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Complete the OAuth Consent Screen

About this Tutorial

We'll finish up the OAuth consent screen form in this video.

Video Transcript

0:00 Alright, so we have finished our OAuth consent screen unlisted YouTube video. I've already uploaded it is less than a minute long.
0:07 It is me just saying, here is the client ID. You will see where I put that. I have this link here and we have some material as well.
0:16 We are back in console.cloud.google.com and we are in the. Project that we already called CPM custom function. We are now going to go to OAuth consent screen.
0:29 We have to find it first. It is so hard to navigate this series of things, of windows and things that we are going to go to API services.
0:40 We are now going to go to OAuth consent screen. We have not yet filled this out yet. We are going to click up here edit app.
0:47 So we are on the OAuth consent screen form. We already have our app name. We already have our user support email.
0:55 Our app logo, remember we have created that since we have been here before. We will click browse. We are now going to go to OAuth consent screen.
1:00 We are now going to go to OAuth consent screen. We will add our logo. App domain, this is CPM.betasheets.co. We are going to add that here.
1:11 Our privacy policy link is the same URL plus privacy-policy. We will double check that. That is a totally fine URL.
1:23 It's fine. We are going to copy-paste this here and instead of privacy policy it's terms of service. Just double check that it's correct.
1:34 Yep, there's our terms of service. Authorized domains are fine. See you again soon. Our scopes should be the same. Scopes are fine.
1:47 Save and continue. Test users. We don't have any. And now we are at the place. Okay, back to dashboard. Now what we want to do is publish app.
1:58 Push to person. Your app will be available to any user with an ink. Google account. You've configured your app in a way that requires verification.
2:05 To complete verification, you need an official link to your app's privacy policy. We have that. A YouTube video showing how you plan to use the Google user data you get from scopes.
2:14 We have that. Oh, I think when I first made this, like the very first time, I actually literally explained. How I'm using the data.
2:24 And you only need to explain that. You don't need to go very deep. You have to say, I get user data in this way, and this is what it is used for the user.
2:33 Written explanation telling Google why you need access to sensitive or restricted user data. This is, I think I will show you in this video.
2:41 And all your domains. And you can see that I'm not sure how I did that. I don't remember. To be honest.
2:51 We're gonna hit confirm. And then now we have prepare for verification. And so we should have some more things to fill out.
3:00 We have a privacy policy. Authorize domain. Save and continue. Where is it? Here it is. How will the scopes be used?
3:09 Interjustification here. And here we have our YouTube link. So let's get our YouTube link first. Put that there. Okay, this is what I wrote.
3:19 Just a couple of sentences. You can make this a little bit bigger. Can we make this a bit bigger? I'm using Script Container UI Scope to show the user a prompt screen with more information about the Google Sheet add-on and custom function they're using.
3:32 That is it. That's all I'm saying. Don't need to go too much. It's only a thousand characters here. Save and continue.
3:40 This is all optional information. Aang! Filling it out. Save and continue. Done. Now my usage of OAuth Scope complies. Submit for verification.
3:52 Ver-ver-verification. Your app has been submitted. We will get an email, I think. We'll get an email in a couple days, or a few days or within a week or- up to two weeks or something.
4:05 Depends, this- this is very weird. Obviously I'm doing this on a Friday, so maybe it'll be a couple more extra days.
4:14 The email you'll get will say either accepted or rejected, probably will say rejected for some reason, or they'll ask additional information.
4:20 So look out for that.