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OAuth Consent Screen

About this Tutorial

Configure the OAuth consent screen with information about your application.

Video Transcript

0:00 So this brings up a pretty scary sort of set of things. We want to, it says here, remember to configure the OAuth consent screen with information about your application.
0:11 We're gonna configure consent screen now. It's right there. It's sometimes hard to see that for the first time you've ever done this.
0:18 We're gonna hit external if you want. Google add-on, a Google workspace add-on for only your organization, meaning only the people on your domain in your workspace.
0:30 You can click in internal here and you do not have to go through authorization submit. You don't have to submit your app for verification.
0:36 But I'm gonna do external, I'm gonna name it. This name I've been having CPM custom function, user support email is gonna be andra at betasheets.co.
0:48 I will need an app logo now. So I will need to be filling all of this out in a second.
0:55 Okay, so the first time you do this, you might not have a logo. You might not have a, home page.
1:01 You might have not have your privacy link. I will show you in a different video how to do all of those and really simply we'll do it with card.
1:09 But let's go through and do all of the things I know are required and see if we can get through.
1:14 We need to add our domain. Nope, not two domains. This is just gonna be our website. I have one bettersheets.co.
1:23 Did not format that correctly. Htps bettersheets.co. Yeah. Http, I am definitely doing this correct. Htps bettersheets.co. Okay. It doesn't give me the error if I just do bettersheets.co.
1:50 Alright. Enter early-20 email. Again, andrew, add bettersheets.co. And it tells you right here these email addresses are for. Google to notify you about any changes to your project.
2:03 And it shows you on the right side if, if you want to know how users are going to see this information.
2:10 Let's see if I can save this without, usually I will come here and I'll already have this website made, but right now I don't.
2:17 So let's just make sure. All right. Great. In the next video. Let me talk about scopes and we're going to do this.