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MAKE Your Google Sheets Add-on DISCOVERABLE

About this Tutorial

In this section of our Add-on course we'll get out of sheets for a bit and create marketing materials. I'll show you the templates I use to make websites very quickly. hint: It's CARRD!
I'll also show you how quickly I make the banner and logo. You might be as quick if you have your own company logo or you already have something made.

Video Transcript

0:00 Now that we have created our add-on, we have created the Google Cloud project, we have put a couple of things into the app that we want to use.
0:11 Now we're gonna make it findable. We're actually gonna make the materials, the logo, the banner, screenshots, and the website all in this section.
0:19 I'm gonna show you how I, I do that we're gonna use Canva, and we're gonna use Card. These are the two tools that I've used so that I have templates, that I have very simple things to copy and paste each time that I want to create a brand new add-on and all the materials.
0:34 So when I first originally did this, I found that these steps took, a lot more time than I needed to take.
0:44 I found out that it was a lot of thinking that I really didn't need to do. And so I want to walk through, just in a minute here, some of the things that I thought about, but then never came true.
0:57 Yet, right? It's only been a few months since I've made these five Google Sheet add-ons. So take a look at the Google Workspace Marketplace here.
1:07 The things we're going to create is this banner that is literally like the thumbnail of the add-on, but it is only the add-ons thumbnail in this marketplace.
1:19 Someone who's discovering your, add-on, if they are discovering it, might not need all of the information. We can see the first one I made, which I will probably change eventually, is much harder to read than the other ones here in this particular case.
1:37 We can look at it here. You won't see the banner again here. I think you only see screenshots here. And the decision to use this is not necessarily made at this moment.
1:50 They are free to install, and someone will probably find it in another way. So the website actually is much more important.
1:56 I just used two S's here. You can see in tiny sheets. Similar thing. I made the tiny very big. But then you can see also the custom one I made.
2:11 The custom function that I made, SpinTax, is far different. It's much easier to read here, and has my brand colors that is like the greenish here.
2:21 So I'm gonna be. Changing the other ones. And I just want to make clear that it's very little, very little information you want to put on this banner.
2:29 Very little information you want to put in the logo. And very little time you want to spend on this. Because it's not the deci- this is not the decision people make to use this.
2:39 It'll be all- everything else other than that. So we'll go in this section. We'll- we'll make everything. We'll use the website.
2:47 You'll be able to access the template for free. Well, car, do you have to pay $19 a month- $19 a year for?
2:54 But you will be able to copy the template and use it as you wish. And you'll get all this- the privacy policy, the terms of service.
3:02 And everything.