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Mr. Beast Renamed My YouTube Titles

About this Tutorial

I need help to supercharge my YouTube channel! Are you struggling to find the best strategies to boost your YouTube channel's performance too? Let's see if Mr. Beast can help.

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00:00 Hi, I'm Andrew Kamphey, I run Better Sheets. And I have a bit of a problem. I have a YouTube channel of Better Sheets.
00:07 It has hundreds of videos, and the YouTube titles are not necessarily the best YouTube title. So I really want MrBeast to re-title my YouTube names, titles.
00:21 And what I've done so far is I have taken AI GPT-4, hooked it up in a Google Sheet. I've given it a hundred of Mr.
00:31 Beast titles, the top hundred views. I got all a hundred of them. I'll show you how I did that, which is actually pretty simple.
00:40 And then I ran it through AI, said, you are MrBeast, your YouTube video titles are, and I named 100 YouTube titles.
00:50 Then I'm asking it, as MrBeast, rename the YouTube title, and I'm just gonna give it a YouTube title. So these are my, videos here the titles I have here Mr.
01:03 Beast and I ran into a bit of a problem now which I'll probably go over in this video. I will go over in this video, but check it out.
01:10 I'm one of my most popular videos is called extract URLs from Google sheets and it's really changing the entire concept of the video which is one interesting extracurricular thing that I'm gonna actually end up using out of this.
01:25 This is what Mr. Beast would have thought of, like some idea, right? But check it out, as it goes, it is totally changing the name, the idea.
01:36 So like it takes, how do I insert emojis into Google Sheets and it changes. Is it to inserting emoji's challenge?
01:45 Can you do it faster than me? Which is a totally different idea of a video. And here, for some reason, AI is telling me it's against it's pot.
01:56 OK. We'll figure out why. Maybe because it says learn to code in there. Impersonation, all right. So what I might have to do here is edit this rename, not as Mr.
02:11 Beast. I think I need to just change that. And let's see. Oh yeah, great. Oh, these are much better. I've effortlessly retrieved website.
02:22 From Google Sheets. That, it's not effortless. It is pretty much, it's pretty hard. Revolutionizing spreadsheet management. All right, these are way better.
02:33 So just that, taking away that as Mr. Beast, it do well. Adding, how do I insert emojis into. Goosheets adding emojis to your step-by-step tutorial.
02:44 That is like literally what it is right instead of like a question right? We'll see how this goes Maximizing your profits tips and tricks for selling Google sheets.
02:55 That's a good idea. I mean I might make another video based on that Not retitle that one I'm being checkbox approvals.
03:03 Mmm, it's weird. Streamline or Google sheets with branded logos. Mastering Google sheets. These are not very Mr. Beastie. I'm wondering if this role is not.
03:17 You are. An expert in naming YouTube videos. Your top 100 YouTube video titles are. Let's see an expert in naming YouTube videos.
03:42 Oh, there it is. Come down to Pride Month. Ah, that's a nice thing. So now what we can do with this one AI formula, we can rename these.
03:52 But there's one thing about Mr. Beast that I think we can add to this. What I've realized and what Mr.
04:00 Beast has explained is that they'll do 100 or 20 or 50 different ideas for a thumbnail for one video. They'll come up with different titles for the video.
04:12 They'll even come up with the idea first, then the title, then the thumbnail, and then go shoot the video. What I'm doing here really is like, I've created the video, I've have the idea, and then this is just the title and we're just editing the title a little bit.
04:25 So it's not necessarily in the style of Mr. B's. We really need to come up with the idea, the thing, and then title it, and title it before we make it.
04:36 But I'm wondering, let's see if we can do something else here. Prompt of only one wears that prompt i have it here rename the you tube the you tube video titled this plus what i want to do is and and then come up with and then all right right GET GET 10 title ideas.
05:05 Use bullet points and put each title on a new line. I want to see if command S. Oh, I screwed something up there.
05:18 All right, there we go. Let's see what happens here. I'm going to delete a few of the. And see how it changes it.
05:26 There we go. Oh, we have some numbers. All right, let's use and see how it changes it. Right, each. Sometimes it gets it right.
05:49 Let's do that again. And this is good. So now we have a bunch of ideas for this. Google Sheets URL extractor.
06:00 How to extract URLs. How to extract from multiple Google sheets at once. So some of these are absolutely wrong, but also this gives a lot more ideas to this, maybe even 20, we can do more.
06:16 Just by changing that prompt to write more, I think will produce better results because would produce better results because Yeah, because we're just gonna have more options, right?
06:27 Instead of one, it's like, ew, meh, we're gonna pick out one of these 10, this can be like, great. And it's gonna give us more ideas for videos.
06:36 Google Sheets for coders, a complete guide to programming. That's very good. Good. We can command C, shift command V to get the, I like this one.
06:49 So I'm going to rename this one, definitely Google Sheets for coders. That's good. Maybe I should redo my worst videos in this style because my best ones are doing well.
07:02 So I want to- make a little thing here. What I'm going to do is I'm going to add the URL here.
07:11 Actually, this is the code. So we need to add this to it. We need to add equals this and delete all of this.
07:23 That before after the equal sign and do an ampersand C2. There we go. So now we can autofill all of these.
07:32 And now we have a link directly to the title that we want. So now if I want to edit it, I can literally just go there and edit the title.
07:42 Where was that? Learn to code one definitely want to change this we can pause that video edit video edit video edit video it.
08:04 There we go. So that one's done. We can add a little checkbox next to it maybe. Insert it. Checkbox. Check.
08:18 Done. Fixed. Changed. Big more money than ever before with Google That's gold make more money. I like that one. Let's keep on trucking and actually let's go to the bottom.
08:31 I hate having extra. I don't want that one. Tiny sheets, Google sheets, add on. Let's see what Mr. Beast would come up with.
08:45 We think this one is unlisted. Oh yeah, I think these are actually unlisted ones. Doo doo doo. Yeah, these are all for Google Sheet add-ons that I created.
08:55 If you want to take a course, get ticket at bettersheets.co slash courses. There's a course to find out how to make a Google Sheet add-on and how to publish it on the Google Sheet.
09:05 Google workspace marketplace. This is probably the first one we want. That one. Let's see what Mr. Beast would come up with.
09:17 Some ideas. This is the worst or you don't, you might miss in, why you should pay attention to the header.
09:29 Oh, interesting. That's pretty cool. Why you should pay attention to the header. All right, I think I'm gonna do that, change it.
09:37 Yeah, see, here we go. Edit video, definitely changes. You title and there we go. Oh, save. MrBeast is saving my YouTube channel.
09:50 Master the double for loop in Google Scripts. It should be Apps Script. Now, it used to be called Google Script.
10:01 I like that. Master the double for loop. Because that is what it is. I mean, what we're doing is creating change a lot, but like, you're gonna really are mastering the, how is this not a button?
10:15 There we go. So this one I did change to Apps Script. There we go. Done and done. How. To redo how to redo in sheets, Google Sheet hacks how to redo with ease.
10:30 Oh, I like that. I don't have to read all of them, just one of them's good. So if you want this Google Sheet, better sheets members you get it at bettersheets.co slash tutorial slash Mr.
10:41 B rename my, Mr. B's renamed my YouTube titles. You can get it. That there if you're watching this on YouTube, become a better sheets member today.
10:48 I'll show you before we go, I will show you how to use it yourself. So what you'll need to do is go to the API key.
10:55 Literally, there will be nothing there. The AI won't work. You'll have to use your own API key. Get it from OpenAI, put it on API key.
11:06 There's no other place to put it. That's all you have to do. On the MrBeast side, you don't have to do anything.
11:12 On the Apps Script side, you don't have to do anything. It'll just be AI. I think you might maybe have to go in and run it and authorize.
11:22 You might have to do that. But probably not. Not but just start using AI in here with the title of your YouTube video in here.
11:30 So you can download your YouTube, your own YouTube titles much easier than getting others. But here's what I did to get Mr.
11:37 Beast's top performing videos. I'll show you. So what I did is I went to popular. Or at Mr. Beast, YouTube.com slash at Mr.
11:47 Beast, went to popular, and I actually copied all of the titles. So I just like command A, command C. I just copy, I loaded as many as I could.
11:57 I think I loaded like nine years of stuff, seven to nine years. But the most popular ones would be really just one, like the top 100, right?
12:05 After that, we don't get much more data. I pasted it in here. I deleted some of the above stuff. But then I got the titles.
12:12 When you pasted it into a sheet, you have titles in the first row, the eighth row, and the 15th row, and then every seven rows or so.
12:22 So what I did is I went into an another column, I put in index, where is it? Index A to A, and just row for the number 1.
12:38 The next one, however, I had to do row minus 1. So row is getting actually the number of the row.
12:45 First one, it's one. For the second row, it's two, third, wherever it is, it'll say the number three. But that's not where the title is.
12:52 It's some number down below. So what I did is I did row. Took the row minus one, times seven plus one.
12:59 And I get now, I can just use index. This is going to be eight. And so it's going to be index 8, which is the row 8, column 1.
13:11 And then the next one down is going to be row 3 minus 1 times 7 plus 1. And that is what is that?
13:19 It's going to be, let's see here, it's 15. So we get this sort of mathematical. Algorithm here based on the row which is 3, 2 or 3 or 4 or 5, minus 1, times 7 plus 1, and that'll get us the row in this other column.
13:36 And so we get, we can even go deeper. I get a hundred but we can keep copying and pasting this all the way down based on the row.
13:44 This is 1, in this one, time seven, plus one, to get the next set of the row that we need.
13:52 So I got all of these then. I just joined them with a comma, C1 to C100, and I copied and pasted it into the App Script, where you saw it before, so you can see that.
14:04 If you get the sheet, you can see that. Super simple simple. We only need to do it once right we need to get grab Mr..
14:11 Beast's top 100 titles once did it took five minutes We have our titles which we can download from YouTube itself or if you have like a bunch of videos That you're uploading you can do that with this and then I just use the function here with the title in the AI function.
14:31 Easy peasy. We now have 10 ideas of how Mr. Beast would rename our YouTube titles. So hopefully you'll see some changes on the YouTube channel at better sheets and if you're not a Yeah, go and become a member and you can get this sheet for free.
14:48 Bye.