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How To Use JOIN() Function in Google Sheets


Concatenates the elements of one or more one-dimensional arrays using a specified delimiter.

Common questions about the JOIN formula in Google Sheets include:
What does the JOIN formula do?
How do I use the JOIN formula?
What are the arguments of the JOIN formula?
Can I join multiple cells or ranges with the JOIN formula?
Can I specify a separator for the JOIN formula?
What happens if a cell being joined is empty?
Can I join cells from different sheets or files using the JOIN formula?

The JOIN formula in Google Sheets is used to combine the contents of multiple cells or ranges into a single cell, with an optional separator between each item.

It can be used appropriately in various scenarios, such as:
Concatenating text strings: You can use the JOIN formula to combine text from different cells or ranges into a single cell.
Merging data from multiple columns: If you have data spread across multiple columns, you can use the JOIN formula to merge it into a single column.
Creating comma-separated lists: By specifying a comma (or any other separator) in the formula, you can create comma-separated lists from multiple cells or ranges.
Constructing custom messages or sentences: You can use the JOIN formula to combine different elements, like variables or cell values, to create customized messages or sentences.

The JOIN formula can be commonly mistyped in a few ways, including:
Misspelling the formula name as "JION" or "JOINN."
Incorrectly using parentheses or quotation marks.
Using the wrong syntax or arguments for the formula.

Some common ways the JOIN formula is used inappropriately are:
Using it for numerical calculations: The JOIN formula is intended for combining text, and using it for numerical calculations would produce incorrect results.
Joining large ranges or excessively long text strings: If the ranges or text strings being joined are too large, it may result in errors or make the spreadsheet slow to load and process.

Common pitfalls when using the JOIN formula include:
Not handling empty cells appropriately: If a cell being joined is empty, it may introduce unexpected separators or distort the desired output.
Forgetting to include separators: If you want to separate the joined items with a specific character (e.g., comma), forgetting to include the separator argument will result in the items being concatenated without any separation.

Common mistakes when using the JOIN formula are:
Incorrectly referencing cells or ranges: Providing incorrect cell references or ranges in the formula will lead to errors or produce unexpected results.
Using incompatible data types: If the data types of the items being joined are not compatible (e.g., trying to join numbers with text), it can lead to errors.

Common misconceptions people might have with the JOIN formula include:
Assuming it performs calculations: The JOIN formula is for combining text and does not perform mathematical operations.
Expecting it to automatically update: If the joined cells or ranges change, the JOIN formula does not automatically update the output. It requires manual recalculation or the use of other functions, like ARRAYFORMULA, to ensure dynamic updates.

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How To Actually Use JOIN() in Sheets

JOIN(delimiter, value_or_array1, [value_or_array2, ...])

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