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YouTube Title Rewriter with GPT-3

About this Tutorial

Rewrite YouTube Titles with GPT-3 API. Writes shorter, more persuasive titles I can use to increase views on YouTube. Code is included in Apps Script of sheet.

Video Transcript

0:00 Hey. So in this video we're gonna rewrite YouTube, YouTube titles a little bit with a little bit more persuasiveness. We're gonna use open AI's g PT three to do this.
0:11 So we need a she called API key. We're gonna plug our API key in here. It'll be deleted by the time you watch this video anyway, so don't worry.
0:19 Try. Go ahead, use it if you want. But here we go. We're gonna go to extensions app script. We've already written the API for it.
0:28 So we'll just copy that from the last video about if you haven't watched yet, watched the Quickstar tutorial. And here we go.
0:36 We got the, our API key in sheet. API key A one. We are using the model text Da Vinci. We need a prompt.
0:44 And we have our temperature at 0.5. Let's actually change that. I wanna get a little bit more creative, so I wanna be 0.8 max tokens, 500.
0:56 Let's make it, try to do a little bit shorter. I think we can even d get this down to like 100 tokens.
1:01 Make this super cheap. Top p one's fine frequency. These we don't need really, but we're gonna use get method. We're gonna use bearer API key here that's up from up here.
1:13 And all we really need to do is go your url, fetch your URL, fetch app dot fetch, grab the completions API with our prompt.
1:21 So what is going to be our prompt? We're gonna save this and we're gonna do ai. Or actually I'm gonna recall this rewrite function.
1:31 We're gonna go over here. What is our prompt going to be? I figured out we can do this. We can do equals rewrite.
1:41 So we have all we need to do is add in the prompt here. Rewrite. Yeah. Okay. What's the prompt? It's going to be something like rewrite this YouTube title with more persua persuasive words.
2:04 Shorter. Let's call it, let, let's say shorter is better. Using less words with more persuasiveness is better title. And then we're gonna add here a quote.
2:22 We're gonna add the ampersand sign and a one, which is our existing YouTube title. And we get the underlying red.
2:32 It's fine. We're just gonna hit enter. It doesn't think it's a real one. Yeah. Great. Okay. So the original one was unlock how, oh, sorry.
2:42 How do you use Count All? Count if and the Explorer tool in Google Sheets unlock power of Google Sheets. Ooh, that's pretty good.
2:49 But I think we can do better. Let's see what else it comes up with. And we can just copy paste this all the way down.
2:55 I'm gonna be create a change log. Mm. With double four loop. It did make it shorter. I wonder what would happen if we make it less short.
3:03 So let's increase the tokens to 200. Let's take the temperature up to 0.9. We're gonna save that. It'll redo these once if we save that, I think.
3:15 Yeah. Okay. Learn to master count functions and explore. I wonder if that explorer doesn't need to be there. Draw focus to the header.
3:26 This could probably be better, but give me a good idea. So the original title is don't draw attention to the header.
3:32 So it's like a negative and like, you don't know if you really want to do it, but now draw focus to the header actually makes, makes it more positive, but it literally is the opposite of what it should be.
3:41 So let's see if we can actually maybe decrease the temperature down to like 0.6. Let's see if that actually helps this, because maybe it's getting a little wrong or if we had the descriptions, I think it would be much better.
3:58 Draw focus. Yeah, this is <laugh>, this is wrong, but it's okay because these are really good. Master Google sheets. Count all count if explore.
4:07 Yeah, great. It's, it's, yeah, that's, that's a much shorter version. Create a custom function to compare cells. That's perfect. Yeah, this create a change, like is a bit weird.
4:17 So I'm gonna go down, I'm gonna do all 60 of these. I got some question, not questions. What is, I'm gonna make sure we save the save them by just copying and pasting the values once we get them.
4:37 And there we go. So we've written, rewritten all these YouTube titles with more persuasive, Ooh, enhance what color enhances spreadsheets.
4:46 That's good. Hide grid lines for better communication, improve communication, hide grid lines. Wow. Maybe this is better. Like hide, improve communication in sheets, hide grid lines, right.
5:00 Draw focus to the header, draw focus to what matters, not the header. So yeah, still a little negative, but it's fine.
5:12 That first part is very positive. Repeat data quickly in sheets. Easily. Yeah, quickly versus easily EAs let's say, yeah, quickly.
5:23 That was good. Quickly might be better than easily. I don't know if people are really looking for easy things, but quick things.
5:30 Yeah, they're definitely searching quick things. All right. So yeah, I hope this video is interesting to you and, and helped see another use for the open ai.
5:38 G P T three. We are rewriting YouTube titles here.