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Find "Entry Number" for Bookmarklet

About this Tutorial

Followup to the Bookmarklet video. To help you find the entry number for each form field.

Video Transcript

 Hey, so you're trying to find the entry numbers and you're trying to create a bookmarklet, and there's another video about how to create the bookmarklet, but you might have some difficulty in finding the u not url, but the entry number for these. So we're trying to, this one's only two, so we're trying to just find the entry numbers.

And the way I showed you in the other video is just doing this inspection, right? And, and you did. And I just want to go through it again. You go at command F for entry and then you this one entry dot, and you get these two entry dot 11 1, 8, 8, 3, 5, blah, blah entry.one hundred three and so on. So I just want to remember those.

I'm gonna keep those up right now. , if you have multiple right now, as far as I can tell, there are two of these, and there are two, two entries here and two potential answers. So if you're trying to match up exactly like where, which entry relates to exactly which form entry, then perhaps you can look at just the num, the, the level of the entry and the level of the form.

But there is actually an easier way. Okay, so we go to our editor, we're, we're like creating our form here. If we go to, where is it? Is it more get prefilled link? So it's, it's the three dots here, get prefilled link. . And when we do this, let's go. Here's actually we're gonna need a url. So http, let's just do google.com and title.

This is Google. Yo. And get link. And now wait for it. Share this link to include Prefill phone. So copy this link. And now I'm gonna go back to my. And I have the form responses here, right? And I really want to just grab this link. I'm gonna paste it here. All right. And first off, let's deconstruct this a little.

First off, I want up to PPP url, which means not PPP as in bad ppp, but PPP as in pre-filled. Is that what it means? Wait, it literally says it over here.  get prefilled link. Okay. I don't know why it's at pp. I, I What? What's the other p? Prefilled? I don't know. I'm not gonna guess. So let's deconstruct this.

Let's go here. We have the URL of the form and the ID here. The ID of the form 100% does not match the ID of the sheet. So that's one thing you should be aware. And then what, where do we stop at this? And so we got, and entry equals google.com. Let's go from and to, and so let's put that here and then let's grab the last part and entry here and then paste that here.

Okay. So we have our form we have the first entry and we have the second entry. And the first entry is 1 8, 8, 3, 5. And from what I remember that matched, where was it here? 1 8 83 and the last one was 103. And that's what we got here. So one hundred and three one eight eighty three. So the first one is the url and the second one is the title.

So one second, I'll be right back. Okay, so I have the the j, the bookmarklet script over here. Let me grab it.  and go here. So we'll have this first. Actually, I have it up here. Where is it? Because I use it all the time. Where is it? I have this one. Hit it. I'll just grab this. So here's what we need to fill in.

That's what we need to get. So we have our form here up to ppl. So we just need to go in from JavaScript window location. Here. Right here forms all the way to view form and P P U L. Okay, so we're going to cut that and we're gonna paste our sheet here, or sorry, our form. Now we have this entry and plus window locations.

The URL needs to be this entry, so we're just gonna grab this 1, 8 88 here number, and we're going to replace this number with it. Okay, that gets us the URL and then the title here we have, we're gonna grab this 1 0 3 1 0 0 3, this number, and we're just gonna replace it this 2 47. And so now we don't have to do anything else to this, this one.

And I'm gonna I'm going to edit this and see.  this because the que, the person who's asking this question is Romeo. So I just named this Romeo here. So let's go to google.com, let's see if this works.

I'm gonna click that and now it fills it in. So there's google.com and there's the title. Just took a moment.  Then, you know ab absolutely you'll want to extend this, cuz most of the time you're gonna want to have notes. You're gonna wanna ha add extra stuff you paste in. If you want to add more things, like if you know JavaScript and you want to add more things to this, what you'll need to do, let me go back to the fine entry numbers here.

What you need to do is figure out there is this part, the part that really powers it is the actually where. , oh, here's JavaScript window. Here it is. So what really powers it is this window location dot href, and then this document title. So if you are familiar with how JavaScript works, you can figure out a few other things that you can grab here.

So if you want to grab different items from the page, say, you know, a page and, and or a type of page like amazon.com. airbnb.com and you know that JavaScript can grab those things then, and they're based on this. This is window dot location, so you need to know what's in the window. And then this is the document.

So you, there's some other things that you can grab from the document, document dot some other things other than title. So if you know a little bit JavaScript, search for JavaScript. Look for these things. Look for document JavaScript or Document Window, and you can actually find out different things you can grab in this bookmark.

I've seen things such as getting Google search results. You can like grab the first 10 or 20 of a Google search results and grab those very quickly. Yeah, there, there's a few other things you can grab from the window and the document, so hopefully this is helpful to get you just over the hump of getting this bookmarklet to work.