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Redirect a Domain to a Google Sheet

About this Tutorial

Learn how to redirect a domain to a google sheet. Set up subdomains and MVPs of sites easily.

Video Transcript

 Hi, welcome to Better Sheet's Tutorial, and how to redirect a domain to a Google sheet. I've already done this, so I'm gonna actually be walking through the steps that I did to get here, but, um, if you got here you to this, uh, Google Doc, then you've gotten through the domain. So how I did it is I went to share first and I went to Advanced, and then I went to change.

and I selected on public, on the web so that anyone can get there. Uh, and I give them access. What you could do if you were doing like community board, you could do like a ken comment, but I'd like to just view, so save that, get that domain, um, get this, uh, link and I'll be using name.com. Uh, if you are using anything else.

I apologize if I don't have a, a tutorial on that. But how I get here is I go to manage URL 40 and there I can manage any sub-domain, like here, better sheets. What I did was five things. Can do five thing, and all I have to do is delete this, put in the oral and add forwarding, and that will redirect this subdomain.

And if you don't wanna do it on a subdomain, if you just want to do it on the base, base domain. Just leave this blank and put the forwarding, uh, Google sheet here and redirect and add forwarding. You can even mask, you can even mask the uh, Google sheet name or the domain and that's it. It works. So if we go to right this fifth, five things dot better sheets.

Co actually goes to the Google sheet and you can point domain here. Makes it really nice and easy to share. Google Slides, um, or any kind of sheets with, uh, anyone in the world.