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Check Your Google Sheets Add On Works

About this Tutorial

In this lesson we'll check if the add-on actually works and record a client ID video. A weird little thing that I've now done a few times so can hopefully show you how to easily do it without getting frustrated.

Video Transcript

0:01 So I realize we probably need to check that this works, add-on works well. I don't think I've started it since adding this create add-on menu.
0:13 I don't think I've restarted. So let's see what happens when we refresh and we open it again. Let's double check.
0:20 That it comes up in this extensions. And there we go. It is now here. We haven't had to do anything, right?
0:29 We haven't had to deploy it. I haven't shared with you how to do that yet. So let's do this. We will deploy it when we need to for now.
0:40 If I go to CPM and I go to info, you might ask me, yes. Okay, great. This is where what we need to do now is record a video.
0:49 And I know I'm recording a video, so I can't record a video while recording videos, so this will have to be done, ,off, in between this video and the next one, but this is what you need to record.
1:01 You need to know that your project ID is the,sorry, not project ID. Your client ID. You're literally gonna record this part of it and show, this takes less than a minute.
1:13 You can make a recording of it like this and then show what I'm about to show. Take that and put it on YouTube as an un-l- I have like five of these.
1:24 Go into this literally in this consent screen. This is the consent screen video that you need to make a video of.
1:31 In here, just scroll to the right until you see client ID. It's gonna be a little bit of a wait.
1:41 Just a little bit. You'll see these crazy numbers. And we're just gonna wait and wait and wait. We might, just wanna wait until you see client ID.
1:55 Where is this? Is it that far? Maybe it's from the right, it might be faster. We should be getting there.
2:05 Really the, oh my god, this feels like forever. Okay, I think we skipped it. So we are at the far right.
2:12 So let's go back. There it is. Okay, it would have been much faster. This client ID number is the project ID.
2:21 So, Go to your console.cloud.google. I'm always in the wrong one. I have to always switch it. It's always frustrating, Google.
2:29 If your Google representative is watching this. This project number, is this. See, I lost it already. Go all the way to the far right.
2:40 Let's learn our lesson. Go to the left a little bit. There it is. Client ID equals. And you record this process.
2:48 Just watching this and seeing this number and seeing these two numbers match. That is it. You can then click allow and be done.
2:56 If you have already done this, if you already tested your add-on and you already did this, you must go into into your I don't know what the word is.
3:08 I'll go, I'll find it and show it to you. So for right now, before I show it to you, I'm gonna click allow.
3:13 And you're just gonna record all of this. But again, if you have done this already, you're like testing your app add-on and you're like, oh, I wanna see if this actually, Right?
3:23 Okay, I wanna see this. Now I see it. Now I have to record the video. You have to go and unauthorize yourself and then do this video again.
3:32 Okay, I found it. So if you go to my account.google.com and your correct user, I'm in user two of zero one or two, go over, make sure you're not able to do this.
3:42 Make sure you're in the right account, go over to security on the left side here. Scroll down to third-party apps with account access.
3:50 You're gonna click on this and you're gonna find, CPM. This is the function that I just gave approval to. And all of these are like in, internal app scripts or apps.
4:02 You click on it and you just click remove access. Click OK. So if you have gone through that access again before if you've done that before and you're like, how do I remove myself and do it again so I can record it?
4:18 This is how you do it. And hopefully that helps you now. Go to extensions and click on info. It should ask me again.
4:27 Wait, now I can record this, right? If we skipped it in the beginning.