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Introduction to Google Sheets™ Add-on Course

About this Tutorial

In this course we'll go step by excruciating step how to take a simple apps script from a bound script to your spreadsheet and turn it into a published Google Sheets add-on available to the public on the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Video Transcript

0:01 Welcome to Google Sheets Add-On Course by Better Sheets. I'm Andrew. I'm going to be hosting this course. This is the course intro.
0:07 We are doing nothing but talking about the course in general, the meta course, and talking about why you might be taking this.
0:14 In the next video, we're going to be talking about what is an add-on and what problems it can solve. So we're going to go a little bit deeper Facebook.
0:20 Then in the fourth video I have outlined, we're going to actually write the script. That is the only section of the course that will actually be coding.
0:32 So if you don't know how to code, it's okay. You do not need prior knowledge about coding in order to, do this particular course.
0:43 I have, a different course called spreadsheet automation 101. You are more than welcome. And actually I do recommend you do take that.
0:50 But it is not a prerequisite and it is not a necessary thing to do before taking this course. This course, as you will see, is we will be going from sheet.
1:01 All the way to a marketplace, not ready app, but actually on the marketplace. So I will not be releasing this course unless the actual add-on that we make is actually already on the marketplace.
1:15 I have done some estimated minutes of these modules. I have seven, fifty, seven lessons outlined. That might change as I go into it.
1:25 Right now it's about 249 minutes estimated. So you'll see this change as these are completed. Right now we're a minute and a half into the first two-minute intro.
1:35 And we're gonna go through what's an add-on in the next video. We're gonna go through what's an add-on in the next video.
1:41 So let's go through what's an add-on in the next video. And then we have some sections here. Make it work.
1:44 We're actually gonna create the app. Add-on. We're gonna create. Then we're gonna make it usable. We're gonna talk about how like add-on, the necessary things to make it usable as an add-on, which is Google Cloud project and stuff.
1:57 I'll walk through all of that. You'll see exactly how to do that. We'll talk about OAuth scopes. We'll talk about it a little bit.
2:02 And you'll see exactly how to do that. And we'll also be able to make it findable. We're gonna create some items in Canva.
2:11 You don't need, I don't even think a paid version of Canva to be able to do this kind of stuff that we do.
2:15 We will be using Card to create a website. So you might need to pay for that. It's like $19. Year for the lowest option.
2:24 And we'll put it on the marketplace. We'll actually go through all those steps of getting it approved. And then we'll also launch it.
2:30 We'll do a little bit of launching how I launch things, how I launch it on Product Hunt. And that is from sheet.new to a working add-on that is published and usable.
2:41 There are some, additional concepts that I didn't want to get into in the middle of the course. So we'll talk about those separately that are like extra additions that you absolutely could do if you wanted to.
2:51 And this is, this gets into coding a little bit. So I put it all at the end just in case you did not have any coding experience.
2:58 Then I also talk about why we should make it. I didn't want to really pepper this. It's a course with all these sort of why questions.
3:06 I put those at the end so you can watch those if you do want to. At least that's how it is now.
3:12 And then I also gave some ideas on what to make at the very end. So those are additional sections that you can watch if you do.
3:23 Now let's talk about what is an add-on.