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Add-on Logo Design

About this Tutorial

Using Canva, we'll make a quick logo. A very quick logo for our Google Sheets™ Add-on

Video Transcript

0:00 So in this video we are going to make a logo for the new CPM add-on. I'm going to take my Spintax logo and copy it, but you can create a 120 pixel by 120 pixel image here in Canva or in 120 by 120.
0:22 That is a square image and you'll see later on where we actually upload it, but right now I'm going to make a copy of this in Canva.
0:32 I'm going to use my, I'm going to delete the spinner. I literally made it. I just searched for an element of a spinner and I'm going to.
0:40 Name it CPM add on logo. This background color is just my brand color and you can use any brand color you want.
0:50 I'm going to actually do something simple, which is just CPM, the letters CPM for this one. I'm going to center it and I'm going to choose let's choose.
1:03 Oh, that's a nice bold. The one thing that I would recommend doing I think I have to change this color though.
1:10 One second. Yeah. Here's my, I have my brand colors here. So one thing I would recommend doing is before you sort of say this is a complete logo, just double check that.
1:21 If it's very small, it's still readable or not re it doesn't have to be exactly readable, but it has to be understandable.
1:30 So you really, you don't want to make anything too complicated. I was doing logos with like a grid or like a spreadsheet grid behind it or a screenshot.
1:39 The logo should be as simple as possible. I'm going to make this a little bit bigger, actually all the way to the edge and see how that looks now.
1:50 That is much easier to read. You can barely see it. So that's the logo I'm going to go with. Super easy.
1:57 I made it in like a minute, right? I'm going to go down here, share, download. Size 120 PNG. Download it.
2:06 Done.