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Let's Make a Bookmarklet!

About this Tutorial

Curate a newsletter. Collect YouTube videos. Research competitors. All with this one line of javascript. Build your own web clipper. Use the Bookmarklet to clip web content to your Google Sheet. Clip text and links directly from the web to your Google Sheet with just a few clicks.

Video Transcript

 Hi. In this video we're gonna be making a book market. We're gonna create a new sheet. I'm gonna show you some share with you, some use cases of a bookmarklet. I'm gonna show you the code. I'm actually gonna share that with you. You should have access to this sheet, actually. You're gonna be able to create a new form.

You're gonna get the form url, then you're gonna get the entry numbers. I'll show you how to do that with the Chrome spec tool. You'll edit the JavaScript code that I provided and you made a bookmarklet. Let's do it. New sheet. So sheet new and typically some use cases that this bookmark is good for is collecting URL in information.

That's what we're gonna do. So typically gather 10, 20, 3000 websites, maybe write a little ion about that, right? Every single week I use zip.

Created lists of things like a hun a hundred top X or a hundred top y top companies. And I'll find their website and I'll want to copy and paste their website. And so typically let's just call this bookmarklet. So typically you'll have a row url. You'll have maybe the company name or something like that, and maybe a description, right?

And your boss or someone or might yourself, you might wanna fill this out and you're gonna come back and you're be, you're coming here and you're copying and pasting three. Things, every time you're filling out a row and say you're like an SEO search for seo, you're looking for SEO companies, I don't know, agent in Dallas.

And you, oh my God, there's gonna be so many, right? Dallas SEO geek and here there's even lists of them, right? Top 29 SEO companies. And you're gonna go grab, URLs and companies and you're gonna have to find, you're gonna have, do a lot of copying and pasting, but what you can do as well, let me find out if there's any.

This is probably a really bad example to this before. So let's look at this. Yeah, and so you've visited way, I'm gonna just throw them. In another call and you're like, oh, okay, three agency. Okay, put Laurel in here, thrive. This is already taking me a long time and I don't wanna do this. Like I don't wanna be sitting here and copy and pasting this when I really should be like looking at this agency.

Vista great, I'm spending time copying and pasting io Vista when we can make a bookmarklet and get this information really quickly. So what bookmarklet, so up here you can see I have actually a few of them, because I use this often, they are bookmarks. But instead I'm gonna do control. I'm gonna show you this, I'm gonna edit.

Instead of a url. What it is it's a JavaScript code and it's one line of JavaScript. It literally starts JavaScript colon, and then it has some code in it. And you can see here this is https docs.google/forms, right? And so what that does is, actually I can show you this was here, I'll show you from my newsletter.

I'll put it. This is a same thing. Click it goes to this url, which is the form, and look at it fills in the URL for me, thrive in an literally, all I have to do is clean that up a little and now I can write some notes. Right now. How do we do this? That saved a lot of time. How do we make this? We need the code.

Let me share with you the code. You might be using this here. I actually had some other use cases here written down. If you wanna research competitors. I curated a newsletter with this. You might wanna collect YouTube videos. Very quickly. You wanna go through search for them over a certain period of time.

You're copying and pasting YouTube videos, links, you're copy and pasting titles. Some stats, like you can save a lot of time by just going to the YouTube link and clicking this. So let me show you the code. It looks like this. JavaScript colon, window, location dot, hrf, and then a whole bunch of other stuff.

But let me break it down for you. Okay. So first off, we just wanna tell the, tell it like it's not a url, it's JavaScript. This window location, HF just says where this window. Window meaning your browser is, where is, what is the URL that it's on? That's all it's saying. Or, and what we're doing is we're saying let's switch that to the form.

So really just switch it right. That's what equals is. Before that, what we're gonna do is when we append to this normal form, if we just go to the form, it's the form, right? And we need to fill it out still. But if we append this, Question mark. U S P equals PP underscore url. It means we are pre-populating it.

This PP stands for pre-populating it. So what we wanna do is pre-populate it with some two things. One, we wanna populate it with the URL we're on, and we wanna use the title of the website also. Okay, so window location eight, right? That was just like where we are in this one we're saying. This is where we want to go, but in this one, we're just grabbing where we are now and we're gonna put it to entry 9 7 99.

I'll show you how to find this. We're saying first put the URL here and whatever the title of the document of the webpage we are on. What is the title of the webpage? Put that in form. This form form entry here. That's it. It's just taking those two numbers. Those two entries and pre-populating them to this form.

Pretty simple, right? So all we need to do is get the form url. We need to find out the entry for each of the two that we want to fill out, right? And so what do we do? Let's go do that. So let's create a new form instead of this, right? We want to, I think it's insert form. Let's create it.

Alright, it's gonna take a second. We're still here. It's just gonna take a second to create. Ooh, that is a big picture. Me. We don't wanna speed it up, we just want to get a short answer. We want, let's say u URL girl. Sure. Copy that. We don't want u url, we want company, and we don't care about data validation.

Please. Let's back. Short answer let's say description or notes. You can say whatever you want here. Say, call it description and keep that as a paragraph. Cool. That's it. That's all we need in the form. And we're gonna send, and all we need is this link here, right? View, form. Form. And right up to this question mark to me.

Take this code and I'm gonna, Put it down here. Take this url. Go to the URL right here. Up until this question mark, right up until this question mark, and I'm gonna re do it. Take out this I'll you, this U S P I wanna keep that U S P or u S P equals P U R. I wanna keep that, but the other one I didn't want.

Okay, so I got this new url. Now I need to find the entry. So what I wanna do is I went to, with that, I want to go to the public let's say preview. And this is gonna get a little complicated. All I'm gonna do is control click, or right click inspect, right on the url, inspect, and it's open up this Sidebar.

And if you notice, actually we can't even see it here, but if you command F entry, there it is. So now we see this entry. We just control F or command F search for entry. If we click on this, we see this answer is this entry number. So we double click on it and we. Use a formula. So we want that to be actually Euro url.

So we paste that command, shift command V to command to paste it as that. And then we want to get the company ones. Let's look at the next entry. See, there's, if you look at the number of entries when we did the command F, it's only three cuz there's three. Entries here. So we get the next one. It's company.

Let's do that co copy. We're gonna check it too, right? We're not gonna just assume this is correct. We are gonna check it. So that's all we needed, right? We have the url, we have the two entries that we need. Now we're gonna copy this and what we can do is we can bookmark any page we want. So we just do command D.

I'm gonna say Test book, far Click and let's see. Far done. What I can also do is take this URL if it's actually far down here, right? And I can drag it up here, but I can also, let me just delete that. I can also take this URL and drag it down here and I can make it there. And what I do is I control click edit, and in this URL, command A and paste our JavaScript.

Nice save. And all it says is bookmark, right? So let edit that. So let me do that again. So I'm gonna grab that. I'm gonna edit, I'm gonna take the url, delete it, paste hours. I'm gonna call it test book. Mark it. Okay. Save it. And now where, whenever we go to say this thrive. Let's go back here. I can just click this Bookmarklet.

And let's see what happens. Thrive Agency is in the url, digital Thrive Internet Marketing Agency. I can write anything I want there. Submit. Let me go over here. IO Vista. Click on the test booklet. Io Vistas is in the url. They, this is interesting. They don't have the company name here, so I just need to type it here.

IO Vista. Submit. Now, where do those go? I'm gonna back to my here, I'll move my picture. Oh, I have so many pictures, but it's on this tab here form responses. And here they are. And I have them all. And now that's way quicker to grab all that information than copy and pasting it in. That's it. That's how you create a book market.

Click. Thanks for watching.


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