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Ultimate Headline Writer with GPT in SHEETS

About this Tutorial

Create the Ultimate Headline Writer: Unleash the Power of Google Sheets and OpenAI's API / GPT-3.5-Turbor to Create Compelling Website Headlines. Write in different styles, using different parameters to make the ultimate headline writer for an agency or for your own business.

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Video Transcript

00:00 Alright, in this video we're gonna create the ultimate headline writer. We are going to try to pull out the greatest parts of Google Sheets plus the greatest parts of OpenAI's API and we're gonna try to write headlines like these are sort of website headlines or subheadlines.
00:20 If you want to call them like you have the name of the website and then you have some persuasive little few words.
00:29 And you're gonna see what I do in this video based on this particular idea that it is a few words.
00:35 If you're writing something else or trying to generate text for something else you might be using more tokens. You might be using two completely different temperature top P frequency and we'll go through that and we'll make some decisions and hopefully by watching this video you'll see how I combine
00:53 the open AI's API plus sheets and try to get the best of both worlds. Try to get what are, you know, what is the possibilities within a Google Sheet, a spreadsheet template.
01:07 And hopefully you use this video, you know, to one, write for yourself. Try to figure out how to use this for yourself.
01:16 Writing blog posts, writing blog, intros, writing tweets, writing captions on. Instagram, writing Facebook posts, Facebook ads. You'll see all kinds of stuff that you can do.
01:26 And then you'll be able to play with this as I do. And see, okay, do I want to create 100, 1000?
01:35 Do I want to create 10 unique ones? Or do I want to create sort of very. Fine, very little differences, but I want to create 10 of them, like with just a couple words difference or something.
01:48 And you'll see how to do that in this video. Hopefully. So first off, let's walk through the problem and how I've set this up.
01:56 And then I'm also going to be changing the sheet throughout this video to try to make this better. We're really.
02:01 Trying to make the ultimate headline writer, like the ultimate headline writer, where we talk about very different styles. We have different voices.
02:09 We have we want to see lots of variety. And then we want to ultimately like get good results. We want actually good headlines.
02:18 So one thing is you can. Ask chat GPT or open AI API. Just write a headline, write a very simple headline.
02:28 What I've found is that if you include examples in your prompt, you should get a much better response. Now better doesn't necessarily mean.
02:42 It's actually better. What I mean is more to what you want. If you can see what you want and you have examples, for instance, I have these three examples.
02:52 I have them using Etsy. I literally started for Google Sheets on Etsy and then it said the headline was like find something memorable, which I think is a very general headline for Etsy.
03:02 I also looked at Thomas Frank who sells Notion templates and he also has a course. So I saw that his headline was the best way to learn how to use Notion, which you could use that template, right?
03:16 Especially I'm trying to rewrite a headline for better sheets here in this particular case. And I could just sort of take that and say the best way to learn how to use Google Sheets.
03:26 But I'm wondering like, is there a slightly different way to say that? And is there a more, are there different ways, like are there funny ways to say that?
03:35 Persuasive ways to say that? Is there a way I can do it sort of in the style of different writers?
03:42 I saw Coursera, again a general course website says learn without limits. Could I just, you know, insert, learn Google Sheets without limits?
03:52 Does that actually get the result, right? And the answer might be yes. In some cases you might just take a selection.
04:02 And then you can just, you know, insert, learn Google Sheets without limits. I can't really just take one example, rewrite it, and then give it to my client.
04:27 I have to give, you know, five or six variety. And I need to do it in a way where maybe I have a service, you know, that I'm gonna recreate this headline.
04:38 And basically, based on this headline, maybe there's some other writing that happens. And I can't really just, I mean, I'm not gonna do it in a way that I'm not gonna do it in a way that I'm not gonna do it in a way that I'm not gonna do it in a way that I'm not gonna do it in a way that I thought of
05:24 that hypothesis. I've seen and I've used Chet p t now for a few months and realized like, oh, if I give it examples, it will give me back better, more specific to what I'm asking it to do.
05:35 And now with this test, as you'll see, so we, I might not be correct. So the headline is here. I'm using the GPT function that I wrote in another video.
05:46 If you're a better sheets member and watching this there is a whole video where I go through one writing the API call to creating upgrading that to cheap.
05:58 I did that in GPT three. Then I created it for 3.5 and four, which are essentially the same. Cause we have some, we have the system message and we have some other system role of roles that we have to say.
06:11 And then I have a video where I recreated this kind of GPT function where we put all of the stuff together.
06:18 I have on, on this page, a settings page, my API key. It'll be deleted by the time you watch this, but if you're trying, if you're watching this and you have access to this sheet, which you do, if you're a better sheets member, then you can copy the sheet, putting your API key in the settings and
06:31 you'll get the end result of whatever this headline writer is. So that's really cool for you, right? You can write your system.
06:39 You can also, let me cut this for a hot second, right. So with that in mind, we'll divide it up into three pieces.
06:58 And so the middle here, we'll set the screen view to Asexpl on thismitthe Cleaning Method. We'll set this to 100 percent so that we increase theNEYO Fabry image of our song.
07:02 We'll set, like the desired size of our things. If you're going to use exact results, you will have an fact numbers.
07:04 API key in the first one and the second part is the model. So we're using 3.5 turbo now. Also, I realized that 3.5 turbo actually is much faster than four in this particular case.
07:17 It just says loading, loading, loading for like five or six times more longer if you use GPT four, but you can still use GPT.
07:24 All right. And then, and then B2 is the system. F2 is the actual prompt that we're doing. We're adding these examples in the case of this first row.
07:36 But in the subsequent rows right now, we're not including the examples. So you'll see the difference there. If there is a difference.
07:42 I don't know. I haven't seen the difference yet. G2 is the temperature. H2 is the max tokens, which I do realize I did a little testing earlier today on this and realize there is a little bit of a difference.
07:54 Or at least you get less errors. If you add more max tokens, we'll get into that in a second. And we've top P frequency penalty, presence penalty penalty.
08:04 And if we want. To create a stop, we have that. Oh, we don't have that. We have to add that.
08:10 That will be L to right now. It is blank.. And that is we just copy paste all the way down.
08:19 There we go. We're going to get. Now here's the end result. If I use system, you're on a cop. I don't think this is a very good system.
08:29 But we have these examples, three examples, and the prompt is right ahead line for the site. Better sheets, which sells Google sheets courses.
08:36 And then it includes these examples. Temperature zero. We have max tokens. Actually, I should call that max tokens. Top P is one.
08:46 Actually, I'm gonna change that to zero, I think. Frequency zero, I think. Presence zero. Let's just change that all the way.
08:56 And as I'm doing that, I think you can see on the left side, it's loading. So it'll change. It actually does an API call each time I do that edit.
09:04 Alright, master. Google Sheets with better sheets. Ultimate course for productivity and efficiency. Cool. That is an answer. Like, sure. That could be the headline for better sheets.
09:22 But like, that's not very interesting. Right? Now let's use the exact same. And now we have a different headline. Or sorry, different problems.
09:33 We said right ahead line. We're not including the examples here. We have the exact same everything. Let's actually change all these to zero for now.
09:43 And let's change all the only thing we're. Changing is the temperature is this G3. And for all of these, it is just the same thing.
09:56 Little different. It's the same master Google sheets with better sheets. But let's change something. Alright, we're just changing the temperature.
10:08 It doesn't really change much, right? We don't have a very good prompt, right? We have right a headline for site better sheets which sells Google sheets courses.
10:16 We want to include this, these examples. Let's do that. We want to write different examples we can, but for right now, I'm just going to put a lock.
10:25 I'm going to use this dollar sign. And I'm going to lock this and I'm going to include those headlines, those examples with this temperature.
10:32 Okay, it's different. Unlock the power of Google sheets with our comprehensive courses. We've changed. That's fundamentally different, right? Let's, let's do that again.
10:42 Now we're like, getting a different. Response. Unlock the power of Google. Okay, it's exactly the same. So no difference between.25 and.5.
10:56 Or.75. I think these, these examples are giving it more direction. Unlock the power of Google sheets with our comprehensive courses.
11:09 Cool. But let's now see. Should we. Can go continue? Yes. And let's copy. This.. All of these. A little bit more.
11:23 Few more. Like three or four more. But we're going to chain. Top P in one. Then we're going to go one one for frequency and then one one one for all these top P frequency and presence penalty.
11:37 Slightly different, right? Okay. Unvails. Unlock. Master. Unlock. Cool. We're using all the same examples. We're using the same prompt. We changed a few items.
11:55 Let's do something much different. Set some examples. Let's add a column of some adjective. Adjective. I don't think I spelled that right, or type.
12:10 And in here we're going to write a headline, and instead of a headline, we're going to write two ampersands and F2.
12:22 For right now, that is nothing, so that doesn't change. But we're going to, two, paces all the way down. And in the last case, we're going to write a say funny.
12:38 Okay, we need an extra space after it. There we go. Oh, I had an another space. You saw the end result, but we'll see that again.
12:53 Alright, here we go. Better sheet cells, goo- sheet courses. Don't be a sheethead. That is very funny. But it means probably, ,not very good.
13:09 Let's copy this again and write here persuasive, persuasive. Instead of funny, we want persuasive. We need that space. We could, you know.
13:20 We can write here. If, is blank,...f2......and if it's not, oops, we want f2. If we, If it's not blank, we want f2 and a space.
13:46 And so now if, if, if, f2 is blank. If it's actually blank, if it's true blank, it'll just do nothing.
13:53 But if it's not blank, if there's something here, we're gonna add this we're gonna take f2 and an ampersand of and an ampersand and a space, and we're gonna add that.
14:04 So we do not need,. Oh, we need, actually that should be f10, not f2. F10, my mistake. But we fix that mistake real quick.
14:17 So we added an extra space at the end, we don't need that, and we added an extra space at the end of persuasive, we don't need that, and now we have a better sort of more fuller, prompt here, because we have a persuasive, ooh, what is going on with our error?
14:33 Error 429. We want to, let's cut, cut, and paste that again, and see if that helps, just reset it. Yep.
14:49 It does. Okay, so it didn't really it went bad. The funny one worked, but using the word persuasive, that's not very persuasive.
15:01 Some other adjectives we might use. Let's think of some other adjectives that are like, not funny, but maybe, something like silly.
15:12 Silly, maybe, weird? Is that a good adjective? Let's look at that. Or, we can also go the completely opposite side, opposite way, and we're gonna write, write a bad headline.
15:26 Just write, write, a v- very bad headline. A, what if we write, a offensive, what if we write offensive correctly?
15:41 Let's see what we'd get. So, we got for silly, sells Google Sheets headline, get sheet faced. Okay, that is pretty silly.
15:51 That's not necessarily funny. It's pretty silly. Weird. Unlock the mysteries of Google Sheets and rule the spreadsheet realm. Okay, that is weird.
15:59 And we have bad. Don't waste your money on better sheets. That is literally like, that is, that is the opposite of what we want to do.
16:08 But here's the thing, right? That's an interesting, Don't waste your money on other courses. What if it's, what if we edit this and say, say, don't waste your money on any other Google Sheets courses or on any Google Sheets courses?
16:22 Don't buy one Google Sheets course. Buy the only Google Sheets course, right? So now we're like thinking, this bad one actually gives us way more ideas, right?
16:30 And rule the spreadsheet realm. Okay, that's alright. Let's see what the offensive one. Don't be a spreadsheet, don't worry. I thought actually the one above, which was don't be a sheet head.
16:42 That actually is way more offensive.. Right, so now we can write all these sort of adjectives. We can change one word.
16:50 And we are changing the entire prompt. We are changing, not the entire room, we're only changing one word of the prompt.
16:57 And we're getting back a lot of very different headlines, right? Let's go back and review this. We had master Google sheets with better sheets, the ultimate course for productivity and efficiency and.
17:11 Right, that is going to be something that everybody says. Everybody's going to have that if they ever make a course.
17:15 The best Google sheets course, the only Google sheets course, the part make, you know, make more money, save, save more time, right?
17:23 And we have our examples. Maybe we want to change these examples. Maybe we don't want to model after FC or model after Thomas Frank.
17:30 Maybe we don't want to. Model after something so general as Coursera. Maybe we do want to find some like examples from the past and use those.
17:39 So we can do a little bit more research and say, hey, let's find like three to ten of these like past examples of, you know, what, what are the kind of.
17:52 Headlines that are shared a lot, right? There are, there are writers that share. These sort of very unique pack in the past headlines.
18:06 Should we use those as an example? I'm gonna pause the video and come back in a second. So this is really.
18:11 Cool. I just looked up Neville, Madora, who runs copywriting course and I just looked on Twitter for headline and he has some great examples here.
18:18 These are super unique headlines. That are so imbued in the like product that they have. It's not like a headline that says this is the best.
18:29 This is saves you time. It's not talking about the features. But it's talking about the thing it is very well.
18:36 So here, Cave Day is like having a trainer for work. This is a co-working service. Cave Day co-working service. So these are probably better examples.
18:45 So let's write down here. We're gonna go to our bottom of our sheet some examples and write. Prompt, Cave Day, oh, I think I had it in my pace.
18:57 Cave Day co-working service headline. And the headline here was cave day is like having a trainer for work. Cave day is like having, should be all cave day correctly.
19:12 Cave day is like having a trainer for work. Great. And we have another one here that's really good. Hexclad, cookware, sales cookware.
19:23 And it has a really nice prompt, sales cookware. And the headline is what was the headline? These are the roles- roles-roys of pans.
19:38 These are the roles-roys of pans. We have another one. Let's see. This was the headline in 1978 when playing TV was totally new in concept.
19:53 So it's like a video game- oh, it's for Atari, which is a video game system. Don't watch TV tonight, play it.
20:00 It really turns the idea of a TV into a play thing, right? That might be cool for Google Sheets, right?
20:05 Turn Google Sheets into something else, right? So we'll use that as an example. I thought those were the- I saw those as the first three and I was like, oh shit, this is exactly correct.
20:13 . Unprompt. Atari sells a video- video game console for TVs. Headline. Don't watch TV tonight, play it. Alright. We want just- we're gonna use the word unique.
20:33 Here, we are gonna take our prompt. I'm gonna take actually this. And we're gonna change where we're getting the examples from.
20:42 It's not C2. And I'm going to actually take out the dollar sign. It is 16. C16, D16, and E. 16.
20:54 A little, you know, we have to be precise here. 16. Yeah. And then we also have to change this. F 15 to F 16.
21:03 A little, you know, edit here, but it's gonna give us a lot to play with. Writing a headline. We're going to also copy exactly what we have.
21:14 Add up here. Don't want to change much else, which is one chain, one element at a time, which is just the prompt in the examples, which is huge.
21:21 Right? But let's see. We're just gonna copy this down and see what happens. It's loading. So it's taking. Oh, that's it.
21:29 That is out from those examples. Wait, let's. Examples are, let's maybe change this prompt to just examples of good responses.
21:49 I don't know if it's getting, these are great. It's still coming up with unlock and it's, well maybe we need, write a, maybe that weird was, say one word difference could really have, this is not, this is not much better.
22:11 Alright, well let's see. Maybe we have a problem with our max tokens. I'm gonna increase that max tokens all the way up to 500.
22:18 See if that changes anything. Cause maybe we have a much bigger, this is the mystical path. Okay, so it is a little different.
22:25 I don't think we're mystical. Anywhere else though, that is? Oh wait, I think we said a weird. We don't want to use unique, like we want, write a head.
22:36 Let's do something else here. I have an idea. We're gonna take the same examples, but we're gonna write a headline in the style of, wait, I don't want to, if we have.
22:56 So we're gonna have this and we're gonna show two ampersands. We're gonna do the same if is blank. I'm gonna get an error when I do, because I don't know what thing we're gonna do here.
23:13 . In the style of, And we want ampersand. I don't know what we're gonna put here, but we're gonna get an error.
23:22 It's fine. Error, but we want to add another column. We want to write style here. Shouldn't edit. It shouldn't change anything else except this.
23:32 We're gonna definitely get this. We need G17, where we, Let's drop this down. We need a little bit more room.
23:40 Right here. If like G17. And then add G17 there. So only if there is something in G17. Will we add this in stock in the style of?
24:00 Maybe we should say writing style. And what is the style we want?. Oh, we got something different here. Wow. It totally is weird.
24:14 Make sure to. Yeah, temperature is like the most. Easy, right? Maybe we don't want it as crazy. Whatever. We want to change the style in the style of.
24:23 What are some styles we want? Okay, got a few ideas. What if we do Bukowski? We can write Charles Bukowski too.
24:35 Just to make sure we have the right thing. We can also do like something like Stephen King. No. There we go.
24:47 Let's see what the Bukowski one did. The Google sheets course that will make you feel alive. Oof. Okay, we're getting somewhere.
24:57 Alright we are using this type weird. I want something more a little, a different word than weird. I like that silly.
25:07 We can change that. The Google sheets course that will make you feel like a goddamn spreadsheet wizard. Okay, that was fine.
25:14 That actually, I'm gonna keep that. That is hilarious. Did I write? I thought I wrote Stephen. Oh, I wrote Stephen Hingford's system there.
25:21 Okay. Let's see. We don't want it in system. We want it in style. Stephen King. Make you feel a lot.
25:38 I've spreadsheets, oh, changed. So redsheets, samurai. Let's see what the Stephen King one better sheet sells. Okay. Headline better sheets the dark and twisted path to mastering Google sheets.
25:49 Wow. Weird, right? Like, okay. I mean, that's not sort of, that's sort of just describing Stephen King, but not. Using it.
25:59 What is some other writers we know, like, no, or ephron? Believe in spreadsheets again. That's funny. Okay, there is a writer I- You know, and I don't know how to spell her name.
26:20 Entus-entus- different- that is not chunky style. But this gives us, you know, different interesting ways to write these headlines, alright?
26:46 We are up to 20 different headlines here. We can also continue to play with this prompt and increase max tokens to something like a thousand tokens.
26:59 And write much more in this prompt. But also, this is gonna be the same style. We don't want weird, we want poetic, let's say.
27:09 Mm-hmm. And better life. Oh, it actually did change. Better life. Better sheets, better life. Actually, that's a great- My man, right?
27:21 Okay, so I'm using a few more examples from Neville here, including his own, which actually is really good, copywriting headlines that sell.
27:32 . Cheamed one of them to range Rover Cell's cars, headline introducing the most beautiful vehicle in the world. I thought that was a little different.
27:38 I like this Atari- one. I want to keep that. This cave day, though, I do think we can change to copywriting headlines that sell and change the prompt to Neville Cell's or, It's actually copywriting course.
28:02 Copywriting course sells copywriting templates. Let's see what that ends up with. We changed a couple of the examples. Mmm. Unlock the power of Google Sheets, a journey to organized and efficient beats.
28:21 Alright, that's strange. We might be able to sort of come up with a better one if we change it from poetic.
28:30 Let's change this type. Back to weird. Line 22, weird. And then. Actually, let's try it without one. And then try Bukowski again, but it's just like a style.
28:47 I particularly like a style.. Oh, Gil-V. I don't know how I actually have spelled that. But let's see what that comes up with.
28:56 We we want a weird one, right? Unlock the mysteries of Google Sheets and rule the spreadsheet. Okay, maybe we don't want weird.
29:03 Maybe we want funny. Google Sheets, learn to organize your life and crush your goals. And so that is not bad.
29:14 We're at 22 different examples. And that one, there are some real gems here, right? A lot of different ideas.. And we have been using examples, three examples that we can use.
29:26 We have a type we can use. We had a style into this prompt. And we're changing all of these different.
29:36 Things, right? All of these different pieces. So here's an interesting thing. I just asked. Chat 2PT. Give me 10 distinct writers known for their persuasive writing styles.
29:46 And now we have 10 more examples. Let's put this into. The style. And see what happens. Let's just copy this.
29:58 Now we want. These examples. Do we want these examples? Type. Yeah. We want them all. Let's think this is going to put.
30:13 I think this is going to put the this into absolute hyperdrive. So we have our prompt. Right. A headline. The writing style.
30:27 And now we have the exact. Okay. So the interesting thing is we have examples of actually the headlines we want.
30:34 Then in the style we're not just putting one word. We're putting the entire like recognition, right or known for what that like the actual things.
30:43 Hitchens, Gladwell, Maya Angelou. We have Martin Luther King. We have, let's make sure we have all of the temperatures as well and all of this good, good stuff.
31:04 Okay, we have all that. So now all we have to do down to 33, we can, should be able to copy and paste all the way down to 33 and then go back and see what happened.
31:18 We have errors. Okay, let's figure that out. Why do we have errors?.. Message is not a type integer. We have max token error.
31:30 Oh, we actually did not. Paste these properly. Easy to fix all the way down to 33. Great. Oh, we already have some answers.
31:45 We have, from here.. A course fit for royalty. It's where she mastery revolutionize your spread sheets. The elegance and efficiency of Google Sheets mastery.
32:01 Though that's a better, that's some good words, but it's also very similar to. Had before. What was this? What style is this?
32:07 Gene Austin. Okay. That's why we have elegance and efficiency. Unlock the power of Google Sheets. Join better sheets course today.
32:16 That's not much different. Unlock the power of Google Sheets with better sheets transformative courses. Okay. Unlock the power. Or Google Sheets, the course that will revolutionize your productivity.
32:29 Unleash the power of Google Sheets revolutionize your business with better sheets courses. First time I've heard the word business. Unleash your inner spreadsheet mastermind.
32:40 Okay. So this is interesting, right? In inner spreadsheet mastermind, that's like a, Hard phrase. I wonder if this is Gladwell?
32:49 Oh, it was Christopher Hitchens. Okay, that's weird.. Unlock the power of data, better sheets. Goosheets courses offer a new way of seeing and understanding your business.
33:03 That must be Gladwell. Nope, it's Susan Sontag. Okay, this is actually a really fun game. You could create 10 headlines and then guess who the writer is in the style of.
33:15 Okay, what is it missing? We now have 32 different headlines. We have examples. We have type. We have added style.
33:26 We have. This incredibly large prompt. We're using Max tokens 1000. But here's something that I've realized now after doing all of this, what it's missing.
33:36 And why it might be. Interesting to add more information to this prompt is. It doesn't know much about better sheets.
33:47 We have to write more about what is it that is actually changing. Are you ch- is it the how is it the what, like what is it, what is different about better sheets as courses.
34:00 That. This headline should incorporate in it. And I think this is what most. Of AI writing now also lacks. A lot of AI writing is like we are doing it in the style of Bukowski.
34:15 We're doing it with a type of funny, weird, silly. We're adding examples. External examples. But the actual thing that it needs to know which.
34:28 Which it doesn't know and also people don't know is what is better sheets. Is it a single course? No. Is it a comprehensive, is it a tool?
34:39 No. I mean yes it has tools.. Is it tutorials or is it lessons? Yes. Is it normal? No. It does something create a creative thing and by creating this thing that you might not ever need in its own result you learn how to use Google sheets in a more interesting way.
35:09 Not efficiency, you're not saving time with better sheets in any way, right? Like we're, I'm three over three hundred videos.
35:17 You're not gonna save time here. You're going to make your sheets better. You're going to make your experience in Google sheets better.
35:22 So that's what we need to write here. We need this prompt to talk more about the thing it's actually, Truly trying to sell.
35:31 So let's see what we can do here, right? I had line it for the site better sheets which sells Google sheets courses.
35:37 So that's the only thing we have right now. Now I want to compare these examples with once we change this prompt.
35:48 So what I'm going to do, I'm, I'm actually going to copy this entire everything. Oh, not yet. I just want to add, Let's add this column.
36:00 What? What is it? And what do we want to, We're going to take the very last one. I'm going to copy everything.
36:12 So that should give us relatively same headline relatively. I want to also make this prompt much bigger. This prompt is getting out of hand.
36:22 But it's going to get even more out of hand. This is sort of what I'm talking about. Like we need to add much much more and make this prompt really good.
36:30 So, I'm going to change this max tokens to 2000 for instance. We're going to write a headline. We're going to keep everything the same for the site better sheets.
36:41 Witch! And take all of this out. Which, I know. We want the witch. Witch. No, no. We don't want witch.
36:50 Better sheets and we're going to do the exact same thing we did before. If nope. If. And we need the ampersand if is blink.
37:05 In this case, it's h 34. Two. Commas. And in the second part, we're going to write h34. That's it. So if it's blank, don't do anything.
37:19 It's just going to say for the sites, better sheets. Don't need a period there. We need an ampersand and a quote.
37:30 I think that. That is okay. For sites, better sheets, examples. Let me add a line here. Let's make sure that this is actually getting a correct, you know, good headline.
37:44 Nope. I mean, that is not good because it doesn't know any. So this is sort of my point, right? Is it doesn't know anything about.
37:51 Better sheets. So we need to add something about better sheets, which actually let's. Which else Google sheet courses, let's just do that right away.
38:01 And see. Great, we have something that's much more on top. So if we change this one element for all of everything that we have so far, which is actually really interesting fun.
38:12 Cool and weird, right? But like, let's just give it much more information about what is better sheets, which is let's do, which is a is not only a single Google sheets course.
38:27 It does include. Ood many courses. We're gonna write better sheets again, not use it. Just better sheets does include many courses and tutorials and video lessons.
38:49 Better sheets focuses on, creating interesting, interesting and unique templates and tools inside of Google Sheets. By creating a unique tool, you are a student.
39:12 Now, a member of Better Sheets learns how to use Google Sheets in new and exciting ways. The entire experience of using Google Sheets, is transformed into a from a bad and boring and bland experience into an exciting and fun experience.
39:51 Let's see. That is a lot. I understand. I was writing. But let's see. Okay, it's using the word transform. We also have way too much.
40:05 We might need to just start this. Yeah, that's good. Transform your Google Sheets Experience with Better Sheets. It's transform your Google Sheets Experience with Better Sheets Unleash the power of creativity.
40:21 Now that's sort of, yeah, sure. It's sort of describing what I just said in a few words, right? But it's not like, different.
40:29 We can edit this more, but I'm actually wondering. Let's take a look at the take this. Let's take everything we've done.
40:39 Copy it again. This is going to be ridiculous, right? Because now we're going to double what we have. It's fine.
40:48 We're going to go to our only what? We only And we're going to copy paste this all the way down to everything we've done before.
40:59 We are now doubling. We're now going exponentially more. We are taking everything we've done and just adding this big what to it.
41:09 Another way we could have done it is just put this what somewhere like in our settings and then. All of these problems just pointed to it.
41:16 That's fine. But let's see what we got here. I'm not sure if we have anything much different. Transform your Google sheets.
41:23 Unleash your inner data wizard. Alright, again, that unleash unleashes a great word unleash right be become the Google sheets wizard you were meant to be like these are really.
41:35 Good ideas, right? Offer a new way of seeing that is. You know, that might be a good way to describe it like in a few words, right?
41:45 A new way of seeing. Oh, that's your business. Not sheets. A new way of seeing Google sheets or using Google sheets in a new way.
41:53 Can these are give you. Right ideas, right? Unleash, unleash, unlock. And those might be the words, right? Unleash and unlock.
42:03 The course we're familiar with. Alright, is this actually the what? Is it, let's just double check that it's actually. Doing, Wait, I don't think that was, Oh, I think we did not include.
42:25 Was it 33? I don't think we included. Let's fix this real quick. Yeah, we did not fix this prompt. I'm gonna start.
42:37 Right, now we should. Now we're loading new ones. Great! Alright, let's see the new ones. Transform. Unique templates into, Oh, okay, now we are definitely including much more about better sheet transform.
42:59 Ooh, unique. It's using the same words again and again and again. Hmm. Oh, it doesn't have all of the stuff we had.
43:09 Oh, right, because earlier we didn't have all this stuff. That's fine, that's fine. Just, This is the bad one. Okay.
43:16 I picked it. So now we can take this. This is funny. This is a bad one. It's just the word bad, but it has this what?
43:23 I mean, the idea is it's not just another boring Google sheets course, right? Like that is a great headline. Take the bad one, just put the word not in front of it.
43:34 Finally! A way to make Google, Sheets less terrible. Alright, we have, We're not, We just doubled all of our possible headlines.
43:42 This is so cool. Oh! Turns Google Sheets into a magically, Or you can become a magical unicorn of Google Sheets.
43:50 Make you forget about, x, What is that? The Google Sheet that will make you f, Forget about your point. This is great.
44:01 So these are really awesome. And we're able to create so many of them. So now, I just want to point out sort of the final thing is that, As we're trying these things and we're adding a line.
44:17 Or a column. We can add these, sort of as many things as we want if we use this if it's blank.
44:27 But the thing is, We might get to a point where we're like, We just want to, flip one thing. Like this style.
44:37 Maybe we, Write all the stuff we want about the what, what is better sheets? What is the thing we're selling?
44:42 We write it all. Right? We put it all in there. And then we're like, Well, we just want to see all the styles.
44:48 So this what is going to become a problem because it's going to be on every single line. We could add it to the settings.
44:55 And just like we have in this, GPT, set that to one cell for everything. And add these dollar signs. Add dollar sign in front of the B and dollar sign in front of the one here on settings B1 means that no matter where we put it, if we copy paste this down, that is not changing.
45:14 The B is not changing. The one is not changing. That dollar sign is locking it in. So we're able to then play around with one element in this, right?
45:24 We can take one example that we like. Let's say, they're like, oh, we just want to see different variations of it.
45:33 Like, this is not a good example, but. What was one? Oh, we want the bad one. Let's look at the bad one.
45:45 Let's see, because that one just was great.. Alright, we'll just write one here. We'll take this, copy-paste it, and write style or type, bad.
46:06 And the style of, let's just pick one Stu Martin Luther King. Let's see what happens here. I mean, bad. I haven't, I have a nightmare.
46:19 That is. Okay, this is actually really cute and fun. All right, let's take this, copy-and-paste this down. And we're taking the exact same data.
46:28 We're gonna, we're not, we do get the same thing because our temperature is one. So, if we want to play with top P, right, we want to say.
46:39 Point one here. And then next line. Point two. We want maybe ten more lines. So all we have to do, copy-paste all these down.
46:52 We have all this point one here. Point one changes to point two. Enter.. Did we copy-paste it? How many times only once, twice?
47:06 We want point three. Now we can change one element. Let's change that point three. Point two. Point three. We want point five, let's say, and then maybe one.
47:20 Let's see if that changes anything, alright? We can play around with this. Oh, we have- I have a dream of- oh, see, this is bad.
47:30 I- I- oh no, goo she's no more, alright. There's a lot of words. I have seen the sheets, and they are boring.
47:40 No more. Wow, that's really cool. But it is a bad type, whatever. What you see here is now we are able to- we have written 72 headlines, right?
47:52 In this- less than an hour. If somebody was paying us to copyright and we're like, oh, we'll give you a hundred examples.
47:59 Tomorrow, we could do that. If we want to give you ten examples, like write a hundred and then pick out of these hundred ten good ones, or interesting one, a variety of them, right?
48:10 We can take one example all these examples, different types, different styles we can write about what we are doing different ways.
48:17 We can combine them in different ways, right? This prompt, we can use the temperature. We can use max tokens. There is an infinite number of things we can do here, right?
48:26 We can also, we can take this max tokens, put it up to four thousand, and each of these produce three or four, right?
48:32 Let's go and actually do that. And I'll show you, right? Three headlines. Right now we can say, instead of bad, we're going to write let's go back here, paste this instead of bad.
48:58 We're gonna write weird, unique. Persuasive. Persuasive. Alright, another way to generate way more. Just have each of these produce three.
49:15 Let's see what comes up. And here we go. We got transform, blend, spreadsheets, and some revolution. Great, equality, and data management.
49:26 That's a lie. Join the sheets revolution, right? Interesting. Persuase. That's weird, actually. That was unique. Unlock. Right? That's not unique.
49:36 Beyond boredom. Pathway to Google Sheets Master. Yeah, these are all like good examples. This is getting- Way, way better when we're having- making- making magic with better shit.
49:47 Yeah, right? Wizard. Making magic. That's exactly what I do, right? But these examples have the what. Have a lot of writing in the what.
49:56 We can also write- write way more different stuff here, right? We can write more about not just what it is.
50:02 We can write- the approach. How you're transformed. We can even give examples of people who have gone from bad or boring or bland to good or great or exciting.
50:14 You know, we can give it some more examples not of- of headlines, but more examples of what we're doing, the approach that it's taking.
50:22 How we're- actually- teaching Google Sheets in a different way. And we can multiply it. We can take this prompt, write three persuasive headlines instead of one, five, ten.
50:34 We can increase this max tokens to four thousand and do ten each, ten times seventy-sixes. Seven hundred- that's almost a thousand- different headlines we can write here, right?
50:46 We can take this, actually. Take everything from- this is actually a good thing to do right now, right? Take everything.
50:56 All the way to stop. All the way down, let's do to sub- what we just did. Instead of three, we'll do.
51:07 There we go. We got that. And now from 77, we'll copy it. We need to change the tokens to 4000.
51:19 There we go. Change all those to 4000. We need to change the prompt to- Right. Five. Headlines.. We want to actually include the last one.
51:38 This one. Right. Let's do just three. Cause it's gonna get a little crazy, but I think we need- Gonna go up to 78.
51:47 Hmm, hmm hmm, hmm Hmmm. We got that. Copy. 278. Here we go. Oh, we have an error. What is that error?
52:05 Er, rate limit. We have gotten a rate limit. Oh no. We are spending tens of dollars now. Oh gosh. Okay, gotta go fix this.
52:19 I think we need to actually take this top. Max tokens probably doesn't need to be 4000. It could probably be.
52:27 Oh god, error on that one too. Let's do 2000. I don't think it needs to be 4000. We're not at the point.
52:35 But we do want to rate limit this. So we're gonna just do a few of these. Oh, wow. We got rate limited by AI, right?
52:44 We're writing too many headlines. Let's see if we get that error again. Oh great. We're now getting back. Transform. We don't have the what in these.
52:57 Mm-hmm. Okay. Alright, there we go. We got her now cooking with this, right? This is just letting AI go crazy here.
54:50 We have loading each of these. We're not getting any errors anymore. We're not getting rate limited. So I think it was the 4,000 tokens at a time to 100.
55:02 So it's like 40,000 tokens in a moment. We shouldn't have it right these three. We have different styles here. We have the what we've made the same, but now we have, you know, William Shakespeare.
55:18 We're gonna write three headlines. Transform thy Google sheets. Learn the art of Google sheets where Google sheets becomes a masterpiece of creativity and innovation.
55:29 Very interesting, right? Oh my god. We are now at so many, so many examples. Different styles, different types, actually the different temperatures, different frequencies.
55:48 Yeah, these are all different frequencies. Different woods, different type here. Yeah, we have some funny ones. We can do different examples.
55:58 This is a crazy headline writer, right? Not just an ultimate headline writer. This is a crazy one. I'll get the sheet that this video is a part of.
56:12 This might be, I will copy and paste these so you see the results, but then this GPT will fail because I'll delete the API key.
56:23 So you need to use your own API key in here. But you shouldn't because then you're going to be probably charged a few.
56:31 $1,000 for all the these API calls. Each one of these. That is also one issue. I would just do. I would start from scratch, right?
56:41 And use this sort of GPT function, but write one first. See that you like it and see that you want to do 10 time or 100 versions.
56:51 . Before just using this exact seat. So I will actually. Include this, but don't put your just. Maybe delete the A column and write your own GPT function here.
57:01 Literally write equals GPT. There's another video here that you on better sheets that you can see how we did this GPT function.
57:10 But yeah. This has been the ultimate writing. Ultimate headline writer and Google sheets. Hopefully this is fun for you. Bye.