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Quickly Integrate AI and Google Sheets

Video Transcript

0:00 This is the quickest, fastest way to integrate open AI into your ghoul sheet, so just go to uh, better she's not going to slash snippets, you can find this open AI API prompt and response here uh, at this euro, put this in the description down below, copy, to clipboard, or this function, and we're going
0:17 to do sheet.new, uh, and add a tab called API key, where you'll enter your API key in one, go up to extensions, and we're just going to paste that code in here once it's flowed, it takes a moment.
0:34 So here we can even take all of this, my function deleted, paste this prompt command S in the meantime. I'm going to go to API keys and uh, open air and grab an API key.
0:46 I've created a secret key here, made this sometimes a verify. I'm going to copy this API key directly to a1 in a API key tab.
0:57 And now we can start using this AI function. You can say something like, Give me five reasons to use open AI in Google Sheets.
1:13 And if you go equals AI and put in a1 and it will get our, prompt error response. Here it is automated data analysis, advanced natural language processing, predictive modeling, sentiment analysis.
1:28 We're going to ask you questions. We can add text here, completion, translation, translate, or to English. It goes AI, A2.
1:45 If you want to add ah this as a custom function, I'll show you that real quick, this super simple. Go up to above your function, add a comment with this slash two asterisks, and add custom function.
2:00 We're going to save this as well, and now when we use, I'll use the same here. Equals AI, it's already here as a native function.
2:17 So we've got a 3. There we go. We're going to get a response here. But this is absolutely the fastest and quickest way to integrate open AI if you want to see other resources about how to integrate AI and how to use it in a lot of different ways.
2:35 We can go to bedsheets.co slash courses and there are two courses I would recommend spreadsheet automation 101 and I would also recommend adventures in AI where I actually go through literal ways to integrate AI into sheets.
2:54 We create a chat JPT clone. I'll see We do, we run a hundred calls API, AI calls or a hundred chat JPT's all at once.
3:04 It's really cool and you see lots of different ways to use that code. This code in uh goshi.