Workspace marketplace, and they do search for them.
00:44 Certain words, certain actions. They're not going to be searching for your your brand name unless they already know you. And so if we look at, actually, some of the top charts and most popular apps here, there's, like, a few that have tens of millions, ,of downloads.
01:02 But these are all brand names that are, exist outside of this world, right? Sketchup, Autocrat, Pear D***. And they're going, there's even, like, Zoom is here with 55 million downloads.
01:16 That's because Zoom has 10x that many users, right? And so when I'm looking through this, I don't really look at the top, just these most popular, or even top rated we have some gaps experts here, mail merge.
01:34 A lot of mail merge. But let's look at these editor choice listings and see if we can, And think of something, right?
01:43 Here's intelligent apps. One thing that I did consider for a little bit, and I still consider it to this day, is creating some kind of GPT wrapper for Google Sheets.
01:53 I have it in better sheets. If you're watching this course separately outside of better sheets, in better sheets, I have app, a script that is written that has a wrapper to GPT 4, GPT 3.5, GPT 3.
02:07 You can do all this writing inside of Google Sheets with that stuff. But there are AI writers here, GPT what is it called?
02:17 Custom functions. That's the moment we just made. Custom functions. So these are getting a little bit of a push, but like, are people actually going here?
02:27 That's sort of a good question, and I don't know the answer to that. But I'm looking through them and I see like, okay, intelligent apps and AI is a trend now, and it is possible to jump on new trends, VR, AR.
02:43 AI, NFTs, right? And try to, and as you saw during this particular course, very quickly code up something and get it on the marketplace.
02:53 Simply, we can do updates, we can run updates and add updates as well. Much easier once something is approved and on.
03:02 But. Getting it approved and on, you know, matter of fact, take two weeks. Max and sometimes it took a little bit less.
03:09 Sometimes it took a little bit more, right? Depending on how many issues you have with your app that you wrote.
03:16 We have a work from anywhere. And this is again, very public.. Companies, very large companies. So you're not necessarily gonna be able to like optimize your way through here.
03:28 There's some business essentials. Automagical forms is rather good creator of add-ons and they have a bunch of add-ons and they have a subscription service.
03:38 But then there's also Trillow. That's very big company, right? Yam we have Street Keyer, who is a large company for Chrome extension in your Gmail.
03:52 There's apps to discover. And these, it says, new apps and innovative solutions to try, but they have almost a mil- actually this one has a million installs.
04:04 They're mostly in the hundreds of thousands. So like, how new are they? Here's a translate pro, even though we have Google translate inside of sheets already.
04:17 We can also go up here and click on just the ones with sheets. Click done and see. Which ones work with sheets.
04:25 See the top charts. So I think a lot, most of the optimization you can do for your add on and getting installs is going to be off platform off of this particular workspace.
04:37 But what can you do right here right now and spend, you know, say 10 minutes instead of five minutes or.
04:43 Spend an hour or spend a day creating and I think it's in this thumbnail. I think the biggest opportunity is making sure that people who are searching for the words that your that your keywords are that they find it and visually communicate with them.
05:01 Not in just text. And I see this sort of all over. Here's more categories over here. Let's see if we can click on it.
05:09 Yeah, we have more categories. Let's look at education. Every single one of these, maybe except this one time or one has a big text in it.
05:19 Well, here's a form range and has some arrow, right? I. I think you can optimize this thumbnail way more than I did and I think you can optimize it way beyond what people are doing right now.
05:32 I think this timer is probably the best one right now that I see. And I say best because it communicates what it does.
05:40 It is time. It's time. There's a timer. Time is going down. Maybe this would be better if it was very big like time.
05:49 I don't. Here this one has a Nearpod for slides. So it has their logo. So again, they're optimizing for off platform.
05:59 They have their near, you know Nearpod. I don't know Nearpod, but if you do, okay. We now know this is, it says Nearpod here and it's by Nearpod.
06:07 Here's a Cammy, by Cammy, right? They're optimizing for off platform and saying, okay, we're going to find people and we just need to make sure that as close to 100% of people who know us and want to download this and install it, get here.
06:22 So that's one optimization you can do is just double that. I don't know how long that, but I also did check for SpinTax.
06:29 I was like literally looking for SpinTax. I typed in the word SpinTax and then I found zero, nothing. So now this one add-on for every single person who searches for the word SpinTax in this Google workspace, 100% are, going to be getting this.
06:46 Now there's only 155 installs so far, so this is, and this has only been available for a few weeks, right?
06:52 That's like two weeks. Edit that and change that in some way to be more persuasive. But I think I did hit on something that is optimizable, which is make the name something that people are actually searching for.
07:20 Like if we search for CPM, we have things that might include CPM, or might be good or reference CPM. But ours, the CPM custom function, is the only one named CPM.
07:33 So if somebody is literally looking for this CPM or, let's see if cost per melee, the only one, right? And this is a very specific term.
07:44 If we use calculus, we're probably not even on the top list. Yeah, there's so many more that calculate something. Generate quiz, or two-seize quiz.
07:58 We'll have a lot, right? Quiz builder, quiz designer, this Bjorn, Bjorn's playground is optimizing for the, fact that like, okay, here's three.
08:08 We haven't even just created one that does a quiz ultimate package. No, they've created three different apps here, add-ons, and very clearly said this is a quiz designer, quiz builder, quiz taker, right?
08:23 Quiz banker, here's quiz Dix. Oh, that's also Bjorn, too. Something that I need to work on myself if we look at styles.
08:31 Styles might be something people actually search for. There's table styles. They might remember table styles, but not remember the table.
08:39 Here's styles by AbleBits. These are words that people are actually searching for. Here's styles to do. And here's better sheets, sheet styles.
08:46 But, This thumbnail sucks compared to all of this michigose here, like all of these things. It's horrible. It actually is far worse than it could possibly be if it was almost nothing.
09:00 If it just said sheet styles, like this one says super styles next to it. So I definitely have to change the, this.
09:07 I have to definitely go back through this. Look at how it sits inside here and get people to click on it.
09:13 And I think it's gonna be similar to, I think I mentioned this in another video. This green, right? This brandable color, I think, is going to be the key here.
09:23 This orange. I wonder if this orange doesn't show up here, so, Oh, and we click on it, doesn't show up.
09:28 I wonder if that orange is any thing they use themselves. It's not nowhere. So maybe they thought, okay, we're gonna use this orange background to stand out amongst all of these.
09:40 And that's okay, but I think this green, this is within my brand, and it also stands out. This orange might stand out, but it's not within, their brand.
09:48 It's probably hard to see that this is typing test. If you know typing test, it doesn't, like many people would know typing test.
09:54 This logo is probably their only thing. So yeah, I hope this was helpful to get some ideas on how to optimize your marketplace listing.
10:05 Bye.